I have been bloating for 4 months of pregnancy, which also seriously affects appetite.

Xiao Feng has been pregnant for four months. Since pregnancy, he has been fine since pregnancy. It is not as severe pregnancy as he played on TV, but only one thing is abdominal distension. He started to think that it was inappropriate.The abdominal distension, I did not expect that this swelling was four months, and it became more and more affecting her appetite.

In fact, many pregnant mothers will have flatulence in the stomach. This is because the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, so the uterus will become larger and larger, and this will cause some organs in the pelvic cavity to change.The stomach and stomach, so flatulence will often occur.But in fact, this situation is not unchanged. Pregnant mothers pay attention to these points, which can slow down abdominal distension.

Drink more warm water and eat less meals every day.After pregnancy, the dietary habits of pregnant mothers will change, and the most suitable eating habits for pregnant mothers are eating and eating less. It is best not to eat very full when eating.The purpose of meals, the purpose of doing this is not to suddenly increase the pressure of the stomach and intestines, it will give a buffer a lot better.And pay attention to drinking more warm water, which can effectively promote bowel movements, and for pregnant mothers, it is necessary to supplement the water needed by the body, so it is necessary to drink more warm water.

Eat less or not cause flatulence.There are many foods in daily life that are easy to cause flatulence, such as soy products or egg foods. These foods will exacerbate abdominal distension. Although the nutrition of soy products and eggs is relatively rich, it is not so uncomfortable.Pregnant mothers can eat less, so as not to avoid flatulence.Pregnant mothers can eat more foods rich in cellulose, because cellulose can effectively help pregnant mothers to lax, such as apples, radishes, and bananas are good choices.

Smoom more in bed.Many pregnant mothers are more careful. After pregnancy, they rarely exercise. They like to lie on the bed, which will exacerbate abdominal distension.Pregnant mothers can do some exercise appropriately, not very intense, such as walking after meals, doing some simple yoga movements, because proper exercise can help the pregnant mother’s gastrointestinal motility, thereby slowing the problem of flatulence.But remember that exercise must be moderate, not too intense.

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