I have been divorced for more than 20 years, why can I still dream of him often?

Last night I dreamed of my ex -husband again, so the dream had done countless times, either he lost his child, or quarreled with him. He has been divorced for more than 20 years, and I don’t know why I will do this.Dream?

We came together freely.At that time, I made an accountant in a state -owned enterprise. He opened a small clinic by himself. When he got married, he bought a house and owed a little foreign debt. I repaid the debt with him.At that time, there were very few people who could afford the house, and most young people lived in the collective dormitory of the unit.

When we just got married, we can get along with each other, and slowly have contradictions. His big masculinity is very serious.He made more money than me, so I followed him.What clothes are popular on the street, she bought me, but rarely bought him himself, which moved me very much.

In the early 1990s, the wave of reform swept the Chinese land, and many state -owned enterprises working in the work of the sea.The ex -husband was dissatisfied with the status quo. If you want to open a health product factory, I will go all out to support him. I introduced him to the chief of our unit to know him. Finally, the bank loan was 50,000 yuan.

Since then, the ex -husband has turned off the clinic, and he operates a health care product factory, and often travels to the country. I will manage the factory to produce the factory while working.He rushed back and looked at the child when he came back. He didn’t say a comfort to me.The woman had a child and walked away with the ghost door. He ignored me like this!

As the business gets better and better, he is getting busy and rarely go home.I hired a nanny at home to help me see my child. I still managed the production of the factory while working, and I had to ship him at any time.When my daughter was eight months old, I found that I was pregnant again, and it was more than three months.I called my ex -husband, and he said that he would talk about it when he came back.If I want to give birth to this child, it means that the opportunity to lose work is not allowed.

At that time, our unit had faced closure. The monthly salary was all bank loans, and only 60 % were issued. It took tens of dollars a month.I called my ex -husband again, and he said that he would not be able to return for a while and let me quit my work.

In this way, I resigned and returned home to give birth at ease, and I did not rush back until I was giving birth.This time I gave birth to my son. When I came out of the delivery room, my ex -husband was going to sleep on the bed next to me!I felt cold for half, and I even suspected that it was worthwhile to pay for this man so much!

Since then, I have become a full -time mother and take care of two children at home.The ex -husband went home once or twice a year. We rarely communicated. He took a plane and left.If he doesn’t take it home, he leaves me thousands of living expenses, and let me pay for every money I spent. I quarrel with him., Take it home and let me see it!

At that time, I had felt that he had other women outside, but just hidden me.Later, I didn’t expect it. I took the woman to the house and told me that it was his assistant. They went out to watch movies and eat, completely ignoring my existence.Why does this make me feel embarrassed?The ex -husband had eaten me by himself, thinking that I had no income, and had two children, and could only be wronged.

My child is four years old and three years old. What should I do?I ca n’t swallow this breath without divorce. What should I do if my child is divorced?But I had to make a choice. In the end, I proposed a divorce to him. He said that the divorce you went out of the house, don’t want everything. He may want me to retreat.Unexpectedly, I agreed and immediately went to get a divorce certificate.He had three houses and one car at the time. The deposit was estimated to be 500,000.I didn’t ask for a penny, so I brought a few clothes out of my house.

I found a friend borrowed some money and started to operate health products. Soon I made a sum of money, because I miss the child too much, I dare not go too far, go to see the children from time to time, buy clothes and baths for childrenThey visit the park.The ex -husband quickly found a young and beautiful woman to marry, saying that the woman did not try his money.

As a result, only three years later, the ex -husband was closed into the detention center, and the woman ran away with his money directly!At that time, my career had just improved, and I couldn’t only give up. For my children, I entrusted the acquaintances everywhere, and found a way to remove the ex -husband. He was framed. In the end, he stayed in the detention center for eight months.Not adult!

Later, he lived in another house, and I lived with the two children. In order to take care of the child, I found a job.Every week, my child goes to him to get living expenses. I rarely meet with him. I know that we can no longer return to the past!He hurt me too deeply!

The ex -husband later talked about the object again, and the marriage left again, and then I didn’t know.Both children are old, so I go to work in a foreign country to change the environment.

More than twenty years have passed, and the pain that my ex -husband left me could not be relieved. This may be why I often dream of him.

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