I have been infertility for 4 years for pregnancy. Experts remind: Infertility, I love these five types of people

For young couples who have entered the palace of marriage, they are most expected to have a baby.

Now every family will prepare for pregnancy before preparing for the baby, but some families will not be pregnant for several years of pregnancy, which makes every hope that the mother -in -law who is full of hope is constantly disappointed.

Wiley, a well -known American academic website, has included a study entitled "Epidemiology in CHINA: A Populating‐based Study" (a research on epidemiological research based on Chinese population infertility).

The survey of this epidemiology research is 25270 against Chinese couples, and they are between 20-49 years old.The results showed that infertility rate reached 25%, which means that in China, there are 25 couples infertility among the couples.

Among the 18571 couples who are willing to be surveyed by infertility, infertility is 15.5% caused by women, and 9.5% caused by men.

Now, you can often see all kinds of advertisements for infertility, and feel that there are more infertility people around him. What is going on?

Strictly speaking, infertility means that the husband and wife have not taken any contraceptive measures for more than a year, and their sexual life is normal without successful pregnancy.Therefore, couples with shorter pregnancy time are not necessarily infertile.

Infertility is a very common problem, and about 10%-15%of childcare couples may have infertility.The cause of infertility is both male and female.Female infertility is mainly ovulation disorders, fallopian tube factors, and endometrial endometriosis abnormalities. Male infertility is mainly spermatogenesis and excretion of sperm discharge.

1. Those with many abortion times

Artificial abortion is a way to stop pregnancy with medical methods such as artificial or drugs. Artificial abortion hurts women with great harm. If there are too many artificial abortion, too small age, or if the doctor’s surgical operation is not standardized, it may cause the uterus to cause the uterus.damage.Multiple abortion will cause the endometrium to become thinner, and long -term complications such as infertility occur.

2. Late childcare

The age of 25-29 is the best age of women. The quality of women’s age is too large and it is also easy to be infertile.Like women, the reproductive ability decreases significantly with age.After 30 years of age, men’s reproductive abilities began to decline.

3. Men who have been in high temperature for a long time

Generally speaking, the temperature of the testicular part of the male scrotum is relatively low, and it is 1 ℃ ~ 1.5 ℃ lower than the normal body temperature. This is because only this temperature is suitable for sperm production and control vitality.The high temperature environment will have a certain impact on the sperm of testicles.

In addition, riding bicycles, motorcycles, etc. too much will also cause chronic strain and congestion in the prostate, affecting fertility.

4, stress

Endocrine directly affects women’s reproductive health, and if women’s pressure is too large, it can cause endocrine disorders and not easily get pregnant.In addition, the stimulation of bad emotions such as depression and anxiety can affect the hypothalamus and pituitary function, inhibit the normal ovulation ovulation and menstrual cycle, and cause infertility.

In addition, some bad living habits, such as: staying up late, smoking, drinking, sedentary exercise, irregular diet, etc. Although these seem to be the rhythm of most young people now, they do not know that these habits will also lead to infertility.

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