I have been pregnant for nine months, why do n’t my mother accept it, my African boyfriend

Your parents are deeply fixed in their hearts by the influence of traditional culture, and they don’t want to let their pure blood mix ink.

If you really love African boyfriends, don’t care what your parents think, and don’t care if your parents can accept it.

You ca n’t be too greedy, you can do everything. At that time, your parents do n’t want you anymore. Your African boyfriend left you and your child.

At that time, you will be like a homeless little cat. Your parents don’t agree with you. Even if you are pregnant for nine months, you still don’t shake their determination.

Don’t expect them to forgive you extravagant. They originally persuaded you not to be with him, and also told you the consequences of being with her.

You didn’t listen in one word, and now do things that make them never forgive, and pray for their forgiveness.

Their love for you has made your body hurt. Now that it is this way, after all, it is nine months of pregnancy. Even if they do not agree with children, they must give birth.

In fact, you don’t need to care about what your parents think, or not accept your boyfriend, these are not important.

To live for yourself, don’t always entangle parents’ consent and disagreement in their hearts. They do not agree with them.

After all, you can’t give up your true love for them. You need to know: the most precious in this world is true love, and it can accept the test of death.

What father and mother love, you do n’t associate with love laces in front of love, you are not wrong, it is your parents and they are wrong.

They are stubborn, do not understand what love looks like, nor does they know the culture of international fashion trends.

You are an international love. They should respect you. You have made outstanding contributions to promoting China -Africa’s establishment of diplomatic relations, and you can carry your glory deeds into the history of your family.

On the other hand, your parents have a short look and arrogance. Such a capable daughter can climb the blood with Africa. They should be proud and proud for you.

With the dilemma of your parents’ eyes, you have already given birth to the fetus for nine months, which is enough to prove that your ambition is great.

If you have such a big ambition, don’t care about anyone’s thoughts and opinions, thickness of your own skin, thick and intangible, without shame or shy, you can entrust your aspirations of international marriage and love.

Your parents have been living in China. I don’t know how good Africa is, but that is the paradise you have longed for.

If they don’t understand you, don’t waste their tongue with them, give birth to the child first, and then go to Africa to live a happy life they long for a long time.

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