I have to live in the cinema in July: 8 blockbusters bombed in turns.

For a long time, there are three major periods of the box office of the domestic theaters: the Spring Festival, summer, and National Day.

The National Day time of the Spring Festival is relatively short, and the impact of these 3 years is not obvious, but the influence of the summer season is relatively large.

Starting from June 23, we can also clearly feel that the attractiveness of the cinema is gradually amplifying:

The city of the sky (reflection), Transformers, Spider -Man, Flash, Chow Yun Fat (I am not a medicine god), Chen Sicheng Zhu Yilong (disappeared), diverse types, diverse gimmicks, and tempting.

Among them, the box office of "Disappearing her" confession, which has become a trend of becoming a big explosion.

In fact, it can be felt that filmmakers’ confidence in the market is gradually recovering.

The greater charm of the cinema is the upcoming summer stall, and it will begin in July.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Qingshi will talk to you about the July View Guide. What kind of movie is worth looking forward to?What movies should pay attention to lightning protection?It’s here.

There are as many as 15 theaters in July. Here we mainly pick out the high -profile 8 major blockbusters to talk about:

Release time: June 30th

As a classic action film, "Treasure Wind Soldiers" has been released in 1981, and has been 42 years now.

42 years have a long time, so that many people have no impression of him, but if you talk about one of its famous scenes, then you can immediately wake up that era.

It is said that the birth of this famous scene was completely an accident. The director’s plan that day was the battle between the two staged a wonderful knife and whip, but the male lead diarrhea, so he temporarily pulled out and grabbed it. I did not expect that the opposite actor would immediately cooperate directly.

The brief confrontation of hot and cold weapons has become a good story in film history.

"Treasure Blood" is actually the three parts. The fourth part of the third part was 19 years after the end of the part. He took another four to harvest feelings. As a result, he was ridiculed by a bunch of golden acid plum awards.

Unexpectedly, 15 years later, "Treasure Section 5" came again.

This time, the male lead had retired, but he did not expect that he was pulled back to dig his treasure by his daughter again.

From the preview, it is still a familiar action film style.

Flying in the sky, running on the ground, and even running in the subway tunnel, dived to the bottom of the sea to dig treasures.

It is worth mentioning that this time it also paid tribute to the scene at the beginning.

However, this time I took the cold weapon and replaced itself.

In addition, Harrison Ford, who plays the male lead, is 81 years old this year.

81 years old, still acting, Lao Ha is really fierce.

Starring: Gu Tianle, Liu Qingyun, Guo Fucheng, Yang Caiyu, etc.

Release time: July 6th

At the time of the release of "Anti -drug", the "integrated person" of the Hong Kong police bandit film was released. With the hot scene and the hearty plot, the fans were addicted.

Later, Liu Dehua and Miao Qiaowei shouted "Anti -drug 2" again, but because of justice, the confrontation and emotional entanglement seemed too hard, and the reputation was not ideal.

If there is any connection between anti -drug 1 and anti -drug 2, there are Gu Tianle in the starring actors;

If there is any relationship between anti -drug 3 and the first two, that is, there is a nail household in "Gu Tianle" in the starring actors.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about watching this movie because you haven’t watched the first two.

This time, Liu Qingyun acted as a drug lord, Gu Tianle played the captain of the anti -drugs, and the two -sided person (undercover, the younger brother of the drug lord) was Guo Fucheng.

The three became good brothers who were in trouble and co -founded in an accident. Later, the drug lord ran to the Golden Triangle to develop. I did not expect that the trouble was serious. In the end, he realized that the existence of undercover …

Therefore, the story is almost the same story, and the confrontation and life and death duel of brotherhood, justice, and the duel of life are staged again.

Director Qiu Litao is there, the film has been further upgraded on the scene, the racing collision, the Delta gun war, the empty field to tear, black and black, everything is available.

You can explode everywhere, and you have a feeling of explosion.

In addition, the filmmaker seems to be confident in this film.

Originally, it was originally scheduled to be on July 8th, and after seeing that Baoqiang’s new film was set to July 6, it also followed the 6th on the 6th, and the two pieces were opened on the front.

Make the audience, the movie has not seen it, and it feels like seeing the show.

Director/Starring: Wang Baoqiang

Release time: July 6th

Yes, Baoqiang became a director again.

After 17 years of directors’ martial arts, after the reputation of "Da Nao Tian Zhu", after being awarded the Golden Break Award, Wang Baoqiang now launched the second director’s work "In the October Cage" 6 years later.

The title named after the "octagonal cage" of the boxing ring has revealed the distinctive theme of this film.

The story is adapted from a real story, telling the story of a group of poor orphans in the mountains that relies on fighting to get rid of poverty.

In the film, the self -directed Wang Baoqiang plays the coach who cultivates this group of children on the road of fighting.

But inspired the child with strict means, he was questioned by the Internet as "abuse of children."

Whether this fighting performance is a goodwill to satisfy the child’s dream, or the bad marketing of profitable merchants, it has also aroused discussion.

The trailer watched, the entire movie exudes a rough atmosphere.

Various messy characters and sets of scenery make people intuitively feel the embarrassment of poor mountainous areas, and also feel the determination of children to change their destiny.

The training scene with great style of painting makes people even intuitive feelings about the hardship behind the fighting movement.

I have to say that compared to the unclear theme "Bagua", this time, the realism of the "Eight Audio Cage" is very deep.

Wang Baoqiang, who came from the bottom of the grass roots, looked very real about the portrait of the bottom small figures.

The character is difficult to survive and warm each other under the cruel destiny, fit the story of realism, and even make people think of "I’m not the God of Medicine".

Perhaps Baoqiang is very confident in the film. "In the Octagonal Cage" has opened a large -scale scales in the country as early as the end of June. At present, the box office has exceeded 100 million.

From the point of view of the reputation, everyone is still encouraging for his secondary directing results as a whole.

Cheng Qingsong, the founder of the golden broom, praised the film at the show and gave the best domestic movie of the year.

This time, we can also believe Wang Baoqiang again. Perhaps "Bailuo Cage" will become a dark horse.

Chasing animation

Release time: July 8th

"Thirty Miles of Chang’an" is produced by chasing light animation or a 10 -year -old work.

This animation company that has been working hard to "China Pixar" has not been smooth on the road of dreams.

The two new legendary series "White Snake", "Green Snake" and the two works "Nazha Rebirth" and "Yang Yan" have no special results in the box office.

The animation of the Light Animation is seen, and the advantages are very obvious, and the picture and special effects are absolutely first -class.

In particular, the two animations of the new Shenbang series are even more amazing in terms of screen special effects!

But at the same time, there are also weaknesses in chasing light -scripts.

Whether it is "White Snake" or "Yang Yan", the chasing animation works always escape the fate of the plot, and it is also called by many netizens:

Make special effects with your heart and write the script with your feet.

However, the chasing animation did not stop the pace of animation, but instead paved the game bigger.

This time, the "Changan Thirty Miles" it brings is a new series -new culture series.

At the end of the film "Yang Yan" last summer, there is a small egg in "Changan Thirty Miles". It is just a picture of a stingy picture, which makes us look forward to it.

The posters and trailers released a little bit this year even interpreted the words "new culture" quite well.

Almost the modeling of the book -style characters outlines a poetic scroll of "Datang Star Shining".

The prosperous Tang Dynasty, either magnificent, or long -term charm;

With the help of the top -level animation technology, this animated film with the history of the Tang Dynasty restores the prosperity of Datang in many places. On the big screen, it must be amazing.

Of course, the picture has always been a part of our worry.

Fortunately, the chasing script seemed to have no chain this time.

The producer Yuzhou compared the film "Changan 30,000 Miles" to "a song dedicated to Datang, and it was also a family book written to today’s people."

The film tells a few years after the Anshi Rebellion broke out, the Tibetan army attacked the southwest.

Datang Jiedushi made Gao Shi fighting badly, and Changan was in danger.Gao Shi, who was sleepy, recalled his life and Li Bai’s life.

Through the perspective of Gao Shi, a person in the Tang Dynasty, the audience dream of returning to Datang and traveling with Li Bai Dufu. Such a plot sounds beautiful.

Although there are not many plots that the trailer can peep, there are real history as the background, and there are historical figures as prototypes. This "Changan 30,000 Miles" may be able to fight a battle!

In the end, the length of this movie is 168 minutes. This is a bold time in the live -action movie. Compared with Chasing Guang, this time is really full of confidence.

This country is worth looking forward to!

Starring: Tom Cruise

Release time: July 14th

Hollywood movies have landed in the Mainland this year.

In mid -July, "Mission Impossible 7" starring Tom Cruise will be released on the domestic cinema.

As a Hollywood IP that launched for 25 years, the Mission Impossible series has always attracted the audience with various extreme scenes and intense spy war plots.

In the first six works, the protagonist of A Tange climbed the Dubai Taka Tower and also "exploded" the New York Bridge. The various extreme operations were unforgettable.

According to foreign media, this year’s Mission Impossible 7 and the Mission Impossible 8 are expected to be the last two of the IP.

The 25 -year IP is about to end, and starring A Tange has also played the final madness.

In the seventh trailer, the 61 -year -old "handsome man" came to a new round of extreme parkour.

There are both scenes on street handcuffs on the streets of Rome, and there are also limited drift on the top of the Snow Mountain.

Judging from these visual impact pictures, this definitely reaches the top level of the top popcorn in Europe and the United States.

It is worth mentioning that these actions are basically A Tango personally.

According to the filmmaker, he also completed the training of over 500 high -altitude skydiving and 13,000 off -road motorcycle jumping before and after shooting.

In the sixties, he still dares to fight, and A Tange is really brave!

The launch of the Mission Impossible was released in China in 2018. At that time, Mission Impossible 6 obtained over 1.2 billion box office, and the data response was good.

However, with the booming domestic movies, the Hollywood blockbuster has obviously "refused to accept" in the Mainland market.

In the past two years, European and American top -flow IPs, including 007 and speed series, have suffered a box office failure after landing on the mainland theater line.

Although Qingshi expects A Tange’s work, in this context, I can only reserve the IP box office.

Starring: Fei Xiang, Li Xuejian, Huang Bo, Yuan Quan, Xia Yu, etc.

Release time: July 20th

After waiting for four years, the Fengshen trilogy finally came.

This mythical IP movie that costs 3 billion and invited to the film industry was promised by officials in 2019.

But for various reasons, the film did not be released until 4 years later.

The lagging release of 4 years has also caused the outside world to doubt the texture of the film.

The trailer released after 4 years also makes people have an unknown look.

Some people think it is okay, but some people always feel wrong.

In terms of casting, the audience is still definitely the director of the director Ulshan.

Among the old actors, Fei Xiang, Li Xuejian, Chen Kun, Yuan Quan, Wang Luoyong and other big coffees have received praise.

Their assembly also gives people a bright look of stars.

In terms of new actors, Ur Shan enabled the new actor Na Ran to star in the operation, which is quite bold.

The presence of this Sino -Russian mixed -race actor was quite fit with the role.

But at the same time, the hidden dangers of the work are also very intuitive.

In the trailer, the rough special effects visible to the naked eye are faintly a sense of online game.

Under the overall cast, Huang Bo’s version of Jiang Ziya’s shape also made many netizens talk too much.

Compared with the "Xianfeng Road Bone" of Jiang Ziya, the Huang Bo version is considered to perform like a landlord.

In general, the hidden danger is not small.

After smashing 3 billion, the behind -the -scenes team of the Hollywood configuration was dispatched. Even the young actors spent more than a year specializing in training. If such a big production box office reputation did not keep up, it can only be said that the cowhide of the filmmaker really blows a big hair.It

Starring: Allen, Shen Teng, etc.

Release time: July 21st

Frequent hobbies in the summer stalls are not absent this year!

As a starring table with Shen Teng’s twist, the outside world is most concerned about the "Super Family": Is it high?

After all, after experiencing a movie that experienced the Shen Teng banner but "not matching the real thing", such as "Sun Never Falling Hotel" and "Li Cha’s Aunt", the outside world has produced antibodies on the four words "Shen Teng".

And this time, "Super Family" should not have a similar operation of "hanging sheep’s head to sell dog meat".

At the publicity poster and the position, Shen Teng was placed in the position of the male second, second only to the male lead Alan.

Judging from the trailer, he also played the villain Qi Kukov’s appearance rate. In the fragments of his appearance, the comedy effect was also a bar.

The content of the tap is guaranteed, let’s take a look at the main creator.

The director of this film is a comedian Song Yang.

That’s right, this face is Charlotte’s brother in Xiluo in the parallel world. It can also be said to be Charlotte’s father.

As a senior member of Twist, Song Yang, who fits the concept of team comedy, also directed the comedy "Shy Iron Fist".

This time with Allen and Shen Teng, he cooperated again with the "Iron Fist". He also served as the screenwriter and should be able to ensure a certain comedy content.

Of course, after saying so much, this movie problem is also "visible to the naked eye".

Like Fengshen, this is also a "retention student" on the cinema line.

The film originally scheduled to be released in the 2022 New Year film, but chose to remove the lightning, and it was not until one and a half years before meeting with us.

For a year and a half, it also allows external inertia to guess the quality of the film.

Judging from the trailer, the style of this movie is really average, and the character shape is not pleasing.

In the plot, the painting style of the protagonist with "superpowers" is also exaggerated.

In the context of the many strong films of the hospital in July, the competitiveness of "Super Family" is only a bit suspended.

Starring: Huang Bo, Wang Yibo, Liu Mindao, Yue Yunpeng, Song Zuer, etc.

Release time: July 28th

This month’s last courtyard masterpiece is the film "Warm" starring Huang Bo, Wang Yibo, and Dapeng.

From the perspective of starring, this is a typical movie of "Old Acting Instant+Flow".

The acting schools such as Huang Bo are responsible for the acting skills of the work, and the traffic factions such as Wang Yibo have driven market heat to a certain extent. Such models have repeatedly appeared in domestic cinemas in recent years.

The film is based on the theme of hip -hop elements, telling a story of "Dancem Friends".

The hip -hop veteran played by Huang Bo and Wang Yibo played by Wang Yibo because of dance, and joined forces to form a team to chase hip -hop dreams.

Looking at the witty style of painting and dream chasing, the film and Dapeng director’s previous work "Sewing Machine Band" has a different sense of work.

"Sewing Machine Band" tells the dream of rock musicians in comedy style, and "Warm", which tells the dream of hip -hop, to a certain extent, like a sister of the former.

In the trailer, those dazzling hip -hop are shining.

Wang Yibo, who was originally a hip -hop champion, was found to be the right script this time. Hyun hip -hop is really skilled.

And attracting Qingshi’s attention, there is also a 48 -year -old Huang Bo’s embarrassing dance. He also looks forward to the dancing posture of "chatting with youth madness".

Compared with other films in the same period in July, this "Warm" also has the natural disadvantage of the subject matter.

The relatively niche of the theme of hip -hop also determines that the theme of the work is relatively cold.

How to attract more audiences into the cinema, director Dapeng costs a lot of effort.

The above are 8 films that are about to land in July.

The appearance of these strong films is destined to make the movie theater lively in the next month.

There are both Hollywood popcorn blockbusters and pure Hong Kong films with pure tastes, as well as twist comedies that have been violated for a long time.

It seems that in July, I have to live in the cinema. Here Wang Baoqiang, Huang Bo, Shen Teng, Gu Tianle Guo Fucheng, A Tange and other heavy filmmakers have new films.

So in the first month of the summer stall, who is the ups and downs?Who can become the next big explosion?

Let’s wait and see!

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