I love to drink tea during pregnancy. Can I drink it?You know it after seeing it

Before pregnancy, many expectant mothers will have these habits of drinking coffee and drinking strong tea. After pregnancy, they will be stopped and said that they do n’t drink coffee or strong tea, because these will have a certain impact and harm on the body.In fact, this is right, because caffeine in coffee will indirectly inhibit the development and bed of the uterus by changing the estrogen and the proportion of progesterone in women’s body and the proportion of progesterone.Or if the mother drinks coffee drinks too much during pregnancy, it will have symptoms of nausea, vomiting headache, and accelerated heartbeat, and caffeine will flow into the placenta through blood, enter the fetus’s body, stimulate the fetus excitement, and even affect the fetus’s brain of the fetus, The development of the liver, the organs of the heart.The single phosphate in strong tea will be caused by combining with iron to reduce the normal absorption rate. Mother has iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy, and a large amount of monocular phosphate can also stimulate gastrointestinal motility, which seriously affects expectant mothers to other nutrients to other nutrients.Absorbing, so is it right to drink tea during pregnancy?In fact, you have to figure out which tea cannot be drunk during pregnancy.

1. Honey grapefruit tea: The taste of grapefruit tea is basically sweet and sour, and helps appetizers. It can more effectively alleviate the phenomenon of appetite and pregnancy in the early pregnancy.Trace elements, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, etc., the content of protein is also ahead of the fruits.Grapefruit tea can save the stomach and eliminate food, reduce phlegm and cough, and can also alleviate the problems of gastrointestinal food, flatulence in the abdomen, and light oral during pregnancy during pregnancy.In addition, honey grapefruit tea can also effectively alleviate the problem of constipation encountered by expectant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy, but expectant mothers must pay attention, although drinking honey grapefruit tea during pregnancy is very good, and it will also bring very constipation.The benefits of improving appetite, but drinking honey grapefruit tea, some expectant mothers may like to add a lot of honey to increase the taste of honey grapefruit tea. The little advice for pregnant mothers is that it is best not to put too much in honey grapefruit tea too muchMulti -honey can easily lead to increased blood sugar.

2. Ginger tea: During pregnancy, expectant mothers may encounter the problem of light colds in a small cold, and it will not achieve the purpose of treatment with drugs., But because of the warmth of ginger tea, it is best not to drink expectant mothers with hot constitution; expectant mothers with cold constitution do not recommend drinking frequently. Ginger tea can promote blood circulation.The cold in the body is best not to drink ginger tea at night. Drinking ginger tea at night can cause the mother to insomnia, the stomach is burning, and it will appear to get angry.

3. Chrysanthemum tea: The expectant mothers who want to drink tea can try to drink chrysanthemum tea. Take 3 to 5 flowers at a time.Burning or indigestion symptoms, so expectant mothers can often drink chrysanthemum tea in the middle and in the middle of pregnancy.

4. Jasmine tea: expectant mothers can try to drink jasmine tea properly in the third trimester.Sleep can make pregnant mothers have a good habit of rest in the third trimester.In addition, Jasmine Tea also has a more conducive effect of expectant mothers. It can soften the mother’s cervix and reduce the production process of expectant mothers. Specific mothers from the delivery hospital can appropriately drink jasmine tea to achieve this purpose.

5. Light Green Tea: Tea is rich in new people, which can improve the appetite of expectant mothers and effectively relieve it. The symptoms of picky mothers to picky eclipse during pregnancy can also help the fetal growth and development. ThereforeBefore drinking strong tea, you can drink the tea as a light green tea, which is good for expectant mothers and fetuses.

So the tea that can be drank during pregnancy is ended here. Do you know which method of tea can be cited during pregnancy?

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