I tested the second day of pregnancy, my husband … "Favorite cub"

"Favorite Cub", reluctant.

I tested the second day of pregnancy. My husband Shen Hao’s relatives came all. They gave me food and drinking, and taught me how to raise a fetus.In the meantime, Shen Hao’s nephew liked my puppy ball very much, holding it with it.He also asked my puppy brother how old is it?I told him with a smile that if you count it this way, but your puppy brother is fifteen years old.When my mother -in -law was very unhappy, she scolded us not to talk nonsense.

When I was tired after eating, I went to the bedroom to make a cup of milk tea and lie on the bed to rest.They talked for a while and left.After they left, I felt wrong. The ball was usually reluctant to leave, but today I didn’t hear it, and the guests were gone.It didn’t come to coquettish with me.I got up to find the ball, but I couldn’t find it.I felt bad, and hurried to the window and looked down.

I saw the little nephew holding the ball and sat in the car.I was in a hurry, and hurriedly shouted downstairs and put down my dog.A group of people looked up at me together.The mother -in -law waved quickly and greeted the car quickly.As a result, my uncle really started the car.I care so much, and I picked up milk tea and smashed it on his car.Milk tea confused a large piece in front of the window, and the car couldn’t leave.Seeing that I was so moved, he couldn’t help but yelling downstairs: You are crazy, I ran downstairs.

My mother -in -law wanted to say me, I patted the window hard, let them open the goal immediately, and returned the ball to me.My mother -in -law told me excitedly: Children like dogs, you will raise him. Even if you raise dogs before, now you are pregnant, why do you want to raise dogs.I said: The ball is fifteen years old, and it is not a dog that children can raise.

The uncle in the car looked at her mother -in -law with helplessly, and only opened the window to open a seam and said: Mom, you first wipe my window with a cloth and persuade her.As soon as I heard this, the whole person was hot.I picked up the phone and smashed it on the window, roaring at the uncle: Put down the puppy, this is my dog, your mother is not qualified to send it, and you are not qualified to get it.I kept smashing hard, and the window was smashed out of the gap.

Shen Hao hurried over, and he held my arm very hard, making my hand numb.He endured his anger and yelled with me: You are crazy, you now hurt me to come to Taiwan in front of my family.I was shivering.You are crazy, you are my husband, but you give me the dog to others.He said, I checked Baidu, do you know the toxoplasma?When I encounter shit, I will be transmitted to the pregnant woman for my baby. I beg you to close my mouth, and now your mouth is more disgusting than shit.

The uncle was reluctant to be smashed and finally opened the door, and I quickly opened the door.The nephew cried at me holding the ball.I want you to give me a puppy, it’s not good.I reached out to hold the ball, but my nephew was back and refused to let me hug.He cried at his adult again, and I wanted a puppy, and the sister -in -law was still towards me.She sighed and said: You return the puppy to the sister -in -law.Mom will take you to buy a new puppy tomorrow.

The nephew cried and said: I want this puppy.The mother -in -law was distressed, and you cried my grandson, why are you an adult who can’t live with a child.I endured the anger and reached out my hand and returned to me.I won’t say it again.The nephew bit his mouth and cried, and the ball didn’t know he was going to take himself away.Stretching his tongue and licking his face.Suddenly the nephew broke out, he did not return the ball to me, but smashed the ball on the ground.Crying me to roar back to you.

Oh my god, I watched the ball falling on the ground with my own eyes.It is a fifteen -year -old dog.It was struggling to get up and walk.At this moment, I finally couldn’t help anger that I slapped his nephew and slapped his face on his face.The audience was silent, Shen Hao looked at me blankly.My mother -in -law was anxious to raise her hand and slapped me.

But she stopped.I know that she stopped because of me, but because I had a child in my stomach.I picked up a mournful ball, and everyone was concerned about the nephew.Her husband also went to coax his nephew and let him not cry. The next time I bought him to toys, only I held the ball.Tears couldn’t stop flowing.It hurts so painful, and the body is also drawn.

I went home to find the car key and wanted to take the ball to the pet hospital immediately.Shen Hao chased up, as soon as he entered the door, he yelled at me angrily: you immediately apologize to the nephew.I glanced coldly with the car key. He was still in his mouth. You hurt your mother to hurt your heart, and you also let me lose my face.How will the family get together in the future.I said: No need to gather, I take the ball to the hospital.Then go back to my own house.Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get married tomorrow. The child does not need you to raise it.Shen Hao was so dumbfounded that he looked at me in unbelievable. He guess he couldn’t think of my answer.And I sorted out things and walked to the door with the ball, Shen Hao pulled off my bag, he said coldly: Let go, you go back to the house.

I looked at Shen Hao, and I do n’t know why I felt disgusting. Did he treat himself as an overbearing president?I only realized that love would disappear in an instant.From love to seeing him, he was disgusting. It only took a moment, I was too lazy to entangle with him, and I simply did not want to open the goal with the ball.

Shen Hao was in a hurry, he yelled at me: you even divorced me for a dog.I said coldly to him coldly: When I first took a percentage of my primary school, my mother bought a puppy to reward me. From elementary school to my college entrance examination, I graduated from college, and married you.fifteen years.Shen Hao, I have known you for only four years. How dare you give me a dog? Are you doing big questions?Just now it was the most isolated and helpless in my life, but did you stand beside me?I don’t want to quarrel.

I like Xiang Tianli to protect the man of his wife and children.But you are not. The muscles on his face are trembling, gritting his teeth and said to me, "OK, that divorce, you will return the gift money to me.When you yell, I have retreated to you.He quickly took out his mobile phone and looked at it, and his expression on his face was even more distorted.You really divorce me for a dog.

Shen Hao suddenly escaped the ball, and even like his nephew, he smashed it on the ground.The ball fell to the ground and made a painful whine.It struggled to get up with short legs, but couldn’t get up, you rolled away.I pushed Shen Hao very hard and was anxious to hold the ball.

But Shen Hao pulled my arm, and the strength was so painful that it hurt me.Lao Tzu lets you do a lot. Lao Tzu asked you to play princess disease in front of my family, do you want to leave, right?Okay, then it is thorough.

He dragged me into the kitchen and suddenly picked up the kitchen knife. I saw the dazzling kitchen knife and said anxiously: Do you want to kill me?I never hit a woman.He dragged me suddenly and walked towards the ball, fear spreading in my heart.I feel bad, and quickly yell at the ball at the ball, running the ball!The ball has always been listening to me, but it was originally a big dog and was smashed twice. Where can I run fast, it is so difficult to get up.Running his legs to the door, he was still crying.In order to catch up with it, Shen Hao let go of me. He caught up with the ball in three or two steps and split it.Blood split, the ball trembled, fell to the ground, and his whole body was shaking.Shen Hao held a knife and chopped on the ball with a knife.

Lao Tzu asked you to look up in three views. Lao Tzu asked you to fight a child for a dog, and Lao Tzu asked you to divorce for the dog.I watched the ball’s body cut off with my own eyes. It was not dead and was still suffering.Shen Hao, I fight with you.I raised the chair next to the dining table and smashed it on Shen Hao’s head fiercely.But Shen Hao was terrible. His head was smashed and flowed blood, and his eyes were stained with red.But he still fell again and again with a knife, and he wanted to cut the ball throughout.I think he can tolerate his blood flow.

I think of the beating men who said in the defense technique.So I used all my strength to kick his crotch fiercely.Shen Hao finally stopped, and he covered the crotch in pain and fell to the ground.It happened that her mother -in -law was back.Seeing this scene, she cried and shouted, and pushed up and pushed me away.She covered Shen Hao’s bleeding head, crying and roaring, and scattered.San, good home, you are scattered by you.I shed tears and looked at the ball, and it couldn’t get mourning.It has become a bunch of minced meat.Shen Hao endured his pain, raised his dog’s head in one hand, and held a bloody kitchen knife in one hand.He pant and told me: When he entered the society, no one was your father and mother, and no one would get used to your princess.

He waved his hand and threw the ball’s head in front of me.I looked at this scene in a dumb, as if I lost all my strength, and kneeling softly on the ground.The ball has been with my ball since I was eight years old.In elementary school, it ran to the school gate every day, sitting there and waiting for me to get out of school.In high school, it would go to the station and wait for me to get out of the car.When I was in college, it would videos with me across the Internet at home, shaking my tail and my phone happily.

But now, it is gone again.I trembled my hands and hugged the bloody dog’s head. I still remember that it could always push me a little, licking my face intimacy, and itching me with a smile.I get taller and bigger.It slowly poured me, and it became me to hold it in my arms and go home with it.

I also teased it that you are getting heavier and heavier, I can’t hold you.But at this moment, it is so light.I still go back to my mother’s house.Shen Hao with the ball was not stopped by me, but my kick was very heavy.He couldn’t help but go to the hospital to see it.When I got married, I sat in the wedding car with the ball.It is now packed in a plastic bag.I found a pit in the open space behind my home and buried the ball in and buried together, and all the toys it liked during my lifetime.My parents comforted me with tears beside me, and they said that the empty land planned to build the park after it passed.The ball likes to visit the park the most, it will sleep here.I gently told my parents with my lower abdomen, and I wanted to stay tomorrow morning.

Originally, I planned to give birth to the child after divorce to let him and my mother’s family surname.But now I have changed my mind, he is not worthy of any connection with me in this world.Parents were unexpectedly agreed because they could never touch the man who quarreled with a knife.When I got home, I cried all night and I didn’t fall asleep all night.When I was tired and finally fell asleep in the early morning of the second day, a smashing sound came downstairs.Someone was crying, and it seemed to break something.I heard my voice and felt familiar, and when I went downstairs, I found that my mother -in -law came.She smashed my coffee table and cried on the ground.

My parents’ face is ugly, so I know that the development of the matter is deteriorated. It is no longer a solution to divorce.The kick I kicked was too ruthless to kick Shen Hao into infertility.Since then, Shen Hao will never have children anymore.My mother -in -law was crying and scolding me.She asked me to go back immediately to apologize to Shen Hao, and she had to give birth to the child to his house, otherwise Shen Hao would be absolutely after.

If I do n’t do it, they go to the police station to sue me and catch me.I heard this laughed from the heart. I gently walked to my mother -in -law and let her not cry.I go to the hospital to see Shen Hao now. I asked her which hospital Shen Hao was?She said at the First People’s Hospital.After I heard it, I nodded and opened the map to search for the west of my first People’s Hospital.So I mobilized the car to the Fifth People’s Hospital in my east.When I got the hospital, I immediately contacted the obstetrics and gynecology department and told them that I wanted to be people.I can’t have a child for Shen Hao.If you want a child to come to a family who will take a knife in his father, it will hurt him for a lifetime.If you should compensate, you should be recognized without compensation.I would rather go to jail.The doctor gave me a checklist. I paid the fee and took the list to line up.There are a lot of previous numbers.I’ll go to the bathroom first.The toilet is next to the corridor of the hospital.I walked to the women’s toilet and was about to go in.Suddenly one hand stretched out of my mouth and covered my mouth.I was lifted up and dragged into the corridor next to it.My heartbeat beating violently, and was frightened that it kept spreading in my heart.I turned back hard but found that the person who seized me turned out to be the uncle.He looked at my bitch in his face.After you hurt my brother, you even want to get a fetus.If you don’t give birth to this child, we can help you dig out.I was dragged downstairs by rudely, and others were high, and I couldn’t resist at all.At this time, how much I want a man to hide in the corridor.Seeing my encounter at this time, I reached out to me, but I didn’t have it today.I was dragged from the third floor to the first floor, and I never met someone who secretly came to the corridor to smoke.The uncle pulled me downstairs. He was worried that I would call for help, and didn’t rush to take me out, but covered my mouth with one hand and called with one hand.After the phone was turned on, he said coldly that the bitch was going to be fetal.I have brought her down.You drove to the back door, and I saw you immediately immediately, don’t walk the door.There were many people over there, and he hadn’t hung up the phone for long.The car in his house was not far away. The uncle looked out, and suddenly he hugged me and hugged me directly to the car.I thought about it. I wanted to take the door and died without getting in.But reality is not a TV series.When the uncle pulled me in front of the car, he did not open the door first, but to pull my hair, and hit my head on the trunk of the car.He didn’t keep his hand.He exhausted all his strength, and the first time I was dizzy.Second, I really want to vomit.

Reality is different from the TV series, and is full of cruelty to the weak. I never have any resistance to resistance.Then he drove the goalkeeper to throw it into the car, and the sister -in -law was driving.Obviously she was the only person who had gang me before, but at this time she drove the car and said: Don’t blame me, you do too hard, you even harmed people.I have no way to refute your poisonous woman.

Because of the severe impact just now, I just felt that everything around me was rotating. They did not drive to send me back to Shen Hao’s house, but brought me to their hometown.It was a dilapidated mountain village, and there were no one in the village.Young people went out to work, and the old people were pushed in the city, leaving only a few lonely old people.When the car stopped, the uncle opened the door and pulled me into the old house rudely.He pushed me to the ground and looked at me with gritted teeth. In the end, he couldn’t hold his anger. He raised his hand and slapped my slap: poisonous woman.You poison.Every time he scolded, he slapped me fiercely.My nosebleeds flowed continuously and dripped on my clothes.After the uncle hit me, he unbuttoned his pants, pulled out his belt, and tied me to the pillars firmly.I gasped and couldn’t help shaking.

I never thought that something would become like this, and this family was so ruthless.He was looking for his pants in the house, and finally found a rusty iron chain. He used the iron chain to wrap several laps on me, and finally hung up the lock.Uncle said coldly: From today, you have eaten and drink Lazarz next to this pillar, waiting for you to have children for full time.I still say that, if you want to give birth, you don’t want to give birth, so we dig out the child.I know he was not talking ruthlessly, he was serious.In order to prevent me from calling my uncle to find a broken cloth, stuffed it into my mouth fiercely, and sealed my mouth with a tape.

After doing all this, he went out and I was imprisoned.Silly sat next to the pillar and tried several times to break free, but the iron chain locked me firmly.I originally wanted to go to the toilet, but at this time I could only stare at a large area of water stains on the ground.The backlog.But I know, if I don’t escape, I will always eat and drink Lazar.When they were at night, several of them came to Shen Hao to help even walk.

After they entered the house, they looked at me high, and looked at my eyes, as if looking at a beast.My mother -in -law held her fist and sobbed and said: How ruthless you, if it wasn’t for my eldest son secretly following you, it would really make you succeed.One day husband and wife are hundreds of days, you are not human, you have no heart.The sister -in -law was a little worried that we imprisoned him like this, okay.The uncle said coldly: I went to jail, and we only imprisoned him.At that time, the child surrendered immediately, and he could still punish it lightly.Shen Hao red’s eyes, this person is not worth your to do.The uncle hit his chest with a punch and said fiercely: After using me for three years, how can it be worth it?After I go in, you take good care of your mother. We do n’t want to bully us.Shen Hao nodded hard, not the family did not enter a family, they made me disgusting, and they also scared me.I thought about it, I would like to show them weakness first and find a way to escape.But life is not that the TV series will not play in the script. They really don’t say a word to me and leave.The old house was dark, and I was trapped here lonely. I could feel that there were worms and pigs climbing on me. No one was shaking but no one came to hire me intentionally.

I later learned what was treating like a flying man.The people who are kidnapped in the TV series can speak and eat, but as long as I get to the meal, it is when I am the most desperate, they will give me the meat and give me vegetables, but they are all pretended to be crushed and made of vegetable gravy.EssenceThen they will stuff a transformed steel funnel in my mouth, first take it in the funnel to take the rag from the entrance of the cave.Then they poured me vegetable gravy, and I was dialogue like a beast.In fact, I don’t want to swallow it, and my body instinct also made me swallow.After feeding, they will stuff a clean rag in and block my mouth before taking the funnel.

From the day of feeding, I couldn’t speak in a word. I couldn’t do it in one action. I could only Laha on the ground waiting for the sister -in -law and mother -in -law to deal with it.I even think, am I still a living person?Even the beasts are more free than me.Uncle is a particularly mindful person. He often grabs my hand to unlock my phone fingerprint, and then he will send some videos to my parents.Tell the phone with the family.

In the eyes of my parents, I am a person who often sends a message to call and send a video to go back, but I can’t meet.Because they told my parents that I went to Shen Hao to go to the big city to receive long -term treatment in order to make up for the mistakes, and my parents were afraid that I would go to jail and fortunately my daughter escaped.They don’t know what kind of sin of their daughters.Twenty days after I was tied up, things finally ushered in the turnaround. Twenty days of struggle was not enough to break the iron chain, but it could change the pillar.That pillar was originally old wood. Under my struggle again and again, the traces of the iron chain continued to rub on the pillars were getting deeper and deeper.The original iron chain was very tight, and now it has been loosened.Although it is not enough to let me escape, my hand can move for a few centimeters, just a few centimeters, but it is too important to me.

I didn’t rush to do it. I deliberately waited for dinner time, because I knew they would go home after dinner.At that time, I had at least ten hours.When my mother -in -law closed the door that day, I was shrouded in darkness again.But my opportunity is here. The ground here is not cement ground, but hard dirt. It is only a few centimeters of movement that can make my hand touch the ground.I buckled the soil on the ground with my fingers and opened it little by little.

At the beginning, it was the most difficult, because the soil at the beginning was the hardest, but thanks to it, I was locked here for many days, and fell directly to the ground every day.The soil has long been so hard from the beginning, and the ten fingers are connected. I first buckled with my nails, but the nails were buckled, and the pain tightened the teeth, but I could only endure the pain to continue digging with my hands.I told myself to bleed, it would be a big deal, with the humidity of the blood, and the ground will be easier to dig.I endured the pain of the pain at the beginning, and I kept fiddling the soil, and suddenly I touched a hard thing.My heart is faster to speed up, it is stone.I started to specialize in this stone, and tried to dig out his soil.When I finally grabbed the stone in my hand, I knew that the dawn of victory was coming, and I no longer dug it with my fingers, but used the stone to dig.I don’t know how many times the speed is increased.Whenever I have extra sediment, I push next to it. Gradually, my other hand can barely move. I picked up another stone and started dug two hands together.I dug a small pit, and the chain that had only been tied to my iron began to become more and more loose.This is a difficult time. Until when the sky was on, I finally got out of the chain. When I got up, I felt so painful that it hurt everywhere.After being tied for twenty days, my back and neck were terrible.I torn off the tape on my mouth and took out the rag, breathed a large mouth, and tried to calm myself down.

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