I told my boyfriend to get pregnant, he quarreled to break up, the landlord aunt asked him to kneel down for forgiveness

I just got pregnant and said to break up, and I felt panicked and anxious about this.I trust him so much, but he wants to quarrel with me to break up, which makes me feel insecure, but after listening to the words of the landlord, he retracted the words of fighting with me.

My name is Xiaolin, a little woman who comes out of the college entrance examination.After I came out, I introduced a small factory to make a display as a clerk.His name was Chen Qisheng. When he knew him, he was the team leader of the workshop. He was 5 years older than me. He was always so kind if he had a flavor of Hunan.Fate made us look at it for the first time, and the days when we got along with him were the fastest time in my life.We go to work together, and we can watch the other person doing things every day. Occasionally, I can find a empty capacity to talk to the other party.At that time, the salary of our two could save seven or eight thousand a month.You are all young people without any pressure. When you think of watching movies, you go to watch a movie. If you want to go shopping, you can go shopping. If you want to buy something, you can buy what you want. Every day, you can describe it with what you want.We have been in love like this.

Until the end of last month, it hadn’t come for two months.I doubt whether I won the prize, and then I asked the leader for leave on the grounds that I was uncomfortable. I secretly went to the hospital for an examination. As a result, I was really pregnant.After listening to the result of the doctor given me, I was both excited and scared. What was excited was that my boyfriend and I had the crystallization of love.I was afraid that my boyfriend and I were not married yet. My parents knew that they would kill me, and they would be joked by the folks.

I thought it has been more than three years with my boyfriend. In the past three years, sometimes we will quarrel with a small thing for a few days to ignore the other person, and sometimes you will live in love.Every time he conflicts is that he comes to compromise first. I know he loves me very much, so when I knew that I was pregnant, I thought about telling him the news of pregnancy, and then listened to him and said, "It’s okay, baby, we get marriedBar."

But when I was looking forward to telling him about pregnancy, the scene at the beginning of the article appeared, and her boyfriend was expressionless.Looking at my boyfriend’s face, I pulled his clothes and wanted to break this embarrassment. I once again said to my boyfriend, "My dear, I’m pregnant, let’s get married!" The boyfriend took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket,I ordered a cigarette and said, "This is too sudden. I haven’t told my parents together. I have to ask their opinions first." In the moment, I felt like an unknown fire.From the bottom of his heart, he questioned him, "What time is it, and love to get married with the consent of his parents! You say whether you don’t want this child."The boyfriend said emotionally, "If my parents do not agree."Suddenly I found that I was really naive, and I had no responsibility and responsibility for falling in love with my boyfriend for three years.

Although I am a weak woman, I will not ask my boyfriend to marry, and I will not marry a person with a lower four.Since he doesn’t want to get married, I won’t be reluctant.I said to him fiercely: "I hope you don’t regret it in the future. I will not ask you to get married, but please accompany me to the hospital. This is my finally request to you!" My boyfriend is still expressionless, I just nodded silently without speaking, without any meaning of retention.Looking at him like this, I completely lost hope for him.

My boyfriend accompanied me to go out. As soon as I came out, I saw the landlord’s aunt stood at the door and watched us.When we were about to walk through her, she suddenly called us.We turned around and looked at her, because the landlord was a local, and lived downstairs, and often made some food for us.When we were free, we also liked to talk to the landlord’s aunt. After a long time, she always regarded me as her daughter.She stared at me with my boyfriend carefully, and said to her boyfriend deeply: "Xiao Chen, how can you be so fierce?" The boyfriend still lowered his head and was ready to leave at any time.The aunt’s words suddenly broke out and talked to the aunt about the beginning and end of the matter.After listening to my words, Aunt Lang helped me wipe the tears on my face, and then said to my boyfriend slowly: "From your living, I can see at a glance that the two of you are very husband and wife, and I have always hoped that they can eat you.Hi candy. This is the first time Xiaolin’s pregnancy, and it means that when your fate is married, why not need it? You are still a man! I suggest you think about it, don’t make this decision easily! "

The landlord aunt finished, her boyfriend bowed his head and silent for a long time. It was about thirty or forty seconds. The boyfriend kneeled in front of me, fanned her a few ears, and said to me with tears, "Alle, I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong.What the auntie said was right, it was my fault, I didn’t want to get married so anxious, so I used my parents to make a shield to reject you. I know that I have a mistake. As a man, you must have a responsibility and a man. I will work hard.Let our little baby be born, and will love you wholeheartedly, we will get a marriage certificate! "

In the end, we got married smoothly, and also invited aunt to eat happy wine.Thanks to the nobles we encountered in our lives for not doing what they regret because of emotions.I hope that everyone can leave no regrets in the world and gain happiness!

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