I used a computer in Hunan to synchronize my husband’s WeChat. After 7 days, we divorced

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In 2011, I was 23 years old.

Because of physical reasons, he returned to his hometown in Hunan from Zhuhai, a small county.

I rented a small house alone.

My dad called and asked how I was, and then I started scolding me stupid, stupid, scolding me yet to marry, shame.

He said, I don’t expect you to make money, can you not shame me.

I listened silently and shed tears.

I regret it a little.Regret returning from Guangdong and regretted Wu Jun so much.


Wu Jun is the first time in my life to fall in love with.

I met Wu Jun in 2008, and I graduated from college.A person, a leather box, came from the distant Hunan to Zhuhai.

Wu Jun is my boss, 5 years older than me.He is from Fujian.

On the day I went to the interview, he smiled and said, how do you look like a minor.

I said nervously, I am 20.

At that time, I was really thin.Because I am a premature infant, I have been weak and sick since I was a child.My mother said that I was crying when I was young, and my face was always red and easy to have a fever.

Rural medical conditions are not good, and it is found that it is asthma.Oxygen for a long time has made my body develop relatively slowly.

When studying, I rely on scholarships and work, and I dare not waste a penny.

Eat instant noodles on the pause.Coupled with the stress of learning, the body has been weak, and even the cough is unable to cough.

It is no wonder that Wu Jun said that I was a minor.But he immediately added a sentence, saying that although I was thin, I was a strong girl at first glance.


In fact, Wu Jun is quite accurate.

I am so strong.After all, the family is poor, and it is difficult to catch up with the financial crisis.

There is a kind of ruthlessness to do anything.

The business management of my university, after entering the company, is a personnel commissioner under Wu Jun.

It was 2008, and a lot of paper resumes were submitted.The first round of screening is the matter of our specialist.Many colleagues are tired, and they will get off work when they are endless.

Only I took the initiative to pick up the rest of the work.

At that time, Wu Jun was also busy and often worked until more than 10 pm.The empty office is often only two of us.

At first, Wu Jun would send me back to the dormitory for the friendship of the subordinates.Later, I will go around the stalls first and ask me to have supper.

After a few times, I refused.I said, it always makes you not good.

He said, what’s wrong?I do n’t say that my subordinates are so hard to work. Who will do things for me in the future?Just eat with peace of mind.

I dare not say that a little bit was warmed by him.

Like a small bug wet, he encountered a bouquet of sunlight.


That was the first time I went to work.

The busy work fulfills me.Especially when the salary enters the account, it is not only joy, but also a sense of security.

But busy starts to overdraw my body.

Asthma cannot be cured.The fatigue of the work drops resistance, cough, fever, and starts to come to the door.

One morning, as soon as I entered the office door, Wu Jun found that I was wrong.He called me to his office and asked me why my face was so red?

I said, nothing.He tried my forehead with his hands and said, so hot, he said it was okay, and hurried to the hospital.

I said, I have taken medicine.

But he couldn’t tolerate me, and he went out of the door.

He drove me to the hospital, took a consultation, prescribed medicine, and dripped.

We were sitting on a bench in the infusion room, and he said, you don’t care about ourselves too.Do you understand the capital of the body?

I bit my lower lip lightly and wanted to cry a little.

Because in this life, who hasn’t been so strongly cared for.


To work again, Wu Jun would not allow me to be so tired.

In the evening, I urged me to leave at 7 o’clock.When the sky was cold, he secretly stuffed me to warm his hands.

Later, he began to organize the group to build, let everyone get up in the morning every morning.Colleagues complained that only I knew that he wanted to take me to exercise.

Without a busy weekend, Wu Jun will also cook meat tea for everyone to drink.Said to take care of his subordinates, it is actually eye -catching.Because he always leaves me the best bowl.

It is worthy of Fujian, and it is good to make soup.He said that Bak Kut Teh should be placed in Sichuan dome, asthma, and pork ribs supplemented.

Suddenly he felt that he could get so many preferences.

Soon after, Wu Jun confessed to me.

He told me that he was going to listen to his parents to arrange a blind date, but he did not expect to meet a girl who could fight side by side and fight side by side.

I know, who asked, who?

He looked at me and smiled slightly.Wu Jun is the manager of the Ministry of Human Resources and knows the company’s terms. The same department cannot be in love.

He said that I have written the resignation letter and put it in the mailbox. If you promise me, I will send it out.

I was really flatter at the time. The cold heart was wrapped around the warm spring breeze, and I was willing to get rid of it.


Wu Jun and I are together.

Wu Jun resigned like this.

I said, my position is low, and I will resign.

He said, I am a job, you are naked, can you be the same?

Sure enough, soon after Wu Jun went to another company.

He has his own single room.As soon as I have idleness, I can cook soup and cook.

I am not a strong woman, and I can even say that it is very independent.

Because from small to large, he was spurred to run forward.Wu Jun is the only person who stops me by his side.

He is not the kind of domineering president. If you say you don’t need to go to work, I will raise your ghost.Instead, I told me to raise my body well to work hard and break a future for myself.

After all, our initial enthusiasm comes from the enthusiasm of each other’s work.

At that time, he often analyzed the current environment for me and encouraged me to upgrade the book.When he said that when the trough was low, he should invest in himself the most. In the future, the environment improves, so that there is a value to rise.

That should be the happiest moment in my life.

It was not only surrounded by Wu Jun’s love, but also encouraged by his positive attitude of life.

However, under all happiness, I have a hidden worry.


Spring Festival 2009, go home in the New Year.

Wu Jun’s phone message continued.My mother quickly realized my strangeness and asked about the situation.

I was 21 at that time and had my own job.But when I am in love, I still dare not say to my family.

Because Wu Jun’s home is far away in Fujian, my parents will definitely not agree with me.You can make money to work and get married.

This incident, my dad said a long time ago.

My mother wiped her tears quietly.She warned me that you’d better break it yourself, don’t let your dad know.If he knows that you want to marry Fujian, he must not interrupt your legs!

I argue that I have such a big person, can’t decide who I love?

My mother said, what’s the use of you and my mouth?If you have the ability to find your dad, his temper, maybe he ran directly to the man’s house for a long time.

I was stunned.

Thinking back to my growth, my dad did so many things that made me scared. My mother said that it would likely happen.

My dad was born in 62 years and learned from a young age.

The rural families of the Si Er and Three Women are not easy to read in high school.It’s a pity that the college entrance examination will be on the list.

At that time, the college test was comparable to the sky, and it was normal to be admitted.

But my dad was too angry, and his identity was switched from the student to the farmers, and it became a lifelong grievance.Personality is getting more and more screwy.

My mother married him and couldn’t talk about love.

At that time, my grandmother saw that my father was diligent and cultural, so he became the master to marry my mother.

But the good and bad of men are difficult to define whether there is culture.

It is said that my grandma was not good at that year. She was the lady of the landlord’s family. Later, the family fell down and made my grandfather’s house for my grandfather’s house.

In the impression, she has never laughed in her life.History and society’s injustice in her body was full of resentment and hate in her heart, and then vented on her children.

I can imagine what my dad has inherited on her.


I have been afraid of my dad since I was a child.

Because his character is too burst!All kinds of unpleasant abuses, terrible beatings, and the outbreak of the house everywhere.

He not only used violence to my mother, but even if I was weak and sick since childhood, I did not let go.

My two daughters, only my brother was beaten less.

When I was a kid, he was scared by him. He once thought about it. After he went out, he would never come back again.Our sisters and mothers are all liberated.

From an objective perspective, my dad is a responsible man.

He loves our family, but he has a problem with his emotional expression.Neither express love nor relieved anger.

Culture did not increase his cultivation, but became the shackles of his vanity.

I couldn’t forget that in the year of high school, the cold wind and the sky were not bright. My dad got up and picked two baskets of chickens and went to the farmer’s market all the way.All selling light, only 300 yuan.

Then when my dad took me to the department store to buy winter clothes, I saw a down jacket.After glanced at the price, it was sold in vain all morning.Let go quietly and picked 80 special offers.

But when my dad checked out, he bought me well.

Do you say he doesn’t love me?It must be love.But he will only fight insulting education for children.

When I was a kid, I was not studying well. In junior high school, I met a very good teacher, and the second grade of the second year increased significantly.

As a result, my dad believed that I was copied, and it was a hit. It was not counted to hit me, and it was forcing me to say, who made me copy it.

I couldn’t help it, I said at the same table.He twisted my ears and went to me at the same table.

Thinking of this, I really shuddered.

I can’t forget the shame standing at the door of my classmate.

If one day, he would like to humiliate me so much in front of my favorite person, and I might really collapse on the spot.


The days when they reached out and scolded their mouths, they could not be relieved until I was admitted to my college and stayed away from my dad.

This is why, as soon as I graduated, I went to Zhuhai to find a job with my classmates as soon as I graduated.

After the New Year in 2009, after returning to Zhuhai, I started to have nightmares when I thought of my dad.

All night was my dad’s fierce look, holding my hair, and the slap fell like a rain point.

Wake up with tears and cold sweat.The pressure in the heart is so big.

Whether in front of Wu Jun or in the eyes of colleagues, I have to synonymous with strong and hard work.

I’m so afraid that my dad really found it.From then on, I ruined the image of my painstaking efforts and Wu Jun’s life.

Actually, as my mother said, my dad will not let me go.

Everyone at home is dominated by him, otherwise no one will think about it.

Every time Wu Jun and his home call, he will talk about me, and his mother always says he wants to see me.

Talking about the two people and laughing made me feel pain in my heart.That’s a family relationship that I desire.

Wu Jun is so good. I can’t use him as my life -saving straw in selfishness. Doesn’t love someone want him?I know that my family is abnormal, why should I drag him down.

The days when I was with him were all suggesting to me.Teach me how to work, how to get along with others, how to improve myself …

Then this time, let me make a choice.

It was on the weekend, and we made an appointment to watch a movie together.As a result, he was temporarily something and did not come.

I think, take this reason.He said he didn’t pay attention to me, and didn’t love me.I see through him, and my feelings are boring.

From apology, to puzzle, to comfort, despair.I doubt his life with a knife.

Two months later, we completely divided our hands.


Sometimes, I don’t understand my dad.

Doesn’t the person you love hurt?

The moment I looked at Wu Jun’s tears in front of me, I wanted to kill my heart.

I really want to hold him and say sorry.

However, thinking about the situation of our family, short pain is much better than long pain.

Wu Jun resigned as soon as he resigned and returned to his hometown.And I stayed alone in Zhuhai, walking around.

The heart is empty, and it will only hurt at night.

How many times watched his phone number and wanted to hit the phone number, but in the end, he only buried his head in the pillow and cried until dawn.

The body starts to be bad.Emotional hit, coupled with the pressure of work to relapse my asthma.Night -night night sweats stopped menstruation.

Sometimes I ca n’t stop coughing, and I am afraid of disturbing colleagues. I can only hide in the bathroom compartment, waiting for myself to calm down slowly.

At that moment, I really wanted to want Wu Jun.

Thinking of his smile, thinking of his arms, and thinking of soup, with gentle light in his eyes.

Alas, he knows, it will definitely feel bad for me.

But now, only one person can be carried.

Like a self -extinguishing artemisia, it consumes the green in the summer little by little, fading the withered yellow.


After a year or two, I couldn’t support it anymore, and finally returned to my hometown of Hunan.

It should be in 2011. I feel like a shabby skin, and I can’t make up for it.

At first, I lived at home and wanted to adjust my body.But my dad saw that I had traveled for so long. I had nothing, and I came back with all kinds.Tell me, whose child is an official and earns money.

In retrospect, he is unwilling.My uncle bought a house in the city, and the third uncle also bought the land in the township.

Only him is still a farmer who is higher than the sky.I couldn’t stand his blow. I found a job in the town, rented a house, and lived in my own.

But he had to call and train me from time to time.

After a few times, I did not succeed.He was even more anxious.

He should be worried that I can’t marry, but say it from his mouth, only unpleasant and even more unpleasant.

In 12 years, he had a car accident.

I didn’t save much at that time, I couldn’t get money.He was lying on the hospital bed, wrapped in a bandage, scolded me, not fighting, useless.

Sometimes he was annoyed by him. When I got home, I would buy the down jacket he bought to me and took it out to see.

For many years, I was not willing to throw it around.

I told myself that he had a bad mouth and loved me in his heart.

In 2013, I encountered Fu Tong.We met the blind date, and he has my dad’s favorite bachelor’s degree.

Yes.My dad’s first condition to pick his son -in -law was not material, but academic qualifications.

It can be seen that he failed to go to college and was unwilling for a lifetime.

The same man is not tall, and people look sincere.Talking is gentle and gentle, easy -going and practical.

I think he moved me the most, that’s it.Like my dad’s opposite side, there is a little bit like Wu Jun.

Fu Tong has four sisters, and his parents are older.

At that time, I wanted to leave my dad too much, and I couldn’t stand his various suppression of me.So I did not examine it carefully and married in 14 years.

In fact, Fu Tong people are pretty good, but my in -laws scared me.


Fu Tongjia is also in the countryside.

At first we did not live with my mother -in -law, but I was irregular menstruation and it was not easy to get pregnant.I ran many hospitals and later chose to do test tubes.

In 2015, I was pregnant, and my body’s response was extremely strong.

Fu Tongju is busy and has no time to take care of me.I can only go to my in -laws to raise a fetus.

It wasn’t until I lived in that I found that my father -in -law was a person who was stronger than my dad.

Before the marriage, the mother -in -law had just finished rectal cancer surgery and could not work hard.But the home picking water and moving heavy objects are all mother -in -law.The father -in -law did not help but scolded.

In the cold winter, the mother -in -law got up and grinded the beans, tofu, and rushed to make breakfast before the father -in -law got up, otherwise she would scold her mother.

Sometimes I can’t see it, help my mother -in -law say a few words, and let me call me.After so many years, they are like that.

I can only see it.

This year, I am 27.The appearance of my in -laws made me constantly reflect on myself, did myself fall into a situation of retreat because of habitual concessions.

In the second trimester, my situation was a bit serious.

After several blood, with the signs of abortion, you need to stay completely in bed.My mother -in -law took care of me and delayed her father -in -law.He blocked the door and yelled.

And Fu Tong, in the name of work, avoid seeing it.

In this way, the son was born during noise.


That was 2016.

As soon as the confinement passed, the father -in -law moved out, and forced her mother -in -law to follow him.

Fu Tong returned, and before he spoke, he was scolded by his father -in -law.So he ran away again.

At that moment, I found out that Fu was gentle, but not like Wu Jun.Because his bones were soft, none of them were responsible.

A favorite advertisement, tranquility and far away.

I thought that a novice mother would be difficult to bring the child who had just been full of the moon.But I found that I have gained the most peaceful and peaceful days since my life.

My parents came to help me for a while, but they had to help my brother and went back early.The in -laws did not come to see my grandson at that time.

And Fu Tong is even more afraid of trouble. He returned once every two or three months.

Just alone.

The air in the countryside is good.The sky is always blue. Baiyun is inlaid one by one, like a expensive Su Xiu.

Make your son, wash, and talk with him every day.

When he falls asleep, I will think about my small half of my life.

In fact, I have the opportunity to get rid of the sea of bitterness.Isn’t it?But I always had a line of encouragement to the home and trapped myself.

Sometimes I think, I might as well have a completely bad father.

Then I can leave the quagmire without hesitation, and never look back.


During that time, I didn’t know why, I always remembered Wu Jun.

Thinking of what he encouraged me, he cheered me enthusiastically.

Wu Jun said that the body is the capital of the revolution.Well, then I start to exercise.

Every morning, the child didn’t wake up, and I ran in the yard.In the thin morning mist, I seemed to hear someone cheering for me.

I learned what he looked like, boiled a pot of meat and bone tea.Sichuan Qiong is asthma, and pork ribs are supplemented.

Yes, I still remember.

He said that when the trough was in the trough, he had to invest in himself.It will be appreciated in the future.

So I booked a book from the Internet to prepare for the examination and the human capital manager.

There is always a trough in life, but I am not qualified to lie flat.

Because I am already a mother, I am no longer alone.

My child will grow up by me.I can’t sit still, follow the waves.


When his son was one year old, he broke the milk.

I gave my son to my mother -in -law and returned to the town to work.

Then I found unexpectedly, reasonable things.

Men, don’t forget to delete the computer when deleting WeChat records.

In fact, I went home once every two or three months, and I already felt the problem faintly.

But when he saw those unbearable conversations on his computer WeChat, his heart was quite shocking.

Before that, because the child was young, he did not save himself, and he dared not think of divorce.After all, there is nothing to worry about.

A week later, we got married.That was 2018, and I returned to single.

Also this year, I won the specialty.

This time, I did not go back to find my parents, but broke the boat and took my son to Zhuhai.

This city I have struggled.

Before leaving, I talked to my dad.

I said, I have worked hard to follow your requirements for 30 years.After getting married, having a child, everything is complete.In the future, don’t intervene in my life anymore.

My dad was so angry that he took the table straight, but he was old and did not raise his hands on me.

I just left, with my son over two years old.


I don’t want to remember suffering.

But when she first returned to Zhuhai, a single mother took her baby, and the life was really difficult.

I found a nanny with my son, and then went to work while taking the document.

I started from HR, because of their outstanding ability, I was dug by a large customer manager to help him run the business.

I found that I am not very good at exams, but business ability is still very talented.

As long as I stare at the list, it rarely falls.Any complex business relationship can be quickly merged.

Maybe it’s because I have been looking at my dad’s complexion since I was a child.

I am good at people, as long as I let go of my courage and communicate with people, it is easy to get the favor of customers.The items that others can’t get down, as long as I pick up, can always take it down.

It’s not that I boast, but look back, I do have this talent.Talent plus opportunities, coupled with hard work, is invincible.

Otherwise, in just five years, from nothing to tens of millions of.I bought a house in Zhuhai, bought a car, and went to account.Life seems to set foot in a new stage.

My friend knew my story and said that he thought it would be a bitter drama. I didn’t expect that in the end, it turned into an inspirational drama.

Over the years, I have been proud of my career, but I have never touched feelings again.

Regarding love, I seem to stay in 2008 and stay on Wu Jun.


In fact, in 2020, I heard the news of Wu Jun.

I heard that his wife was very beautiful, the marriage was very happy, and his career was good.

I should be happy.However, when I heard this, my heart still hurt.

It’s been a long time, not so painful.Although there is only a short moment, it is so real.

My biggest regret in my life was that I couldn’t marry him.

I personally peeled him from my world.Maybe you will say that I am not brave enough. Now I look back and think so.

But at that time, I was reluctant to procrastinates the water.At that time, I was not strong enough to love who loved.

However, when I met Wu Jun, it was the wealth in my life after all.

He kept inspiring people’s hearts in my heart.Like a slight fireflies, endless.

At the moment of my life’s most difficult loneliness, it warmed me and inspired me.

After many years, even after divorce, I can have the courage to start from a remote village in Hunan with the child to set off with my children and live a step by step into my own queen.

I just feel regrets occasionally.

Bai Yan’s slight flaws, such a perfect one, had one less.

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