I want to eat meat, my mother -in -law is unwilling to buy, I think I won’t make money.

During pregnancy, the taste of pregnant women will change. Generally, they like to eat hot and sour things. Sometimes they will have inexplicable emotions. Pregnancy is not an easy task. For pregnant womenGo to take care of the emotions of pregnant women.

Many people choose to go out to work after pregnancy, and some people will rest at home until they have children. However, for some families with poor economic conditions, pregnant women do not go to work, and life will become sad.Essence

Therefore, there will still be many families who ask pregnant women to continue to work. If the pregnant woman’s taste is picky, the family will abandon pregnant women, and even feel that pregnant women will not make money and have no qualifications to ask for requests.

A happy family needs to think of each other. The couple will get married because of love. They cannot treat pregnant women casually because they will not make money because they are pregnant.


Yu Qing and Dahui have been married for more than two years, and have not been pregnant. Her body is weak, her physique is cold, and she is not easy to conceive. Therefore, her mother -in -law is very dissatisfied with her.The family is very happy.

After pregnancy, Yu Qing’s response was relatively large, and the work pressure was very high. From time to time, she would ask for leave. Slowly the company felt that she had insufficient ability to work and let her leave euphemistically. Under the choice of work and children, Yu QingqingYou can only resign at home.

After marriage, Yu Qing has always lived with her in -laws. When she was married, Yu Qing knew that Dahui’s family conditions were average. There were no cars or houses.Do some zero jobs nearby, and my mother -in -law takes care of their lives at home.

Although the life in the family is not rich, it is okay to live a barely. However, since Yu Qing’s departure, her mother -in -law’s attitude towards her has changed significantly.

Earlier, my mother -in -law got up for breakfast every morning. After Yu Qing was at home, her mother -in -law would not get up. Instead, she made Yu Qing getting up for breakfast, and the floor was not dragged.In the small mountain, the mother -in -law was washed by Yu Qing, regardless of her care.

Originally, Yu Qing’s body was relatively weak. Now I still have to do hard work every day. Sometimes I have to persist. I told my mother -in -law that my mother -in -law turned her eyes. "You have no job now.Drink in white, let me do everything? It’s not a big deal to get pregnant.

Listening to her mother -in -law was so thin, Yu Qing’s heart was very bad. She was pregnant now. She was still your child’s child, and she didn’t deliberately go out to work.

After Dahui returned home in the evening, Yu Qing talked with Dahui today, saying that he wanted to rent another house to live outside. Unexpectedly, Dahui refused coldly.


Dahui said to Yu Qing, "My mother is old. Since you are at home, you can help her do something.

Even Dahui said that, Yu Qing felt that she was extremely aggrieved, and she might as well work outside the work. Now she has no status at home, even if she is not so hard.

After Yu Qing’s pregnancy, she prefers meat and fruits. After all, children need nutrition, but her mother -in -law feels that she is coquettish and make a few simple green vegetables every day. Even when buying fruits is a rotten fruit for supermarkets.

Seeing the vegetables on the table every day, Yu Qing really felt very appetizing. Others were getting fatter and fatter. Instead, she became thinner and thinner.

So, she couldn’t help telling her mother -in -law, "Mother -in -law, can you make some meat tomorrow? I am tired of these greens, otherwise I will buy food tomorrow and I will cook."

The mother -in -law said, "What kind of meat is eaten? Now the meat is so expensive, you will not make money, it is not my son’s money, it is good to eat vegetables, why are you so picky?"

I ca n’t say it here, and Yu Qing did n’t plan to say anything more. I went directly to I bought five or six pounds of pork and a few pounds of pork ribs. I went to the supermarket to buy some fruits I like to eat.Some dumbfounded.

Yu Qing put things in the refrigerator, and then told her mother -in -law, "Mother -in -law, although I can’t make money now, but I am pregnant with your child, shouldn’t you eat it?Can the grandson be fatter? "

Hearing Yu Qing said so, burning in anger, he was speechless for a long time. From then on, Yu Qing would go out to buy what she likes to eat. If her mother -in -law did not do it for her, she would cook it herself orIt was to make Dahui cook, and the mother -in -law did not dare to say anything in the end.


Women who are pregnant are more delicate, and they will have their own tastes and habits. Children in the belly need nutrition. They can eat whatever they eat.The children born will not be healthy.

Since ancient times, the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law has been easy to have contradictions. In many concepts, the ideas of mother -in -law and daughter -in -law are different. Xiaobian thinks that since they have become a family, they must understand each other and respect each other.

Pregnancy is a very hard thing, and the experience is also relatively long. Not only is emotional sensitive, but the body will become weak. As a mother -in -law, you should take care of the daughter -in -law with your heart, so as to make your child born healthy.

Happy families need to pay together. If they just ask for it, then the entire family relationship will worse and create a happy family. They need to rely on everyone to work hard.

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