I was pregnant 3 times in Shanghai, and I was happy after marriage. I sent a circle of friends until my ex -husband’s friends sent a circle of friends

My name is Lin Wan’er, 32 years old, a white -collar worker in Shanghai.My husband and I have been married for 5 years. Our marriage is very happy. He is a lawyer and is very considerate and capable of me.We have a 4 -year -old son, called Lin Xiaobao, our heart and liver baby.

When my husband and I met, I had married once.My ex -husband is Li Mingxuan, a doctor. We are college classmates and we get married after graduation.We loved each other at the time and were very young. I felt that as long as there was love.But I did not expect that life after marriage was not as beautiful as expected.

Li Mingxuan was very busy, often working overtime, and he was tired when he went home. He had no time to accompany me.I also work hard and want to work hard for our future.But we have less and less communication between us, and gradually alienate.I want a child, but he said it was not the time.I have been pregnant twice, and I have miscarriage due to lack of companionship during pregnancy.

Our marriage was in crisis.I suspect that he has an affair, and he doesn’t trust me.We often quarrel and even fight.We all hurt each other and hurt ourselves.Finally, after two years of marriage, we decided to divorce.

After divorce, I was very painful and felt that I had nothing.I lost my love and my confidence.I started to be obsessed with work and alcohol, and wanted to paralyze myself.But the more, the more you feel empty and lonely.

Until one day, at a friend’s party, I met my current husband.His name is Zhang Liang, a lawyer who works in a well -known law firm.He is tall and handsome, elegant, and humorous.He fell in love with me at first sight, and took the initiative to talk and talk.He said he liked my eyes and smiles, and felt that I was gentle and smart.

I also have a good opinion of him and feel that he is very mature and stable.We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet again.Since then, we have been in contact and dating frequently.He is very good to me, always send me flowers and gifts, and invite me to eat and watch movies.He also often chats with me to listen to my mind and encourage and comfort me.

With his company, my mood gradually improved.I started to regain hope and confidence in life.I also started to fall in love with him again and accepted his proposal.We got married after half a year and soon had children.Our marriage is very happy, our children are cute, and our lives are very happy.

I thought this was my end of happiness, but I did not expect that my fate also arranged a shocking turning point.

One day, I accidentally saw my ex -husband’s friends sent a circle of friends.He posted a photo, which was a photo of him in the hospital with his ex -husband.In the photo, the ex -husband’s face was pale, his hair was sparse, with various tubes inserted on his body, lying on the bed.His circle of friends wrote: "I went to visit the elder brother today. He has obtained advanced liver cancer. The doctor said that he can only live for half a year. He said that his biggest regret was that he did not live with his ex -wife and did not give her a child. He saidHe has always loved her and has never forgotten her. He said that if there is a life, he must treat her well to prevent her from suffering any grievances and harm. "

Seeing this, I can’t believe this is true.I couldn’t believe that my ex -husband had cancer and was about to die.I can’t believe he still loves me, but still thinking about me.I can’t believe that our once love has become like this.

I suddenly remembered the little bit of our former.We have walked so many ways together and experienced so many things together.But we did not cherish each other and did not understand each other. If we could communicate and understand a little more, would we have a different ending?

But now everything is too late.The ex -husband is about to die. I used to lose two children. I already have a new family.We can only leave a regret and pain that can never be erased in each other’s hearts.

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