I was pregnant for 45 days, and my husband doubted me, how should I calculate my pregnancy time?The doctor tells you

My husband and I have been married for two years, because I feel that I am still young, so the two have always taken contraceptive measures, thinking about spending a two -person world first.This year’s father -in -law and my parents have begun to urge us to ask us for children, so we decided to prepare for this year.

I am an ordinary office worker, and my husband is a seafarer, so my husband does not have much time at home.But after all, the two of us are still young, so we have always thought about it.After my husband came back to sea this time, I always felt that I was a bit uncomfortable, so I went to check and found that I had been pregnant for 45 days. I was very happy because I finally had myself and my husband and children.He was shocked and asked me, whose child was pregnant?

I don’t know why he asked me like this, and he couldn’t believe that he would doubt me. He always went to sea, and I was taking care of his parents and my parents at home.We have been married for two years, and my relationship has always been very good. I can’t believe that he feels that the child is not his.I asked him why he thought so, I never had a second heart, why did he miss me so.

He looked at me with a sarcasm that he was not at home last month. How could I get pregnant for 45 days, and the child must not be his.

He said that I immediately understood that he was a medical blind, and he didn’t even know such medical common sense.

I didn’t want to explain to him, so I took him directly to the obstetrics and gynecology department, and asked the doctor to tell him how to calculate the number of days of pregnancy.

So how should the number of days of pregnancy be calculated?First remember the following points:

1. The number of pregnancy days is related to its usual menstrual cycle.

2. If the usual menstrual cycle rules, the number of pregnancy days is generally calculated from the first day of the last menstruation.

3. And the number of pregnancy days is generally 3 weeks before the bed two weeks in advance than the ovulation and fertilization time.

4. If the menstrual cycle is relatively long and irregular, it is necessary to comprehensively calculate the number of pregnancy days through its ovulation period or the date of the same room and ultrasonic measurement.

5. The number of days of pregnancy is generally about 280 days, which is 40 weeks.

6. More than 37 weeks are full -month pregnancy, generally not more than 42 weeks. If it exceeds 42 weeks is an expired pregnancy.

7. Expulsive pregnancy may cause the fetus to distress in the palace, and the growth is limited, which will cause risks such as suffocation and huge children, increasing the chance of a cesarean delivery of pregnant women.

8. The number of pregnancy days greater than equal to 28 weeks but less than 37 weeks is less than a month.

Under the explanation of the doctor, her husband finally understood.It ’s really such a big person, and he does n’t even understand the knowledge of these pregnancy. How can he be a good dad.

And he actually doubted me, the more I really want to be sad.I just returned to my mother’s house for a few days.He came to apologize to me every day, a gift, and in the advice of my parents. Thinking about my in -laws is also very good to me, and forgive him.And when he thought I was pregnant with someone else’s children, he just asked who I was, and said that as long as I and the man were broken, the child would really want to treat the child as his child.I really don’t know what he thinks every day.

After returning home, her husband made up for all kinds of knowledge about pregnancy, saying that he must be a good father and a good husband.

I hope that everyone will reprint this article quickly and tell those young couples who are preparing for pregnancy. Don’t make no anymore jokes, but not every girl who quarreled because of this kind of thing can be coaxed by her husband!

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