If these signs show that you are pregnant!Hurry up to the hospital for examination

For newcomers who are pregnant for the first time, they are usually aggressive.I do n’t know when I was pregnant, and I did n’t know how to get pregnant suddenly? But in fact, I was pregnant. As a mother, I had the most perception and discourse, but some symptoms were ignored.

Why do I say this? There are really many such slim moms who do n’t know if they are pregnant.There will be many problems in this way, because you don’t know that you will not care so much about your body. There will not be a lot of attention in diet or medication, which will affect your baby’s health.So Xiaobian introduced a few subtle symptoms, indicating that you may be pregnant and you need to be tested further.

If these signs show that you are pregnant

1. Menstruation stop

This is the easiest phenomenon. There are always a few days a few days a few days old aunt visits. Suddenly, the aunt did not come for two weeks after sex after sex, which is likely to be pregnant.Of course, some women with menstrual disorders should be another matter.

2. The breast has a pain or a soft feeling

After the fertilized eggs are in bed, the brain system will stimulate the secretion of estrogen in the brain system, leading to breast bloating, softness and even tingling and expansion, which is a normal physiological phenomenon in early pregnancy.However, some breast hyperplasia will also have this symptom a week before menstruation. Pay attention to multiple signs of comprehensive judgment.

3. There is often a feeling of nausea and vomiting

Almost many pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy often feel nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning.However, these symptoms vary from person to person. Some pregnant mothers have mild symptoms, while others are very serious.Unless nausea and vomiting are very powerful, you need to seek medical treatment. These are normal phenomena in the early stages of pregnancy.

4. The skin color changes

Skin pigmentation may be produced or stretch marks are produced by the abdominal wall, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.

5. frequent urination

There will be this situation in the early and in the early pregnancy, because the bladder is compressed by increasing uterine, which makes the bladder capacity smaller. Even if you do not drink water, there is always a problem of frequent urination.

6. Large emotional ups and downs

This is a bit like the phenomenon of menstruation, but in fact, there will be hormone changes in pregnancy, so it will also cause emotional changes.It may be easy to laugh and laugh when you encounter a little thing.At this time, pay attention to adjusting your mood. You can relax and relax through walking and listening to songs.

7. Easy to fatigue and want to sleep

In the early pregnancy, the body secretes some hormones and acts on the uterus.This substance will not only increase the temperature of the human body, but also make people weak.In addition, the bred embryo requires energy, so the uterus will extract some physical nutrients to embryo. Women can’t adapt for a while, and they will be more lethargic than usual.

8. Loss appetite

After pregnancy, the body will secrete progesterone, affecting the digestive system of the human body, leading to poor digestion, loss of appetite in early pregnancy, and even thinning in a month or two.This needs to be conditioned slowly, and the nutrition must be followed in follow -up, and the weight will slowly rise.

9. Small abdomen has a feeling of falling with small bleeding

This is a sign of fertilized eggs.It is equivalent to germination and rooting. When rooting, it may pierce some small blood vessels, and at the same time, it will have a feeling of falling.Generally, this bleeding lasts for about three days. It is only a little bloodshot or small blood dots, which is different from the aunt.

Pregnancy test method:

Go to the pharmacy to buy early pregnancy test strips and do urine -like examination.

Use your hands before and clean your hands and the cups used to detect. Use a little urine with a cup. Put the test strip and insert the urine for 3 seconds in the urine at the point of the arrow.If you are pregnant, there will be two purple -red short -lines on the test strip; if you are not pregnant, the test strips will show a short -red -red -red -red -red line.

There is a deviation in the accuracy of test strips. If you want to be foolproof, you need to go to the hospital for blood testing and pregnancy testing, B ultrasonic waves, etc., and make more accurate judgments.

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