If these symptoms appear, you can find ectopic pregnancy as soon as possible

For female friends, pregnancy is a happy and happy thing, but the data shows that 1%of expectant mothers will have ectopic pregnancy.Many people do not know enough about ectopic pregnancy, and they do not know how to prevent ectopic pregnancy and cause great risks to pregnant women and fetuses.

Normal pregnancy fertilized eggs are planted in the uterine cavity.However, fertilized eggs are planted outside the uterine cavity, which is called ectopic or ectopic pregnancy.More than 95%of the fallopian tube pregnancy is divided into four types of growth, abortion, displacement, and rupture according to cases according to cases.Among them, the rupture type is the most dangerous, and the hemorrhage in time will be severely life -threatening.

Early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are not obvious, usually similar to normal pregnancy, such as menopause, fatigue, nausea, breast soreness, etc.; Below are some common symptoms of ectopic pregnancy:

1. Mentalomy

Before ectopic pregnancy, some people will have menstrual delay or a small amount of vaginal bleeding.

2. vaginal bleeding

Irregular vaginal bleeding is one of the clinical manifestations of ectopic pregnancy.The bleeding color is generally brown or dark red.

3. Abdominal pain

The characteristics of external gestational abdominal pain are often tearing or sudden pain on one side of the lower abdomen, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.When there is a effusion in the pelvic cavity, a special sign of swelling occurs.

4. Slower and shock

In severe cases, patients have symptoms of dizziness, pale complexion, decreased blood pressure, and cold sweat.

Causes of ectopic pregnancy

1. Disathoppulper.

Chronic fallopian tubeitis and dysplasia of fallopian tube can cause lesions of the fallopian tube wall, and the decreased peristaltic transportation function so that the fertilized eggs cannot reach the uterus normally.

2. Pelvic campaign.

The fallopian tubes are prone to morphological changes or positions under the squeezing and traction of tubes.It affects fertilized egg conveying.

3. Fertilized eggs.

The time is extended during the fertilized egg conveying process, which will bed in the fallopian tube, causing ectopic pregnancy.

4. Endometriosis.

This symptom may cause damage to fallopian tubes, which affects fallopian tube conveying function.

In addition, there are some situations that increase the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy.If you have undergone ligation, rebuild plastic tubal surgery, or the chances of artificial pregnancy inducing ectopic pregnancy will increase.

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