If these three symptoms appear after the same room, you don’t need to buy test strips, you are already pregnant

It is believed that for every husband and wife who just married, their biggest wish is that they can have a baby who belongs to themselves as soon as possible, and then the family of three lives a small life.So many times, couples will actively prepare for pregnancy, but many women dare not determine after pregnancy, and they will be anxious.In fact, as long as women have the following three symptoms, it means that you are pregnant.

One: "Bleeding in bed"

In the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have "bed bleeding".Of course, not all pregnant mothers will appear. It is only possible to appear only in the same room in the same room during ovulation. Generally, 8-10 days after the same room, 3-4 days of duration, a small amount of red secretions in the lower body may also be bloodshot, very very very shredded.Without abdominal pain.

In this case, pregnant mothers should not worry. The appearance of "bed bleeding" represents fertilized eggs. The bed is very stable.However, once the bleeding date is wrong, or accompanied by abdominal pain, it may be caused by a threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy.

Two: "chest pain"

In the early stages of pregnancy, after the fertilized eggs were successful, the HCG value in the blood of pregnant mothers increased, and at the same time, the chest would change, and the feeling of pain occurred. However, it was not the same as before menstruation.Don’t be regarded as menstruation.

When chest pain, pay attention to replace the appropriate clothing. Don’t be too tight or squeeze, so as not to increase discomfort.

3: "The feeling of a cold"

In the early stages of pregnancy, their body temperature was higher than the original, and the temperature of the outside world would feel a little low, and it felt cold; at the same time, the pregnancy of the progesterone in the pregnant mother’s body caused the hormone level to change, making the pregnant mother tired and drowsiness.In the case, the three were added together and felt a cold.

Many women think they have a cold and then take various cold medicines, resulting in fetal malformation.

Therefore, women who have had normal behavior of the same room, before the menstruation comes, if a cold feels, do not take the medicine first, it is likely to be pregnant, first take the early pregnancy test. If the time is too early, you can go to the hospital for examination.Essence

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