If you are pregnant, can you go to extraction?

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extract a tooth!

Very serious question

Can oral therapy during pregnancy?

Professional dentists suggested that for great pain, the affected teeth that must be removed can be performed during the pregnancy of healthy pregnant women, but selective surgery needs to be comprehensively measured.

Overall, tooth extraction is safer in the 4-6 months of pregnancy, but those with habitual abortion and history of premature birth should be cautious.

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In the first three months of pregnancy, miscarriage is prone to occur, and pregnant women may still have nausea and vomiting. At this time, treatment will increase the difficulty of oral operations.Therefore, during this period, the symptoms can be treated simply.

Three months of pregnancy, there is a risk of premature birth, and during this period, pregnant women should not sit on the operating chair for a long time, so try only emergency treatment.

When moving to teeth, you should try to relax as much as possible. If you have any discomfort during the treatment, you must report to the doctor at any time.

Can I shoot dental X -rays during pregnancy?

Many pregnant women will need to shoot X -rays in the process of oral diagnosis and treatment. At this time, doctors, patients, and family members will be very worried about whether the X -ray will affect the safety of the fetus.

The American Obstetrics and Gynecology Association made the following suggestions for the diagnostic radioactive examination of pregnant women:

If women are accidentally exposed to radiation during pregnancy, don’t worry too much.Because there is no single -diagnostic radiation test, it will cause radiation damage of the fetus, especially when the radiation strength is less than 5rad (radiation metering unit).

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The X -ray examination of the dental department, because it is far from the abdomen, and the leading dose is very small (the radiation amount of the panorama of the dental department is about 0.004rad), so it can be carried out.

However, in the early pregnancy (2-3 months), the fetus is relatively vulnerable to radiation, so it is recommended to avoid using X-light as much as possible in early pregnancy.

Is there any accident during pregnancy?

Outpatient extraction is usually used for local anesthesia. At present, the commonly used semi -drug drugs are safe within the normal dose range.

After pregnancy

Can I take anti -inflammatory painkillers?

① β-lactam drugs (such as penicillin, cephalosporin antibiotics)

It is often used for oral diseases, and these drugs are usually safe during pregnancy.

② Nitrotiopidazole drug (such as metronidazole)

It can also be used during pregnancy, but it is still recommended to use it in the early stages of pregnancy (within 12 weeks).

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③ Tethells

Because the tetracycline of the fetus will be caused, it is forbidden to use it during pregnancy.

④ acetylphenoline drugs (heating and polygami)

Pain caused by oral emergencies during pregnancy is often unbearable, which is usually considered to be the best choice for mandibular facial pain during pregnancy.

Our commonly used aspirin and Buraofen can be taken in the short term during pregnancy, but we should avoid being used at the beginning and last 3 months of pregnancy.

What is the best time to look at the teeth during pregnancy?

The advice of dentists is of course: It is best to look at the teeth before pregnancy!

▲ The timing of dental visits during pregnancy

In addition, complicated treatment should be avoided as much as possible in the early and at the end of pregnancy.During this period, if the teeth are discomfort, you can ask the doctor to make a simple treatment; it is safer to perform dental treatment in the middle of pregnancy (4-6 months).

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Author: Dr. Qu Qian

Source: "Shenzhen Public Hospital Management Center" WeChat public account

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