If you are pregnant, don’t always look at those babies’ growth software

I am a mother of three children, the biggest seven -year -old and the youngest 5 months.Why don’t you always look at those baby software, because your content in many is anxious and worried.When I was first, I downloaded two baby software, and I watched what I could eat in the software every day; I would also see the experience of pregnancy to production that mothers said.Seeing this will look more and more anxious, you have to go in and see if you want to eat. You can buy it before and after the checkup.So I do n’t dare to try the first child, and I do it in it.

Two are waiting for school

I will still download a software when I am in the second place, but I do n’t go online every day like the first one.I was watching at almost half a day every month, and see how the baby’s normal development is at this time.I see less and less anxiety.Some baby software is very good. Some knowledge is very helpful, but don’t use too much time to see it and believe it too much.All kinds of examples in it are just other people’s cases are not yours. If you have any questions, you can find a doctor.The doctor said that he knows what he knows in the software, and what the doctor said will make people feel at ease.There is also the question of whether the food can be eaten. In fact, except for the red flowers, you can eat everything like safflower.Generally, you like to eat before pregnancy, as long as you eat less.This has something to do with personal constitution. Some people will have a miscarriage when eating mung beans, and some people will have a miscarriage when eating crabs.I do n’t eat anything in my first child, 5.5 pounds when the child is born; the second child is more than the first child, but I still dare not eat mung bean crabs, 6 pounds at the time of birth;, But when I eat crabs for the first time, I still worry about whether I will have a miscarriage, but as long as I am okay the next day, my family will occasionally get me.So those who eat less cautiously in the software can eat a little, but if you are weak, you will not eat it.Don’t be afraid that your baby can’t keep it, the baby’s life is very tenacious.As long as you should be careful and control your weight, you will be healthy and healthy to go to the baby.I hope all the baby babies are healthy and happy![呲 teeth]

The above point of view is just my personal idea, and you can communicate with any ideas.[呲 teeth]

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