If you are pregnant, you will leave. Do you choose such a company?

When a female employee in Chengdu, when he joined his own job, the company requested that the company’s exemption commitment to automatically resign from the company was published on social media, which aroused the attention of 590,000 netizens.

According to the Chengdu Business Daily, this company requires employees to leave automatically once they are pregnant, and they also let them sign a letter of "pregnancy".The promise letter has no company stamp, only the promise signature, the specific content:

I solemnly promise that once I am pregnant during the work of the company, I will automatically resign and abandon any economic compensation and relevant legal responsibilities of the unit.

Seeing this post, I was angry, but more helpless.Due to the major environmental reasons, many companies are not eased. In order to survive, either reduced scale or mergers and reduced personnel.

No matter which company wants to use one person as two or three people.And female employees, because of physical reasons, have a lot of intentions in a family, and bear the heavy responsibility of passing the generation. It is inevitable that things will be a little more. This will be the burden of the company’s manager, and it will also be treated unfairly.

In the job search market, 70%of companies will set up conditions in the column of gender when recruiting, either male priority, or women with various conditions.

Many women have been forced to sign this unequal agreement in order to find a good job. It is reasonable to say that this is the so -called contract, that is, it does not have the corresponding legal effect without the stamp of the company.When encountering this inequality, you can only use the strategy of suffering from the blessing to be comforted from me.

Among these people, there are many people who do not understand the law, but they also have legal knowledge, but they have never taken up the weapon of law to defend their legitimate rights and interests.

Because in their hearts, they are just ordinary workers at the grassroots level. They have no rights and power, and their influence is not good. If they want to defend their rights, the cost is too high. Even if they work hard, the result they will eventually get may not be as their wishes.

Instead of waste time and energy on this kind of no result, it is better to find out, maybe you can find a stable work for maintaining a living.If someone is unwilling to bear it, he will resign and find a job again.

If you encounter such a company, are you still willing to work in such a company?Some netizens said that people can not bow their heads under the eaves.When your competitiveness is not worthy of the standards of social development, you can only grieve yourself, follow the trend, and operate according to the standards set by the company.

No matter which aspect of this world, it follows the concept of the strong as the king. Especially in the food chain, only the power that can only be at the top can be at the same time.In the competition of the series, you will not be a victim of survival, then you must only improve your competitiveness.

Now this society is a fair and equal society, and women can support half of the sky.If you look down on women and do not respect women like this, then your company will definitely not survive in this fierce competition.

Differential treating women and let employees sign such unequal agreements are itself an inequality manifestation, which violates the labor law.

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