If you have this small signal in your body, you can detect whether you are pregnant.

A fan said in the group: I have n’t been pregnant for a few months, and I feel hopeless this month. I do n’t know if you have measured your pregnancy as soon as possible. Is there any reaction in the days of pregnancy?

For each pregnant couple, the most exciting thing is to know that they have succeeded in conception.So every time I have the same room, I look forward to the "winning" every day, but no matter how anxious, I must follow the law of reaction.

Some people have just finished the same room and started pregnancy testing on the third day. Is this true?When is the best time for pregnancy testing?

1. Is menstruation delay?

Confirm the first step in the success of pregnancy and judge whether you delay your menstruation.For women with menstruation, it is easy to judge; for women with irregular menstruation, you can judge in the longest menstrual cycle. For example, the longest menstrual cycle is 31 days, and when 32 days, you must consider whether to consider whether to consider whetherMenstruation is delayed.

2. Early pregnancy test strip test

To confirm the second step of the success of pregnancy, you can consider the test strip test of early pregnancy (you must confirm that your menstruation delay).

3. Early pregnancy test strip test time?

The third step in confirming the success of pregnancy is to determine this time.

It can be detected on the first day of menopause, and this accuracy rate is as high as 99%.

If you are too anxious, you can also detect the blood HCG 6 days after the same room.But at this time the accuracy of the detection is not very high.

Early pregnancy test strip is to determine whether to be pregnant by detecting human urine HCG, and HCG (including both urine HCG and blood HCG) can only be produced after the fertilized eggs are successful.

What is fertilized eggs in bed?After the sperm kills the siege and meets the eggs, a new cell will be formed. This process is called fertilization.This cell continues to divide cells. After 3 to 4 days, it has developed into an entity with cells when it reaches the uterine cavity. This cell entity is called mulberry embryo. The mulberry embryo continues the cell division.It marks the beginning of implantation. After the fertilization, the mulberry embryo enters the endometrium of the uterine 6 to 8 days. This process is called bed or planting.

Therefore, the fertilized eggs were successfully tested HCG at least 6 days after the ovulation during ovulation.

Prepare the pregnant couple, don’t worry first, adjust your mentality, you will always come, that early pregnancy test strip should be used, there are all in the manual!It is absolutely okay to operate according to the steps!

I wish everyone a good pregnancy!

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