If you meet a good mother -in -law, you can see it during pregnancy. You can stole these 4 things for you.

Women are yearning for love before they get married. They feel that they just marry true love. After they really enter the marriage life, they understand that after marriage, they are not poetry and songs, but accompanied by Chai rice oil and salt, as well as tricky mother -in -law relationships.

For women, pregnancy is a special period. As the pregnant belly is getting bigger and inconvenient, there are more inconveniences in life. Compared with the "clumsy" husband, the mother -in -law of "coming people" can give you more help.

Some problems that are not seen on weekdays will be reflected in this special period. It can be seen that the most caring for your mother -in -law on weekdays is sincerely.

Seeing a post made by Bao Ma on the forum, the whole article was complaining how much her mother -in -law was for herself, which caused a lot of resonance with Bao Ma. The performance of her mother -in -law during the pregnancy that she mentioned made me impressed.

Netizen Miao Miao’s family has good economic conditions. Her husband’s house is in rural areas. After marriage, her mother -in -law is very enthusiastic about Miao Miao. She always keeps warm in the cold. What fresh fruits and vegetables in the family will be sent to the city regardless of the road.Let my son daughter taste fresh.

Miao Miao was moved, and she specially went out of the house to help her mother -in -law’s house renovate the house.But after pregnancy, this kind of harmonious scene of mother -in -law was broken.

After pregnancy, Miao Miao originally planned to let her mother -in -law come over to help. After the child was born, she helped take care of the confinement, but her mother -in -law always made excuses to resign. Later, she learned that her mother -in -law did not want to bring her children.

Until the child’s full moon, her mother -in -law did not show up. She was afraid that she would be delayed to bring the child. Even her own grandson didn’t want to see it. The practice was absolutely bad, which hurt Miao Miao’s heart.

As a woman’s most special period during pregnancy, because of physical changes, emotions will become sensitive and fragile, and the care of people around them is more important. Mother -in -law is divided into many kinds.People!

[The first thing] During pregnancy, you can supplement your nutrition for you and host maternal and infant supplies

The dietary survey found that the daily calcium intake of women in my country during pregnancy is 300-400㎎, which is lower than the daily intake of 1000㎎ recommended by the late pregnancy.

During pregnancy, one person eats two people to make up, nutritional needs are higher than usual. If your mother -in -law is really good to you, he will work hard on your diet and try to help you supplement nutrition.

Compared to the novice dad who is also not experienced, as the mother -in -law who comes, you will know what you need during pregnancy. Take the initiative to help buy maternal and infant supplies, help you check, and pay for it.As a family.

[Second thing] I will care about your emotions considerate, and use the experience of people to enlighten you

Data show that 15%-30%of women will have different degrees of postpartum depression.

During pregnancy, because of changes in progesterone secretion, it will affect the emotions of pregnant mothers. It may be troublesome because of a small matter. Some prospective dads do not understand and feel that it will become authentic.

If at this time, the mother -in -law of "coming people" can stand on your side and take the initiative to care for you to enlighten you, instead of standing aside and speaking the wind and cool words.mood.

[Third thing] Provide economic assistance, don’t want you to be wronged

The situation of each family is different, not every mother -in -law can have energy and time, accompany the pregnant daughter -in -law.If she cares about you, there will always be a way, and the money to pay for money is strong.

Pregnant and having children, for young couples, it undoubtedly exacerbates economic burden. Some mother -in -law may not be able to spend too much attention to care about you, but in order to prevent you from being wronged, real economic support will be given.Don’t worry.

[Fourth thing] Actively take care of the confinement, take the re -appointment of the baby

The daughter -in -law gave birth to a happy event imported to the family. After the gynecology, the body was weak. She also needed to take care of newborns. Confinement was the most difficult transition period.

If your mother -in -law really feels distressed, he will not hesitate to help him, and take the initiative to help take the baby to take care of the confinement, so that you have no concern after giving birth, and you can better recover.

If the above four things, your mother -in -law has done it for you, then congratulations to you met a good mother -in -law who really feels like you really love you.

Mother -in -law and daughter -in -law are changed with the heart. Daughter -in -law should not think about it blindly. After all, before you get married, you and your mother -in -law are just strangers. You need time to get along with each other to gradually understand each other.Will be nice to you.

When marrying becomes a family, you must work hard to integrate, learn to be tolerant, let your mother -in -law know that you are good, and getting along with each other will be more harmonious.

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