If you prepare for pregnancy, you will not be clean, and your menstruation is not clean. Perhaps it is a "bug" after a cesarean section.

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The 37 -year -old Baoma Liang Liang had a cesarean section surgery 2 years ago.

She recovered menstruation half a year after surgery. Compared with previous menstruation and menstruation, she has not changed significantly compared with the previous. The trouble is that menstruation is always ticking. It is more than half a month.And daily emotions.

A month ago, she came to the gynecology department of Lili Hospital in Zhejiang Province.After some consultation, the doctor’s comprehensive medical history, physical examination and various auxiliary inspection results were diagnosed as "uterine scar diverticulum".

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What is uterine scar diverticulum?

"The uterine scar diverticulum is a complication of a cesarean section. We have received a lot of patients from all over the country in these years." Lu Wen, director of gynecology, said.

If the uterus is compared with the baby’s room, the uterine muscle layer is the wall of the room. The cesarean section cuts off the uterine muscle layer.The cavity gap can be understood as a small fan in the wall of the room.

Most patients have no obvious clinical symptoms, mainly manifested in menstrual abnormalities, secondary infertility, chronic pelvic pain, and menstrual abdominal pain.

Among them, menstrual abnormalities are the most important symptoms: compared with cesarean section before birth, the menstrual cycle after surgery is normal, but the menstrual period extension, vaginal bleeding during menstruation, and vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse, and these symptoms cannot be explained by other gynecological diseases.

According to the doctor, the severity of the symptoms of menstruation is not necessarily related to the size of the uterine scar diverticulum, and it is mainly related to the poor flow of menstrual blood from the diverticulum.In other words, the accumulation of menstrual blood accumulation in small bay windows, slowly discharging outward, and menstrual tick answers, endless dripping, irregular vaginal bleeding, etc.

Do I need to treat the uterine scar diverticulum?

Long -term abnormal uterine bleeding will affect the fertilized egg bed and make some women become infertility; if the fertilized eggs are planted in a thin small bay window during pregnancy, the risk of uterine scars will increase significantly.

After confirming the uterine scar diverticulum, patients can choose the appropriate treatment plan according to the severity of the symptoms and whether there are fertility requirements.

If there is no fertility requirement, the symptoms of extension or abnormal vaginal hemorrhage may not be treated for the time being.

However, if there are the following situations, surgery is required: no fertility requirements, but the menstrual period is too long (more than 12 days), there are irregular bleeding, repeated pelvic chronic inflammation and vaginal bleeding after sex (have excluded cervical lesions, due to the diverticulum due to the diverticulum, due to the diverticulumOne of the symptoms of internal blood was squeezed); before IVF; there were fertility requirements, and the uterine wall of the Division Board was too thin (usually less than 3 mm); the trial was not pregnant for one year.

Dr. Lu Wen also summarized the scar diverticulum surgical standards and the advantages and disadvantages of various surgical methods.

Hysteroscopic surgery: The trauma is small, but the recurrence rate is high. It cannot repair local defects of the uterine and is not suitable for those who have re -fertility.

Hulmoscopic surgery: Laparoscopic laparoscopic diverticulum is removed and the uterine defect is repaired. The efficacy is accurate.It can also treat abdominal diseases such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and fallopian tubes, and can treat uterine diseases such as uterine cavity adhesion, uterine polyps, and submucosal fibroids.It is better to apply all patients with surgery, and it is better to have re -fertility; it is also applicable to the loses of hysteroscopy and yin -type surgery.

Yin -type surgery: The exposure of the field is difficult, and it is difficult to surgery for those with higher diverticulum.Only the diverticulum can be treated, and it cannot be treated with other diseases of the laparoscopy like the laparoscopic surgery of the palace abdomen.

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How long can I get pregnant after uterine scar diverticulum?

After laparoscopy combined surgery, it is necessary to wait for the incision to heal before pregnancy. It is recommended to have after at least one year after surgery.

After surgery, many patients have completely restored their menstruation, and B -ultrasound cannot find the divert.However, Dr. Lu Wen has encountered a lot of patients who have taken a lot of advice on contraception: "The patient completely restored the fertility function, but he felt that his IVF has failed. It is estimated that he would not get pregnant.I am pregnant in 4 months. Although the ending is very good, I always have to lose money for the huge risks during pregnancy. "

Here I still want to remind everyone to obey the doctor’s advice and choose the best way to give birth.

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