If you press the wrong, you will regret it!Pregnant women’s massage "These 7 acupoints" cannot be pressed

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Massage helps to relax and clear emotions, but can pregnant women massage?Which massage is suitable?Avoid affecting the baby, it is best not to press these 7 acupoints!Which pregnant women are not suitable for massage?After reading this, you will know!

Can pregnant women massage?In fact, as long as you have the following precautions, pregnant moms can also enjoy the relaxation of massage and relaxation, soothing the tension and uncomfortable pregnancy!

All the acupoints of the human body are only one in the middle and the gang pulse in the middle. The other acupoints are left and right, one on the left and right.For example, Hegu acupoints are both left and right -handed, as are other acupoints.

These acupoints cannot be pressed!

*Hegu acupoint: Massage Hegu acupoint will promote uterine contraction. It is a taboo acupoint for massage during pregnancy. Massage this point is rising or premature.(The thumb is close to the index finger, and the highest muscle is Hegu acupoint.)

*Sanyinjiao: Massage this point will also promote uterine contraction. There is a risk of abortion or premature birth. It is not advisable to massage here.(Sanyinjiao is on the inner ankle to the upper four fingers.)

*Shoulder wells: As the saying goes, "Don’t shoot the shoulders of a pregnant woman", this sentence means not to take or press to the shoulder well.If you take or press to the shoulder well, the fetal gas may fall down, and there may be risk of abortion and premature birth.(The middle point from the middle line from the middle line from the middle line to the shoulder peak.)

*Taichong acupoint: This acupoint has the function of regulating qi and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It may lead to fetal gas and make the fetus unstable.(Taichong acupoints are about 2 to 3 cm in the thumb and index finger of the feet).

*Yongquan Point: Yongquan Point is one of the representative acupoints with strong stimulatingness, which is often used to stimulate people who are unconscious.The pain here is more obvious, and it is okay to press it lightly, but it will be painful if it is pressed hard. If it is too irritating, it may move to the fetal gas (Yongquan acupoint is in the depression in the center of the first third of the feet.)

*Du Yin point: Dugin acupoint was used in ancient times to treat the acupuncture points (difficulty in the tire clothing "(difficulty) to help the production of difficulty when producing, and then massage or acupuncture to stimulate the Dugin Point.In the middle point of the joint.)

*Yinyin points: Like the use of Dugin points, in ancient times, moxibustion may be used to transfer the positive fetal position.(To the yin acupoint on the outside of the small toenails of the foot of the feet is about 2 mm.)

Will it affect these acupoints accidentally?

If you accidentally press it, it depends on whether there is a real massage to those acupoints. In addition, the pregnant woman’s own constitution is also related, and the constitution is weak and massage the acupoints., Especially for pregnant women in the fetus; but if the pregnant woman is strong, it may not have such a serious impact.It is recommended to rest for at least 1 day, and observe that there is no abdominal pain, bleeding or discomfort in this day, and cannot move heavy objects. If there is bleeding or abdominal pain, you should go back to the obstetrics and gynecology department as soon as possible.

Can pregnant women do? Can pregnant women do?

*Foot massage: The method of foot massage is usually heavier and stronger, mostly not suitable for pregnant women.Especially the acupoints near the feet below the calf are more related to the uterus and be cautious.If you really want to press, please be soft.

*SPA massage: Most of the SPA massage of the beauty of beauty and body is meridian massage. If the entire meridians gently massage and slowly massage, it is not possible to press some points for some acupoints. It is actually possible.

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