If you want to be a scientific pregnancy, you can read this book

If you are preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, and about to give birth, you can read this book- "Dr. Wu with you scientific pregnancy".

Dr. Wu Long, Wu Long, the former women’s obstetrics of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, and youth member of the China Health Council ’s Fertility Protection Association.Graduated from the Capital Medical University, and a medical science for pregnancy on the Internet in his spare time.

The book "Dr. Wu accompanies you scientific pregnancy" is Dr. Wu’s first book. The book lists thousands of problems of expectant mothers during pregnancy.

1. What are the contents of the book?How can it be used?

The book brings together various problems that most pregnant mothers are very concerned about in October in October, divided into five parts, a total of more than 130 topics.Such as: What to do if you vomit after pregnancy, how to control blood sugar, choosing to produce or cesarean section, etc. It is a very practical problem.The content covered is very wide, such as the physical and psychological changes in pregnant women to teach you how to deal with it, such as the diet and nutritional supplement of pregnant women, such as the life of pregnant women.Wait very much, such as the process and project of the checkup, the interaction with the baby, the preparation and precautions before childbirth, so this sayOf course, you can also let the prospective dads read in advance to help the mother mothers do their homework and be a all -round treasure mother.

2. What can I do with the interaction with the baby during pregnancy?

For a lot of prospective parents, can it be very curious if you can touch your stomach or how to touch your belly, or some elders may mention that you cannot touch your stomach. The fetus is stimulated to move back.This said it was very detailed.

There is no necessary connection between touching the belly and the umbilical cord around the neck, which causes many reasons for the umbilical cord around the neck. For example, the umbilical cord is too long, and the fetus will move without touching the belly.It will not cause adverse consequences, and this is also a normal interaction with the fetus, so that the fetus feels the gentle touch of the mother and enhances the feelings between mother and child.

In an unfamiliar environment, the mother’s touch can still relieve the baby’s anxiety. How should I touch it?Generally speaking, you can start touching your stomach in 3 months of pregnancy, communicate with the fetus, and touch it early, and it is useless. The fetus will be too small and you can’t touch it. After the second trimesterIt’s not shot or pinch.As for the time, there is no special requirement.When the fetus is larger, you can feel the fetal movement, you can increase the number of times of touching your belly and interact with the fetus.Especially when doing fetal heart monitoring in the third trimester, if you feel that the fetus has not moved for a long time, the baby may be sleeping.It’s twenty to sixty minutes.

3. What should I pay attention to when touching my stomach?

When you develop the rules of interaction with the fetus, you can maintain such a work and rest habit.However, it should be noted that don’t bother him during the fetus. It is necessary to choose the right time to interact with the baby.

So pay attention to touching your belly:

First, you must not touch it too frequently, you can’t touch it like a pecans.

Second, you cannot touch it hard, especially in the third trimester, too hard may induce contractions;

Third, it is generally not recommended to shoot the belly.If the child is always old when the fetal heart is monitored, it is not used to eat for the child to supplement the child. At this time, you need to use sound to stimulate, or push the stomach to stimulate the child.Awake.

When you read this book, you will know how to touch your stomach, and you can also know the precautions during pregnancy. For novice mothers, it is really important.This book not only talks about my mother’s own belly, but also how people touch when others touch their belly.A very interesting book, such as when a friend and family around you want to touch your belly, you must remind the other party that you can touch it gently and pay attention.If you feel that the fetus is resting, you can also decline, indicating that the baby is sleeping at this time, and he wakes up and play with him after a while.Try not to wake him up when the baby is resting, and follow the rules of your baby’s schedule.

Write at the end of the text

Here I also want to share the content of the book with you, such as whether to do prenatal education.When it comes to prenatal education, I believe that not only pregnant mothers, many people who are not pregnant may have heard of this: listening to music during pregnancy, you can cultivate children’s musical talents, read more books, children born, listen to rock music, babies, babies, babies, babiesThere are movement cells and so on.

Pregnant education is not so amazing. Pregnant education is used to increase mother and child feelings, soothe mother and baby emotions. At present, there is no evidence to prove that prenatal education makes children have musical talents, but some studies have shown that the fetus can distinguish the mother’s voice.When the baby communicates, he can feel the mood and mood of his mother.Of course, it is also mentioned that allowing the prospective father to participate in prenatal education together can increase the relationship between father and son and increase the relationship between husband and wife.

Come on, sisters, let’s take a look at "Dr. Wu with you scientific pregnancy."

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