If you want to grasp the ovulation period, just observe your leucorrhea

For women preparing for pregnancy, the ovulation period is a few days when they increase the highest pregnancy rate. Therefore, most of the pregnant women will be accurate for their ovulation period and arrange the same room in time, but not everyone can accurately find their own ovulation period., Especially for female friends with menstrual disorders, so I will tell you a small trick to see it through leucorrhea.

First of all, learn about "leucorrhea brushes"

During the ovulation period, a large amount of leucorrhea secretions will be secreted. Inciders will appear transparently brushed leucorrhea. Its texture is thin and elastic.If a brushed leucorrhea appears and the pussy has a humid feeling, this is a signal that is close to ovulation. At this time, the husband and wife are in the same room, which can greatly increase the chance of conception.

Will the ovulation period take a long time, will the state of drawing be brushed for a long time?

Women’s ovulation date is generally about 14 days before the next menstruation.Generally, the first 5 days and 4 days of ovulation day, together with the ovulation day, is called the ovulation period for 10 days.The one with the most leucorrhea, the thinnest, and the strongest ability of the tattoo is often the ovulation day.The duration of leucorrhea duration during ovulation varies from person to person. Usually leucorrhea drawing will last for 3-5 days, but some people only have leucorrhea drawing on the day of ovulation.

The change of leucorrhea is affected by the hormone in women’s body and changes the female leucorrhea.Due to the peak of estrogen before ovulation, the leucorrhea will become clear and smooth and elastic when the ovulation period is close to the ovulation period. It is like an egg white. It is high and it is not easy to break. At this time, it is conducive to sperm passing.

In simple terms, it is to make men’s sperm (commonly known as "small tadpoles") can flow up along the leucorrhea and combine with eggs, so it can be said that leucorrhea is a natural runway of "small tadpoles".

Just entering the ovulation period, the leucorrhea texture is relatively viscous, and occasionally accompanied by block secretions.

However, as the ovulation approaches, the amount of leucorrhea has continued to increase. At this time, the texture of the leucorrhea gradually becomes thinner, and the feeling of wet water is as thin as egg white.After leucorrhea drawing, it is likely to ovulate within 24 hours to 48 hours. At this time, it is the best time for husbands and wives to be in the same room, which is more likely to conceive.

After ovulation, the condition of the leucorrhea will gradually disappear. At this time, the leucorrhea texture is thick and milky.Therefore, the situation of leucorrhea roses generally appears before ovulation.

The first method: ovulation test paper test method

If you feel that the basal body temperature is too troublesome, you can try ovulation test strips. It is simple and convenient. Generally, pharmacies can buy ovulation test strips.The ovulation test strip is to predict whether ovulation is ovulated by detecting the peak level of luteal generating hormone (LH).After LH reaches its peak, ovulation may occur after 36 hours.

Second method: B -ultrasound follicular monitoring method

Folkmine monitoring is the most accurate and intuitive way to observe the size, shape, location, location, and ovulation of follicles.You can dynamically observe the entire process of follicle development.For women with menstruation, they can be monitored on the 8-12 days of menstruation according to the length of the menstrual cycle. Later, they can be retracted according to the doctor’s request.

For patients with irregular menstrual cycles, it is recommended that during menstruation, doctors will arrange specific arrangements based on the situation of each person, and decide whether to promote ovulation according to the results of the inspection and inspection.

If it is not convenient to monitor the follicles, it can be combined with the previous menstrual cycle. Two days before ovulation are expected, the urine measurement LH can be measured. When the urine LH value rises significantly, it can be monitored once every 2-4 hours.This method is semi -quantitative nature, simple operation, economy, no damage, and facilitate self -monitoring.

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