If you want to make your skin good during pregnancy, don’t wipe these four things on your face.

After pregnancy, the skin can be divided into two people according to the skin condition. One is that the skin becomes better after pregnancy, and the other is significantly worse in the skin condition after pregnancy.There is a saying: Female Beauty, Ugly Mother.This means that if the pregnant woman is pregnant with her daughter, the skin will become better after pregnancy, and if the boy is pregnant, the skin condition will deteriorate after pregnancy.Although some families want to have a boy, which girl can’t endure their skin and worse, so they will have some thoughts that they want to improve the skin after pregnancy.After pregnancy, these four practices that girls like to try often do not have practical effects.

1. The skin will become thinner

This method is that many older generations like to make young people try.After pregnancy, the skin pores will become larger, and the face will look rough, and the elderly will think that sugar can improve the problem of rough skin pores.However, this approach is not suitable, because there are many corners in sugar, which can corrode the skin and easily cause the skin to appear erythema or inflammation.Moreover, women during pregnancy are more vulnerable than normal women’s skin, let alone stimulate sugar.

2. Toothpaste to remove acne

Due to abnormal secretion of hormones in the body during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have acne.And because it is worried that hormones in acne products will affect their children, they will try to use toothpaste to eliminate inflammatory acne.But in fact, toothpaste does not have a good effect on acne, and there are too many irritating ingredients in toothpaste, and it hurts to the skin.

3. Vaselin

Many pregnant mothers like to apply Vaselin when they want to get rid of the lack of water during pregnancy.Although Vaselin can improve the dry skin of women at the beginning, it has been a long time. The characteristics of densely sealed moisture in Vaselin will also seal the dust and some other substances in the skin, which will cause the skin condition to be more dry.If the pregnant mother wants to replenish water during pregnancy, you can apply some hydrating masks without too much additives, which will also have a good effect on improving the skin condition.

4. Soda

Xiao Su has the effect of exfoliating, but it is not suitable for women.The baking soda at home is generally strong and alkaline, and the skin of normal people is generally acidic. The use of soda exfoliating will affect the pH value of women’s skin. It will cause great damage to the skin, which will cause the skin barrier to be broken.The skin will be more dry and dehydrated.

Pregnant mothers cannot use too many cosmetics during pregnancy, but hydrating masks can still be used.During pregnancy, a hydrating mask with less additives is used for hydration, which will also have a good effect on improving the skin condition.

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