If you want your baby, women have these characteristics, and it will be difficult to get pregnant

In 2019, according to the "Investigation Report on the Status of Infertility in China" released by the China Population Association and the National Family Planning Commission, the infertility rate in my country has climbed from 2.5%-3%of 20 years ago to 12.5%-15% On the left, the number of patients exceeded 40 million.

The age of fertility, psychological pressure, environmental pollution, social environment, etc. are all affecting the pregnancy plan of the couple.

It doesn’t matter when you are not pregnant. When you really want your baby, you always worry about whether you have any problems. How difficult to get pregnant is so difficult?So what are the characteristics of those women who are not easy to get pregnant?

First of all, you need to pay attention to your thyroid problem during physical examination.

The thyroid is a large gland in the neck.First observe whether your neck has unknown swelling?Does it feel like a drum?When menstruation comes, you can also observe whether your fingers swell and difficult to disappear?These are the characteristics of thyroid problems.Don’t look at the thyroid gland in the neck, but if abnormalities will cause female ovulation problems to directly affect conception.

When a woman is pregnant, the doctor will also ask you to do thyroid examination.Because the thyroid dysfunction is not good, it can also cause babies to miscarriage.

The second is poor mood, always sighing and sorrowful.

Many mothers have a lot of pressure when preparing for pregnancy. Thinking about why others can get pregnant. I’m so difficult?Is there any problem with my body?In fact, pregnancy can only be done by the joint efforts of both sides. Women’s pregnancy always takes pressure on themselves, making their mood bad, and it is easy to be sad, angry, and tears.Unexpectedly, women who often fall into such emotions are less likely to get pregnant.

The National Institute of Health also found that if the husband’s mood is too stressful, it will also affect the success of his wife’s pregnancy.

Finally, menstruation disorders.

When women have menstrual disorders, it is the easiest to be discovered, and it is important to attract attention.Irregular menstruation, only a long time, half a month at a time, and sometimes just after a few days, these are all symptoms of menstrual disorders.Such symptoms are often related to polycystic, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis. If this disease can be treated early, it can be treated and hopes to conceive naturally, but if female friends do not attract enough attention to timely treatment,In the end, it may cause infertility.


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