If your body has these 4 characteristics, you are not doubt when you are pregnant.

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Xiaoxiao has recently been in a bad mental state, drowsiness, a bit tall in body temperature, and the whole body is uncomfortable. Xiaoxiao thought that he bought a cold medicine and took a cold when he had a cold.Moreover, the aunt was postponed for a few days, and the little young did not care, because the little aunt was always inaccurate.

But I have taken a cold medicine for almost a week. The symptoms of fever, dizziness, and drowsiness have not improved. The little husband accompanied Xiaoxiao to go to the hospital for examination. He found that Xiaoxiao was pregnantThe reason is that the fetus has stopped development and can no longer be kept.After knowing the truth, Xiao Xiao regretted it, and the husband and wife cried for a headache.

In fact, the baby is very fragile, so the mothers should be careful. If these signals are issued, it is likely to be pregnant, but you can’t ignore the baby because of great intentions.

1. tired and drowsiness

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother will be very lethargic, the mental state is very poor, and it is easy to get tired. Especially when the pregnancy is just pregnant, the body is very tired, the legs are weak, and they are uncomfortable walking. I just want to sleep. I just want to sleep. I just want to sleep. I just want to sleep. I just want to sleep. I just want to sleep. I just want to sleep.Dyslexia, sleepy all day.If the female body sends this signal and except when her work is too tired, it must be considered whether it is pregnant, but not carelessly, check as soon as possible.

2. Delay of menstruation

Menstruation delay is the most direct way to judge pregnancy, but now many women’s menstruation is not allowed, and it is always postponed. Therefore, even if menstruation is delayed for a few days, many women will not pay special attention because they are used to it.However, if there are women who have lived in husband and wife, you must not be careless when menstruation is delayed. You can buy early test strips to test. If you postpone 7 to 10 days, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.Drugs, otherwise you may hurt your baby.

Third, increased body temperature

As soon as some women’s body temperature rises, it is mistaken for a cold and fever. In fact, it should be combined with other characteristics of a cold to determine whether it is a cold and fever. It cannot be mistaken for a cold as soon as the body temperature rises.Because of the impact of progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy, the body temperature of women will rise, so when their body temperature rises, they must be judged whether they have a cold or pregnancy, and they cannot take medicine casually, otherwise the damage caused cannot be made up.

Fourth, frequent toilet

Generally, it is regular to go to the toilet at night. Of course, it is more frequent than drinking more water. However, except for these reasons, if you have a husband and wife life, you suddenly go to the toilet for a while.The frequency of frequency increases, then you need to consider whether you are pregnant.

Do you have these symptoms when you are pregnant?


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