Impressing the phenomenon of pregnancy, you can know if you don’t need to try the note for early pregnancy!

● Stop menstrual period

◆ Menstruation is the first signal of whether women are pregnant.Women did not show signs of menstruation during menstruation, but their emotions became anxious; and menstrual periods have been postponed for more than ten days, and they are likely to be pregnant.If you continue to stop menstruation for more than 14 days, you should go to the hospital for testing immediately.

● The body temperature continues to increase mild

◆ Young women will change significantly during ovulation. The body temperature is low in the early stage of ovulation, and the body temperature is higher after ovulation.If the menstrual period of a woman has been postponed for several weeks and I feel that the heartbeat without inducement is slightly faster, she needs to measure her body temperature with a detailed measurement and record.As a result, the temperature of the body is slightly higher than usual for 20 consecutive days, and it is still high, and it is most likely to be pregnant.

● Early pregnancy reaction

◆ In the early stages of pregnancy, because the menstrual period has always been disordered and does not feel any changes or reactions in your body.If you are really blinded by menstrual disorders, then please pay attention to pay attention to your various reactions after a month after the intercourse.Under normal circumstances, when pregnant women reach the sixth week, they will have the so -called "early pregnancy reactions" such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sourness, and fierceness.If these imaginations are very obvious, the facts of accidental pregnancy are basically no longer an illusion.

◆ The number of urination times has increased significantly. If you still do not notice his physical abnormalities under the significant response in the sixth week, then after 8 weeks of women’s pregnancy, women will cause increasing urination due to increasing uterus to compress the bladder.Sometimes even more than an hour or a dozen times.The number of urination is increased, but the urine volume does not increase, and it is accompanied by mild dizziness and nausea.These symptoms may be considered a problem with disease, but most of the cases are caused by women’s pregnancy.

● Breast changes are obvious

◆ Due to the pressure and life rhythm of modern women, modern women often do not know that they are pregnant for eight weeks of pregnancy.However, after women’s pregnancy, abnormal changes in breasts are also an important reminder.For more than eight weeks of pregnancy, the breasts will have swelling, hemp and itching, the color of the nipples will gradually deepen, and dark brown thick phenomenon will appear around the areola.

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