In 14 years, pregnant women are pregnant but they are born in their abdomen. One of her move asked the doctor to call the police. What is the ending?

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In 2014, a 26 -year -old pregnant woman was sent to the hospital.

When the doctor was ready to perform surgery for him, one of her moves asked the doctor to call the police quickly.

How is this going?

Police come

On January 30, 2014, this day was 30 years old. The streets and alleys in Wuhan were full of lights and lively.

Such a lively scene is no exception in the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University. The duty nurse in the hospital hung lanterns and hanging paintings while leisure, adding a hint of fireworks to the cold and dull corridor.

The atmosphere of doctors and patients in the hospital was lively. However, what they didn’t know was that at this moment, there was an ambulance in life and death.

At 17:23 in the afternoon, the rapid sound of the siren broke the peace. As the doctors used to the same speed, doctors rushed out of the door at the fastest speed.

There was only one pregnant woman with a high abdomen on the ambulance, and there was no family member next to her.

The situation of pregnant women alone has also happened in the hospital, so after a few seconds, the doctors immediately pushed her towards the ward.

Because of the severe abdominal pain, she kept hissing and exhausted shouting, and a sentence "Hurry to do surgery for me" made a burst of echoes in the entire corridor.

When the doctor saw this, he had to check her first and fixed it.

However, the doctor discovered a worse situation through examination. The pregnant woman had signs of miscarriage. It took ten minutes to pass the sheets under the blood.

As we all know, there are many reasons why pregnant women see red before giving birth, but the most common is abortion.

Abortion may be caused by external factors such as pregnant women’s emotional instability, irregular life, violent exercise or abdomen in the first three months.

But from the appearance, the pregnant woman in front of her, like a pregnant woman who is about to be facing, is unlikely to have a natural abortion.

If a woman who has worked hard in October suddenly miscarriage, then she and her family’s psychological hit can be imagined.

This pregnant woman is now severe anemia, and the month when the child dies is too big, she will constantly cause damage to her body. If she does not take out the dead in time, she may not have the danger of life before she may not be on the operating table.

The doctor decided to perform surgery immediately, and the child took out the child to keep the adult, but now there is a situation that plagues everyone.

The pregnant woman made a 120 emergency phone call on the roadside and took an ambulance. There was no escort around her, which was extremely difficult to surgery for her.

Save death and wounds is the instinct of doctors, but in recent years, the contradictions between doctors and patients have continued to intensify, and there are also many people who have accidents.

In order to protect the interests and safety of both parties, according to the relevant laws and regulations of my country, when medical institutions perform surgery, special examinations or special treatment, they must not only learn the true identity of the patient, but also obtain the consent of their families or affected people.

Dong Liangbo, the attending doctor of the pregnant woman, and the nurse Zhou Chunhua were anxious, hoping that she could call her family and let the other party sign for her signal for surgery.

"Your current situation needs to perform surgery as soon as possible. Even if there is no family, you can call friends to sign it."

But no matter what, she just closed her mouth and flashed her words, making the doctors on the side jumping.

At this time, Dr. Dong received a call from his wife. It turned out that his wife had reached the output period 40 weeks of pregnancy and was admitted to the hospital for delivery.

Dr. Dong had to hand over the difficult task of appease the pregnant woman to the nurse aside, and nodded in the direction.

Dr. Dong quickly strode the wife in the meteor area to go through the hospitalization procedures. After a few minutes of meeting, he entrusted his wife to his mother and hurried back to the ward.

After all, his responsibility is a doctor, and he cannot stay too much for his wife and ignore other patients.

After returning to the ward, Dr. Dong learned from the nurse’s mouth that the pregnant woman was named Liu Li, who was 26 years old.

In addition, Liu Li refused to reveal his personal information too much.

The nurse had to be patient and persuaded her to say a phone number, even if it was a friend’s number.

But after a second, Liu Li, who was still calling, heard this, immediately stopped his face stubbornly and didn’t want to say more.

Nurse Zhou Chunhua is persuading Liu Li

Dr. Dong told Liu Li’s situation to Li Jiafu, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department. Director Li hoped that Liu Li could consider more for herself.

Liu Li pushed him all his best to vent his dissatisfaction in his heart.

No one could have thought that Liu Li, who seemed to be weak, could make such a great strength. Now, everyone is dumbfounded.

Facing Liu Li’s irritability, Director Li did not express his dissatisfaction, but was more anxious and doubtful.

Because today is the 30th year, it should have been a family reunion day. After Liu Li had an accident, did anyone not find abnormalities in the family?

Director Li Jiafu

Maybe I know I did something wrong, maybe because of Director Li’s patient persuasion.

Liu Li gradually revealed the reason why she refused to cooperate. It turned out that she had no history of marriage before and broke up with her ex -boyfriend not long ago, so she was unwilling to pull off her face to call him.

Despite the reason behind it, Liu Li still refused to contact his family, and even did not want to tell his true identity.

To this day, Director Li can only ask the police to help. Since Liu Li does not cooperate with the work in the hospital, the police can only help them find Liu Li’s family.

Liu Li, who was lying on the bed for a long time, heard the police, and shouted immediately: "Don’t call the police, you are not allowed to call the police!"

Seeing this, the nurses on the side relieved her anxiety again.

The time passed quickly, and the doctor’s heart was anxious, and he persuaded in the delivery room again and again.

In this special festival, the medical staff had no intention to spend the festival, and only hoped that Liu Li could cross the difficulties safely.

Fortunately, several police officers rushed to the ward in time. Director Li sighed at them and gave up their position.

At this moment, Liu Li was breathless and couldn’t breathe. Director Li quickly taught her abdominal breathing.

After Liu Li gradually calmed down, she reported a series of numbers under the inquiry of the police, but everyone played the shutdown state opposite.

Subsequently, the police asked his ID number without reluctantly. The police could use the ID number to query the family information of Liu Li’s household registration, but Liu Li, who did not enter the oil and saltEssence

Seeing that Liu Li’s breathing gradually became weaker, he began to be unclear.

Director Li didn’t want to continue arguing with her anymore, and decided to quickly push people into the operating table.

After a while of negotiations with the police, Director Li and the police informed Liu Li herself in the danger during the operation that she signed the name on the surgical consent.

After hearing the surgery, Liu Li, who was about to be unconscious, signed with a trembling right hand and pressed the handprint.

After doing all this, Director Li called the pick -up department and asked the other party to leave a bed. After receiving the affirmation of the other party, he took several doctors and nurses to transfer Liu Li into the operating room.5 hours have passed.

Liu Li had had too much bleeding before, and even if the doctor had always given her blood transfusion, the situation was not much better than before.

Coupled with Liu Li’s dead tires in the body for 5 hours, accidents may happen at any time.

Doctors scrambled out the dead tires.One hour later, Liu Li finally turned to safety, and was forcibly pulled back by the medical staff on the edge of death.

At the moment when he was out of the operating room, Dr. Dong was sweating, and his eyes were full of red blood. He suddenly relaxed like a leaked ball. He tried to cover up the fatigue in his body with a smile.

Of course, the medical staff present knew that he had performed 4 operations this day, and his long -term tightness made his pace stiff.

After changing his clothes, Dr. Dong hurriedly rushed to his wife’s ward and picked up a quilt for her sleeping.

The nurse who saw this scene also stopped the right hand of the pushing the ward and left the An Ning at the moment to the couple.

On the other side, Liu Li, who had not completely disappeared by the effect of anesthetics, seemed so quiet in the ward.

Several night -time nurses came to check her physical condition from time to time. Fortunately, this night passed, and it was not a big deal. The string in everyone’s heart finally relaxed.

Although the surgery was done, Liu Li’s identity was still unveiled.In order to allow her to continue treatment, the hospital specially used the most money -saving way and drugs, and also reduced her medical expenses a lot.

But after the accumulation of accumulation, Liu Li still owed 14,000 yuan for medical expenses. If it owed this way, the hospital would stop the drug.

When Director Li and others were burnt on Liu Li, Liu Li finally chose to open up his heart to Director Li.

According to Liu Li, her parents have been harshly disciplined by her since she was a child, and she scolded her every time, but she was a treasure to her brother as a pearl at home.

This serious differences have made her rebellion extremely serious.

In junior high school, Liu Li was very envious of the youth outside the school. She thought that those people had their own subjective thoughts were not subject to family control, and they were very free compared to her situation.

Under an accidental meeting, Liu Li regarded them as his "role model" and repeatedly showed to the students that he longed for that kind of free life.

The people near Zhuzhi and the ink were black, and Liu Li, who was simple, quickly fled with the other party and lost contact with his parents.

During that time, Liu Li met a boy. Under the strong offensive of her gentle hometown, she only felt that she was in love.

I often walk by the river, how can there be no wet shoes.The boy exposed his nature not long ago.

On a rainy night, Liu Li, who was drunk like mud, had a relationship with the boy. The other party shot her video and strictly control Liu Li in the dilapidated rental house.

Liu Li gritted her teeth every night. I don’t know how long this day has been tolerated. She finally waited for that dream of chance.

Due to an accidental fire in the rental house next door, her boyfriend had to abandon this "base" to transfer elsewhere.

In this way, Liu Li had a chance to go out, and she finally walked under the sun.

When the firefighter was rescued, Liu Li saw the opportunity to break free of restraints, and even climbed the ground to the firefighter.

Seeing this situation, her boyfriend can only give up Liu Li and run away.

Soon, the firefighter got in touch with the police and sent Liu Li home.

When she knocked on the door of her home with expectations, it was a strange woman who opened the door.

Liu Li learned from the other party and neighbors that her boyfriend carved the video into a disc to Liu Li’s parents and her school the day when she violated her.

Liu Li’s parents were not very satisfied with her, and she destroyed her reputation, so after the couple discussed, she resolutely chose to leave Liu Li and move away from here.

After coming out of the house, Liu Li lost his soul, like walking dead, and after she entered the alley to throw away the police, she was out of this area.

While seeking life, he coincided with his current ex -boyfriend and followed each other to settle in Wuhan.

It didn’t take long for her to find that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, the child’s month was longer than the time they knew.

After her ex -boyfriend asked her to give birth to her, the two had a wedding again. In order to keep this hard love, Liu Li chose to lie and confuse the audiovisual in order to seize the life -saving straw.

One lie requires countless lies to circle.By 9 months in her belly, her ex -boyfriend accompanied her to the hospital for a checkup.

Liu Li looked panickedly to the doctor many times, but the doctor chose to tell the truth in order to the safety of the fetus and mother.

The result was naturally terrible, and her boyfriend chose to leave Liu Li.

At this point, Liu Li didn’t talk about her later experience, and she was silent like when she was admitted to the hospital.

Everyone present rushed to regret Liu Li’s tragic encounter, regretting a good girl fell into the abyss.

The medical staff and patients in the hospital spontaneously raised a donation for Liu Li, hoping that she would have a better life after being discharged.

Just as everyone thought that things were developing in a good direction, the medical staff found a very shocking secret!

Last night, a 15 -year -old girl greet Liu Li for a while, and the girl called her "mother" intimately.

If this girl is really Liu Li’s daughter, Liu Li’s 26 -year -old personal information and even what she said may be forged.

Nurses have speculated that Liu Li may not be 26 years old, but 36 years old. After all, which 11 -year -old girl can give birth to children?

Director Li was overwhelmed by this, but he still chose to believe in Liu Li, thinking that she should have some resilience, and believes that what she said is true.

After this day, the eyes of the medical staff looked at Liu Li no longer full of mercy, but instead of knowing which sentence she said was true and which sentence was false.

A few days later, a man who claimed to be Liu Li was here. He had no communication with the medical staff, but just took care of Liu Li silently.

It didn’t take long for Liu Li and the man who claimed to be her husband to disappear together without a trace, and then there were 10,000 yuan in cash.

After the child in Liu Li’s belly was taken out, she was discharged from the hospital after her body recovered and disappeared into the sea of people.

We don’t know if she is happy in the future, and we can only wish her not to have similar events in the future, and not hurt anymore.

This time, from the perspective of the patient, everyone may feel that the hospital’s initial approach seems to be unhappy, but the incident of medical troubles only increases.

How many medical staff who are pregnant with the fire and fire are hurt by these crickets. In order to protect their safety, the law has to be added: laws and regulations that have not signed by their families and cannot surgery.

The doctor is a saint, and we should not let them cold and gradually disappoint.

I do n’t know the whole picture, do not comment.

I couldn’t judge that what Liu Li said was true or false, or the true and false ginseng, and said my initial past.

Do you say Liu Li is wrong?Of course, the mistake is that she does not listen to her parents, and has a heart that is eager for freedom. Is it wrong to yearn for freedom?Not.

His parents also had a big problem. First of all, he was emphasizing the men and women, ignoring the feelings of his daughter. Secondly, the requirements for his daughter were too harsh. Maybe the family starting point is good, but the practice is wrong.

If Liu Li was not born in a family of heavy men, she may now be a new era woman who has been educated in a good education. The family is happy and happy.

Everyone knows that heavy men and women are the feudal thoughts of women who despise women.

Although the current social atmosphere has changed a lot, it is not difficult to see that whether in rural areas or cities, they are full of such stubborn thoughts and proud.

As outsiders, we cannot persuade their families to change their concepts. The only thing that can do is to treat our children and grandchildren and children to maintain a neutral attitude.

Make such incidents more and more reduced. When encountering similar incidents, they will help the girls who are isolated and helpless. Perhaps because of this little goodwill, they may save a good family in one or even three or four.

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