In 18 years, the pregnant mother wolf was trapped in the trap, and the herdsman rescued it. Later

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In 2018, the herdsmen on the grassland rescued a special friend, a pregnant mother wolf.

After careful observation, he found that the mother wolf’s leg seemed to be clamped by the arrested beast, so that she could not move after being injured.

Wang Fu, who could not see animals, chose to help the mother wolf.

Unexpectedly, it was such a good deed that made him turn dangerous and successfully obtained a group of special friends.

In the end, what did this mother wolf bring to Wang Fu?Things have to start with 18 years.

Wang Fu is a herdsman. Their ancestors were grazing for generations, and he was no exception.

Wang Fu has learned about these grazing knowledge with his father since he was 8 years old. Now he has become the pillar of the family, and he has made money for his family by grazing.

One day in 2018, Wang Fu was grazing on the grassland, waving a whip, and a song of the grassland rushed slowly.

But I do n’t know why, at this time, the flocks did not dare to go forward, and the front sheep even wanted to run back.

This made Wang Fu feel very puzzled, and at this moment, he suddenly heard howling, and he was startled.

There is not no danger on the grassland. In fact, it is actually more dangerous and bigger. Like any dogs, wild boars, wild wolves, etc., they are the most scary animals on the grassland. Wang Fu is worried that he has encountered a beast.

I was about to rush home with the flock, but I heard a familiar and unfamiliar howl.

Although this sound knows that it is a beast, it seems very painful, as if it was suffering a huge harm.

This makes Wang Fu a little curious while fear, what is the reason that makes the beast so painful.So with curiosity, he dared to look forward.

It was found that it was how a pregnant mother wolf was howling.The mother wolf was lying on the ground, her expression was very painful, and her body looked a little weak. There was no beast that should have a fierce state.

The reason for all this is because of her left leg, there is a catcher clip.That’s right, this pregnant mother wolf was caught by the arrested beast.

Seeing such a scene, Wang Fu couldn’t help but move his heart.He was kind to see the mother wolf and the little wolf who had not yet been born, and could not help but hold back his thoughts in his heart to save the mother wolf.

So he walked directly towards the mother wolf, trying to let the mother wolf get rid of this damn catcher.

For a strange alien, no one will relax at all at once, not to mention that the mother wolf is still pregnant at this time.

Seeing the arrival of Wang Fu, the mother wolf showed a fierce look, and then howl a few times.

Wang Fu knows that the mother wolf worried that she would hurt her and hurt her child.

But Wang Fu also knew that if she did not help this mother wolf, it was likely that she could not survive today, and she would be swallowed by other past beasts.

So he came to the mother wolf, and then stroked the back of the mother wolf with his hands to get the favor of the mother wolf.

Seeing that Wang Fu did not have any disaster for herself, the mother wolf gradually let go of her vigilance.In this way, Wang Fu’s feelings of the mother wolf began to treat the mother wolf.

He first stretched the catcher under the wolf’s feet with a wooden stick.Then tore a part of his clothes and simply bandage the wound for the mother and wolf.

In this way, the mother wolf recovered, and Wang Fu was ready to leave.Before leaving, Wang Fu also specifically ordered her mother and wolf to let her pay attention to these beast traces in the future and not be caught again.

But what Wang Fu didn’t see was that after he turned and left, the mother wolf was turning and looking at him, and seemed to decide something.

After a few months of time, Wang Fu had forgotten the mother wolf at this time.Now he is grazing and earning the funds of life.

But on this day, when he counted the number of sheep, he found that his sheep seemed to have a few less.

For herdsmen, each sheep is expensive, and it is not a low cost to train herds.A few less in his heart would inevitably hurt.This is equivalent to eating soil for two or three months.

Wang compassion, who is unwilling, counted the flock repeatedly, but each time was the same, sheep really had a few less.

Wang Hung was worried that if he continued to bring the sheep home here, the herd would continue to decrease, so after thinking about it, he decided to rush the sheep’s sheep rim first, and then return to the hillside by himself.Looking for a flock.

But how could the lost sheep come back so easily, and found it for a long time. Wang Hui didn’t even find the root wool.

This made Wang Fu feel discouraged. He speculated that the lost sheep should be arrested and ate directly by other beasts.

After sighing, Wang Fu decided to go home first. Tomorrow to see if you can touch your luck and find one or two lost sheep.

When Wang Hui walked halfway, he suddenly heard the scream of sheep.

Looking back, a few sheep he lost were not far behind him, and he was walking towards himself.Wang Hui hurried to the front of the sheep, and then laughed happily.

But this smile didn’t last long, and he was in fear in a blink of an eye.Because he saw a few pairs of green eyes behind the flock, there were a few pairs of green eyes, it was a group of wolves!

Seeing the king of the wolf group, he was half -hearted. Today, not only the sheep are about to lose, but you may also lose his life because of the wolves.

So Wang Fu rushed back while rushing back, while watching the wolves, he was worried that the wolves would catch up.

But as the wolf closer and closer, Wang Fu found that the leader in the wolf group turned out to be the female wolf that he rescued himself.

The few wolves around him were undoubtedly that the little wolves who were not born at the time in her stomach.

Seeing that the flock of the sheep had returned to Wang Fu’s hands, she howl and leaving her children.

Before leaving, the mother wolf still stared at Wang Mi, seemed to be grateful for his former redemption, and seemed to want to say something to him.

It will soon be the end of one year, winter.At this time, Wang Fu had sold his herd, replaced with sufficient food, and then prepared to spend this cold winter at home.

Friends with memory may remember that the summer in 2018 seems to be much longer than usual.

Wang Fu did not expect that this year’s winter was so long, so that all the food he had reserved was all eaten all of them.

But the snow and snow outside have buried all the entire village, and he couldn’t go out to buy food at all.

At this time, Wang Fu was very difficult. Whether he went out to go out to go to the herders to borrow food, or go to the mountains to hunt in the mountains to obtain wild food.

Other herdsmen are too far away from their own home and their own food is not enough. Then the food prepared by other herders may not be much. It is likely that they are like themselves, and they have finished eating.

Therefore, Wang Fu decided to take on a person and go out to hunt and capture the animals in the mountains to eat.

When he took a shotgun and was going to leave home to hunt in the mountains, he suddenly saw a few huge shadows not far away, and he leaned towards his home.

This made him very scared. He was worried that there was a big black bear outside, trying to seduce himself out, and then eat himself.

Wang Fu locked the door directly, then hid at home, and even climbed the window to see the outside situation.

Immediately after he heard the sound of the sharp claws scratching the door outside, it sounded very stunned.Wang Fu warned his family that he would never make any sound, otherwise the family may be finished.

But the sound of the scratching door did not last long, and after a few minutes, it ended completely.At this time, Wang Fu decided to see what happened outside for the sake of safety.And when he opened the door, he was stunned.

Not only did the big black bear or the footprints of the black bears expected outside the door, but a few scripts that had been killed and wolf.

Wang Fu knew after a while, it must be the food sent by the mother wolf.They knew that they were likely not to prepare enough food, so they sent these rabbits specifically.

Sure enough, at the neck of the rabbit, there was a row of wolf’s tooth marks.Later, every two or three days, Wang Fu’s home would hear the sound of abnormal scratching doors, and every time Wang Fu opened the door, he also saw several killed wild rabbits.

It was relying on these wild rabbits that Wang Hui’s family successfully spent this cold winter.

But Fu Wushuang was not alone, and soon the Wang Jin family encountered trouble again.Because the rain in the next year was not good, the places of grazing were not lush.

This also made him have no way. He could only take his own herd to go to the deeper grassland to find more forage.

With the deepening of Wang mercy, the danger was quietly struck.

A big black bear saw Wang Jin’s sheep, which made the big black bear, who was already hungry in winter, that maybe it can be full today.

So he ran directly towards Wang Fu, and wanted to swallow Wang Fu as the food in his belly.

Wang Fu was very scared to see the arrival of the black bear.However, in the face of the black bear, he didn’t have much way to hide in a shrub. He used the dense of shrubs and limited the speed of the black bear to fight for himself.

After the black bear saw Wang mercy entering the bush, he chose to solve all the slap of the sheep first, and then slowly arrested Wang Fu.

Wang Fu looked at his sheep and was shot one by one. He felt very dull in his heart. Today, you may really explain here.Looking at the black bear step by step, Wang Fu closed his eyes and was ready to die.

At this moment, Wang Fu suddenly heard a wolf howl, and then the mother wolf surrounded the black bear group with six little wolves.

Although the black bear is powerful, he can’t hold the wolf.In the end, he could only run away, so Wang Fu was rescued by the mother wolf and her children again.

The mother wolf stared at Wang Hui’s eyes with both eyes, and Wang Fu also understood.

In this way, after the mother wolf rescued Wang Fu again, Wang Fu began to be familiar with the mother wolf.After that, the mother wolf will often come to Wang Fu’s house and find Wang Fu to play.

And every time Wang Fu will prepare the food before the mother wolf is coming, give it to the mother wolf to eat.

One day, Wang Fu was prepared to throw raw meat as usual as usual.But this time the mother wolf faced food but did not swallow it directly as before, or brought home to her children.

Instead, I ignored this piece of food at all, biting Wang Fu’s trouser legs, and then dragging in one direction.

Wang Fu crouched down, soothed his mother wolf, and stroked his mother’s back.But the mother wolf still didn’t stop, and even the movement was even more intense.

This made Wang Fu feel a little wrong, so he asked his mother and wolf, did he ask him for help?

The mother wolf stopped, and then watched Wang Jin with tears.Seeing this, Wang Fu knew that the mother wolf must encounter any difficulties and need himself, so he directly greeted the mother wolf to lead the way.

In this way, the mother wolf brought Wang mercy to a bush. On the other side of the bush, it was a trap of a hunter. In the trap, a little wolf was in it, and from time to time, it also made a sorrow.

Wang Fu knew that this was the child’s child, and he accidentally fell into this trap.So he immediately returned to his home, moved to the ladder, and rescued the wolf.

Seeing the child’s successful rescue, the mother wolf also howl.Then he kept revealing his gratitude to Wang Fu.

After that, Wang Fu encountered this situation again in order to prevent the mother wolf and her children.Choose the trap of those hunters and teach them all so that they will not fall into these traps anymore.

Fortunately, the mother wolf’s ability to understand is also very powerful. In just ten days, the identification of all traps was roughly learned.

Watching their children studying the identification of traps, and looking at Wang Mi, who was teaching the little wolves to identify the traps, the mother wolf’s eyes were excited, but there seemed to have a trace of reluctant feelings.

After a while, the wolves have gradually grown up, and it can be said that they have the ability to protect themselves.At this time, the wolf mother also decided to decide one thing. She took her child to Wang Fu’s ranch, and then howl.

Wang Hui had a expectation. He knew that the mother wolf was going to take a new place to take risks.

So he lowered his body and stroked his mother wolf and said: "Be careful outside, pay attention not to step on the trap. If you do n’t work, come back, I’ m enough meat tube here. ”

Soon after Wang Fu spoke, the mother wolf took her child and ran into the distance.Wang Fu looked at the far wolf group, showing a gratifying smile, the little wolves grew up, but they were leaving.

Then he turned around and walked towards the direction of home.What he didn’t know was that on the hillside in the distance, the mother wolf was looking back at Wang Mi, reluctant and determined, and revealing it in his eyes.

Protecting animals is not just compassion for animals, but not just promises in words, but more, to give action, even like Wang Mi, to help these dangerous animals.

Maybe you can also harvest a special friendship like Wang Fu, and this is also a retreat that you can get when you are in danger.

Perhaps the mother wolf has leaving Wang Fu with her children, but we always believe that one day in the future, they will eventually meet again.

Then continue to write, the friendship between them and the wolf.


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