In 2009, the woman was 8 months pregnant, the fetus in the uterus disappeared, and the cesarean section surgery scared the doctor

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In 2009, when a 37 -year -old mother in Qinling, Shaanxi was 8 months pregnant, she went to the hospital for a birth check. As a result, the doctor found that the fetus in the women’s uterus was gone!

How is this going?

The rare magic story in this world starts from 1998.

In 1998, in a small mountain village in Qinling, Shaanxi, there was a pair of poor and loving newlywed couples.

After Xue Shijia and Zhao Fengqin received their certificates, they started to ask for a child.

At that time, although the living conditions in the small mountain village were poor, each household was very poor, but everyone was an idea. Most children were good things.

Therefore, it is also a big event in the hearts of the young couple.

It would be a good thing to turn the sweet two -person world into a happy three -person home.

But the heavens are wished, and sometimes when you want to achieve a purpose quickly, or if you want a thing, it seems like being blocked by the heavenly, and everything is not smooth.

Three years have passed, but Zhao Fengqin’s stomach has not moved at all, but this is urgent to break the little couple.

The awareness of hygiene in Koyama Village is not strong. Regarding things like children, they did not want to go to the hospital for examination.

Every time you go to the door and go to the town, not only will it take time and effort, but also cost money, and every penny at home needs to be considered.

Over time, the couple often mixed up because of such things, and even the "long tongue women" in the village were behind them.

Isn’t the man in the Xue family?This Xue family’s daughter -in -law is "not egg" and so on. All kinds of unpleasant rumors have passed to the Xue family.

And because of her pregnancy, Zhao Fengqin not only started to inferiority, but even began to doubt whether she was unable to get pregnant. She often wiped tears secretly.

There are no children for three years, not only Zhao Fengqin is so anxious, but even Xue Shijia has been criticized. It feels that no son and a half daughter can’t raise their heads in the village.

Finally, they made up their minds and planned to go to the large hospital in the city to check to see what they were young and strong, what was the reason.

The husband and wife experienced hardships, and finally came to the hospital to check up the body, but the results given by the doctor made the little couple look like a thunderbolt on a sunny day!

After the two were checked, the doctor said that Zhao Fengqin was unreasonable for congenital fallopian tubes, and he might not be able to conceive his child for a lifetime.

Like Zhao Fengqin, it is still more serious, so the chance of pregnancy is even smaller.

As soon as the doctor’s words fell, Zhao Fengqin’s tears "唰" flowed out, sitting in a chair and crying.

She is only 26 years old. Can I not do her mother in this life?

The doctor’s words directly sentenced the young couple to the "death penalty", which made this hopeful family directly fall into despair.

Zhao Fengqin cried and asked the doctor if there was any way. At that time, the medical conditions at the time were not very developed. Doctors could only suggest that they went to the province’s hospital to ask again.

But where are the money in their family, go to a better hospital for examination.

The two were silent all the way, and they were deadly back home, and they did not eat dinner.

Xue Shijia’s home

Three months later, Xue Shijia told his wife a thought he wanted to think.

He wanted to support a child, bringing some hope to the family, and his wife gladly agreed.

Although not her pregnancy is not her fault, she has not reduced her wish to be a mother.

As a result, this poor family ushered in a cute little girl.

The arrival of the little girl has made the couple’s pressure and responsibility even greater, but more of them are laughing and sweet life.

Just when the life of a small family returned to the right track, the couple had a lot of women, but Zhao Fengqin had an accident.

One day in 2009, when Zhao Fengqin was preparing to cook at home as usual, her abdomen suddenly had a sudden pain.

"Pain … hurt me …"

Zhao Fengqin didn’t know what happened. She didn’t eat bad stomachs or sick. Why did she suddenly hurt her abdomen?

Douda’s sweat beads flowed down from her pale face. She rolled on the ground with a painful stomach with her stomach. Xue Shijia, who had been done after the farmer, saw that he threw away the hoe in his hand and hurried to his wifeBefore you.

Looking at his wife’s weakness and pain, Xue Shijia hurriedly took his wife to the village doctor nearby. After taking painkillers, Zhao Fengqin gradually became better.

She hadn’t had such a situation before, and she didn’t hurt as if she was hit. However, after taking the medicine, she didn’t put it on her body.

There are so coquettish people in rural people, a little painful and small diseases, and spending money, she thinks about taking some medicine.

What made her unexpected was that taking medicine even started to use it. For more than a month, Zhao Fengqin’s abdominal pain was getting stronger and stronger, and there was no room for reducing.

What’s more serious, Zhao Fengqin began to be nausea and vomiting, appetite began to decline, his body still felt heavy, and he was a bit drowsiness.

Zhao Fengqin no longer dares to think of a uncomfortable feeling as a trivial matter. She said to her husband:

"I suspect that I have a terminally ill, how do I feel more and more serious?"

Xue Shijia had heard his wife, and she reprimanded her on the spot that she was not allowed to think about it.

After the child went to school the next day, he took his wife to the hospital for examination. This time, the two of them were still uneasy.

Every time they go to the hospital, they are worried that doctors are like a message that makes them desperate like 11 years ago.

After the examination this time, the doctor said to them with the result:

"Congratulations, you are going to be a mother, you have been pregnant for more than a month!"

Zhao Fengqin and Xue Shijia, who heard this sentence, were all stunned. Zhao Fengqin was already determined that he could not get pregnant. Why did you get pregnant again?

Moreover, Zhao Fengqin is 37 years old. Now pregnancy is also an elderly mother, and then there must be more carelessness to give birth to children.

However, this sudden joy made the couple cry on the spot. For so many years, although there is already a lively and lovely daughter around, they still want a child with their blood relationship.

They asked the doctor again if they were wrong. The doctor looked at the report and was very sure that they told them that Zhao Fengqin was pregnant.

The two who were shocked and surprised to thank the doctor many times, and left the hospital with joy.

Back to the small home in the mountain village, Xue Shijia wrapped himself on himself in order to take care of his wife.

During the day, he had been working on a nearby construction site to make money. When he came back at night, he not only had to cook, wash clothes at home, but also take care of his daughter.

However, he feels worthy of being tired and bitter, because their long -cherished wish has finally realized.

The happy day lasted for more than 5 months, and the fetus in Zhao Fengqin’s belly had an accident.

Although Zhao Fengqin and Xue Shijia have not been very wealthy, the couple diligently held their family. For many years, they have raised a little girl, and they have saved a little money.

After Zhao Fengqin was pregnant, Xue Shijia changed his tricks to make good food for Zhao Fengqin. They also did a checkup for a while.

After a few months, Zhao Fengqin suddenly felt abdominal pain. It was like it was almost when she was pregnant. This time, she did not dare to care about the fetus in the abdomen. She hurried to the hospital for examination.

But the unexpected things that were unexpected happened. She was a pregnant woman who became larger. After the examination, the doctor even told her that there was no fetus in the uterus!

How can this be?

When you check it before, you can see the child, and the child’s heartbeat can be checked. Why is it now?

Zhao Fengqin was like to put on a new cotton jacket in the winter. When he was walking towards the spring in the ice and snow, he suddenly stepped into the sky and fell into the ice cave.

At this time, even the experienced doctors also had questions, why did the child disappear?

It may also be that the hospital is not large, the equipment is relatively old, and it is unknown if there is a problem.

Therefore, the doctor carefully suggested that the two of them went to the large hospital in the provincial capital to check it out.

Maybe Zhao Fengqin’s physique is special?

However, the couple never believed in the doctor’s words. They heard that they were even more difficult to hear the provincial hospitals. Where can there be so much money to go to that large hospital for examination.

So, the two returned to the house with the results of the inspection, planned to go to the hospital for a period of time.

They were scared. If they found out any three long or two shorts, they would really can’t bear this blow.

This matter was naturally delayed, and it was precisely because of this hesitation that it almost happened.

In the next two months, Zhao Fengqin can still feel that the fetus sometimes kicks her and sometimes moves.

That is to say, the child must still be in her stomach, staying in the uterus.

When Zhao Fengqin was eight months pregnant, he started abdominal pain again, and this time the pain was even more tragic.

Worried about the fetus in the stomach, Xue Shijia did not hesitate this time, and hurriedly took someone else’s car to go to a large hospital for examination.

However, Fu Wushuang was not alone. It was an urgent moment that they encountered a car accident on the road. Xue Shijia’s eyes quickly protected his wife.

However, due to the impact, Zhao Fengqin’s head and calf were injured to varying degrees.

Zhao Fengqin had too late to feel her pain. Her two arms quickly protected her belly in an instant. Fortunately, the child was not hurt.

This is how the mother is doing this. In danger, the subconscious instinct is to protect her child’s comprehensiveness, the greatness of motherly love is like the clouds on the top of the mountain, and the depth of the sea.

After Zhao Fengqin was rushed to the hospital, the doctor immediately rescued the pregnant woman.

What everyone couldn’t think of is that the fetus in the abdomen could not hear the fetal heart, and the child "disappeared out of thin air"!

When the doctor checked the pregnant woman, they couldn’t hear the fetal heart of the fetus anyway, and everyone at the scene felt very incredible.

They suggested that Zhao Fengqin immediately moved to the hospital and hurried to a better hospital for examination.

Without the slightest delay, Zhao Fengqin was sent to the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital for inspection.

After the doctor’s close examination again, they finally heard a weak fetal heart in the pregnant woman’s belly.

But at the same time, due to impact and frightening, the heartbeat of the fetus has weakened, and it is found that the amniotic fluid in the uterus is constantly decreasing, and the child has experienced hypoxia symptoms.

After the emergency discussion of doctors, various departments were preparing to wait for a cesarean section for pregnant women.

If you delay it again, not only the children may not be able to survive, but even beating people will be very dangerous.

At 2 pm on December 31, 2009, Zhao Fengqin was promoted to the operating room after the doctors in charge of doctors in various departments.

The information and physical conditions of pregnant women have long been in mind, and the surgery preparation begins. In addition to some trauma, the pregnant woman started to the situation.

Outside the operating room, Xue Shijia was waiting anxiously. On the one hand, she was worried about the safety of his wife and children, and on the other hand, it was a little excited.

But when the doctors were ready, they opened Zhao Fengqin’s belly, and when they went to the uterus to find children, they were shocked!

Not to mention children, even the uterus can not be found. After opening, the doctor can’t see where the uterus is.

This situation is really rare. If they were not seen by themselves, they would not believe it.

However, an experienced doctor immediately speculated: Will the patient be a twin?

This can also explain why the uterus was found, but the reason why the child could not be found.

But the fact was rejected by them soon, because Zhao Fengqin was a uterus and a small uterus, and there were no children inside.

This is strange. A woman is eight months pregnant, and the fetus in the belly will "disappear out of thin air", which is shocking.

Everyone is dumbfounded. Even if they are particularly rich in clinical experience, this situation also makes them look at each other and at a loss.

The doctoral doctor felt wrong, so he continued to touch Zhao Fengqin’s stomach, and wanted to find where the child was?

This time, in a place where she felt a thin film in her belly, she touched the child’s limbs.

The child is not in the uterus. How did the children grow in the uterus grow?

Too late to think about it, the doctor quickly judged that Zhao Fengqin was likely to be an abdominal pregnancy.

The abdominal pregnancy is not a normal pregnancy, the fetus does not grow in the uterus, but in the abdominal cavity outside the uterus.

The meaning of the representative of the abdominal cavity is basically death. The probability of this kind of thing is only 15,000 in this kind of thing, and the survival rate of children who are pregnant in this way is as low as 13 million in the survival rate.

Therefore, they encountered a century problem, and they had never seen baby pregnant in the abdominal cavity that could live for 35 weeks, because there were only 100 cases of survival of ectopic pregnancy around the world.

It is a rare case. All doctors are stunned when they watch this situation. They have to save their children and adults wholeheartedly.

But as soon as the operation started again, they encountered a more dangerous situation.

The doctors of the Sword I feel that the back of his back is soaked by sweat. Each step of his next step may be related to the safety of the life of pregnant women and children.

At this time, the door of the operating room opened, and a doctor came out. Xue Shijia thought that the result was out, and immediately surrounded.

What he didn’t expect was that he didn’t wait for his wife and the child to come out safely, but it was a notice of illness.

Xue Shijia’s eyes became red instantly. He knew that his wife must be in a dangerous moment, holding a pen in his hand, and tremblingly signed his name.

Every minute later, he felt like a year of life and was very worried.

The surgery inside continued, three hours have passed, and the fetus has not been born.

Children breed outside the palace have a very high chance of suffocation and death at birth, and the state of pregnant women is not good. If you are not careful, you may cause a dead body.

Therefore, the doctors have entered a highly tense state. While carefully exploring, they were cautiously opened their mouths.

The surgery was slowly performed, and the maternity suddenly occurred. The doctor immediately poured spare plasma, and the fastest speed was notified to adjust a lot of blood.

Because of the special nature of the patient, the hospital opened a green blood channel for the patient, but the situation on the operating table was still not optimistic.

With a little bit of exploration and hard work, a loud cry made everyone’s heart relieved, and the child was finally born!

This miraculous child broke the probability of one -13 million, and was born in this world with a weight and health of 5 pounds and 8 pounds.

However, the "battle" on this operating table was not over. Various things such as the placenta in Zhao Fengqin have not been clearly cleaned up. Due to the particularity of physical fitness, can she be able to leave the operating table safely, it is still unknown.

The most terrible thing is that the amount of bleeding from Zhao Fengqin has reached 2500 ml, and her bloody body blood is 4000 ml.

Doctors kept giving her blood transfusion, and everyone was treating her mother -in -law. Finally, at 8 o’clock in the evening, the operation was over!

Zhao Fengqin also lived safely. This operation was simply a milestone breakthrough, which was no less than a real battle.

When Xue Shijia saw his wife and the child pushed out, when the mother and child were safe, the big rock in his heart finally landed, and he sighed and laughed.

The experience of a ghost gate has made Zhao Fengqin cherish life even more and love his two children.

Their husband and wife are very grateful to the hospital. It is the superb medical skills of the doctors and devoted themselves to her and her baby.

We also have to feel that life is a miracle. We lament how great life is and can be clearly felt. How long a life is to survive.

Even if it is the probability of tens ofths, we must fight for it. When these great white angels stand on the operating table, they are "God".

If they do not have a full -hearted investment, no accurate judgment and superb medical skills, there will be more life and death in the world.

Save death is their duty and their responsibilities, because they understand more than all beings. Time is life, and more time can happen more miracles.

This great and sacred career, at the expense of hard work, heat up in his own field, rescue countless dying lives, bring more hope of family, and worthy of our tribute.

In the end, I hope that everyone will not be like the Zhao Fengqin couple. When the condition is simple, it will be severe, and it may eventually cause a big disaster.

All the expectant mothers who are pregnant, for the health of themselves and their babies, are essential for delivery on time.

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