In 2009, young nurses married high -level paraplegia soldiers and gave birth to children soon.

Some people say that marriage that is not blessed by parents will not be happy, and the marriage that is not blessed by the parents of both parties is destined to be deep.

There is such a pair of lovers, the girl is young and beautiful, and is a college student who has just graduated from the Medical University; the boy is a PLA soldier who is injured in an execution task, causing a crushing fracture of the cervical spine and causing high paraplegia. He has been lying in the hospital for 3 years.

The girl fell in love with him in the process of nursing the boy and insisted on marry him.

However, not only did both parents disagree, but even the boy did not agree.

Woman parents: We can’t watch you jump into the fire pit!

Men’s parents: Silly daughter, my son can’t take care of himself, he can’t do his husband’s obligation. We can’t hurt you!

Boy: You are a gentle, kind and beautiful girl, but my body can’t give you happiness, I am ashamed, I can’t match you!

But girls fight for their love in a decisive way: when his lifelong nurse, the mind is dependent on the road to this life!

They finally wore worldly resistance, eliminated difficulties, and unswervingly together.

Today, 20 years have passed that year from the year they met. Are they okay?

Zhang Xiotao was born in Zhao County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei in 1982. She has two sisters and admitted to Hebei Medical University at the age of 18.

On August 1, 2002, she came to the Hospital of Luquan City, Hebei.The doctor in charge pointed to a young soldier on the bed, and said: His name is Zhu Guangjin, and the fracture fracture of the 5th, 6th, and 7th vertebrae in the execution task has been lying on the bed for three years.Give you it.

Zhu Guangjin was born on the bank of Poyang Lake in 1978. His mother worked at home, and his father was a doctor in a health hospital in the town.

In 1996, Zhu Guang, who was 18 -year -old, graduated from high school. With infinite worship of soldiers, he successfully put on the dream of military uniforms.Because he performed well in the army, he served as a document in the company before paraplegia, and was also an outstanding soldier cultivated by the army leaders.

However, there are unexpected winds, and people are blessed.In 1999, he was seriously injured during an execution of the task, and was judged by the doctor to be accompanied by a wheelchair forever.

Life was originally flourishing and infinitely expected, but was ruthlessly destroyed by this sudden disaster.

He was caught in the pain of no longer.Lying negatively on the bed, often staring at the ceiling with both eyes, and even lost the courage to survive.

That morning, Zhu Guangjin was still lying on the hospital bed with a ray of sunlight pushing the door to enter the ward with a young and green girl.

He was inexplicably a little restrained, afraid that the odor on his body smoked to the new doctor and girl, so he clumored the urine bag hanging around his waist and hid behind him.Fighting against fate.

Prior to this, the doctor in charge had introduced Zhu Guangjin to Zhang Xiotao. For the first time, she encountered such a special patient. She felt a heavy pressure in her heart.

When she cared for Zhu Guangjin, she didn’t expect the situation to be so serious.

At this time, she was still a innocent girl and did not have a boyfriend. When she carefully unveiled the gauze at Zhu Guang’s into the catheter socket, although she was exercising the sacred mission, she was still flushed.

After Zhu Guang’s spinal cord was damaged, the limbs below the chest lost consciousness, and the stool could not control itself.After the doctor performed the abdominal bladder fistula surgery, inflammation at the crowd of the urethra of the restriction.Zhu Guangjin ignored Zhang Xiotao at the beginning, but when he changed gauze, he couldn’t help but be nervous and urged.

In order to relax Zhu Guang into, when she washed the bladder, she said with a child innocence: listen, the sound of life flow!

Zhu Guangjin glanced at her irritably: I am going to die, and I am happy to take me!

Seeing that he finally spoke, Zhang Xiutao had already heard that the doctor in charge said that he was emotional, so he inspired him: I worshiped the soldiers since I was a child, thinking that they were men who were standing in the sky, but I didn’t expect you to be so cowardly!

Who knew that her words had just fallen, and the man with a gloomy face all day cried sadly.This fierce cry made Zhang Xiotao helpless, secretly telling himself that he must speak with caution next time.

Although Zhang Xiutao cares carefully and carefully, Zhu Guangjin, one day two months later, found that Zhu Guang had two bedsores on his ass. After finishing the treatment, he reflected the situation to the attending doctor, but he had a meal.Catch, said she did not do my best.

The next day, Zhu Guangjin, who was usually indifferent, saw Zhang Xiotao, who had treated him with redness and swelling, and asked her what happened, and was crying.

This gently greeting made Zhang Xiotao unable to help her eyes red again, and she really grieved.

Non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect?

In fact, Zhang Xiutao’s meticulous care has moved Zhu Guang into his heart.The reason why it was frosty was because he was pessimistic that he accumulated for a few years and could not be relieved.

He said:

Blame, I did n’t cooperate with the bedsores that were born with you. In the future, I try to keep 360 degrees rolled over.

Zhu Guangjin’s understanding of the understanding made Zhang Xiotao laugh, but she knew that she wanted to turn around 360 degrees, which was easy to get back to ordinary people.

However, Zhu Guangjin said that, after that, he began to gradually open the pessimistic door. In order to flip the upper body that was not convenient, he was often sweaty, and then dragged heavily in the heavy lower limbs like twisting twist flowers.After doing it, I was exhausted.

Zhang Xiutao encouraged him to challenge himself and strengthen his physical exercise. Maybe one day he will recover …

One day, Zhang Xiotao finished cutting the nails for Zhu Guang, and he suddenly asked: Why are you so good to me?Zhang Xiutao stunned, but immediately blurted out: You are injured for the country, and people like you deserve to be good to you!

Zhu Guang laughed, and for the first time on his face, a brilliant smile.

Under Zhang Xiotao’s careful care, Zhu Guangjin’s mood became better every day, and began to carefully cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. The condition was also controlled and gradually improved.

Gradually, from the beginning to Zhang Xiutao Leng Ruosuo frost, then slowly started talking to her family, saying that she was in the army and memories of her hometown.

Two people became speechless, as if they were friends.

In early 2003, the "SARS" broke out, and Zhang Xiotao had to end the internship in the hospital in advance on April 28.

On the day of leaving the hospital, she came to the ward to say goodbye to Zhu Guang: "I am not by your side. If you have to listen to doctors and nurse, you should cooperate with treatment and let your comrades push you to the sun to bask in the sun, otherwise your muscles will shrink, or your muscles will shrink.After a while, let me see you again. "

Because she was with a mask and nurse hat, Zhu Guang couldn’t see her expression clearly.

The moment she turned out, she couldn’t help her face.She knew that she had deep concern about the young soldiers in the sick bed.

One month later, she was really relieved, because she was full of Zhu Guangjin in her heart, and she heard that Zhu Guangjin’s emotions became unstable after leaving, and sometimes even refused to take medicine and injections, and her condition began to deteriorate.After consulting, experts have initially concluded that his life will not exceed 5 years.After hearing this news, she could not fly back to Zhu Guang into Zhu Guangjin, so she came to Luquan to visit again.

But during the "SARS" period, the army hospital was strictly guarding the death, and outsiders could not enter at all.She stood at the door, and when she saw someone, she asked for help to let the letter to Zhu Guangjin.It wasn’t until the evening that I saw a wife He Sister He who had known his comrades -in -arms before. With the help of Sister He, at the south gate of the hospital, through the tight iron fence, she and Zhu Guang, who were sitting in a wheelchair, clenched her hands tightly with her hands tightly.Hunt

Just a month, as if after a century, she eagerly asked about this …

When she left, she waved her hand reluctantly, but her tears spilled out.Because she saw Zhu Guang’s reluctant gaze, her heart was broken. Her pity his misfortune, appreciated his strength, and like his innocent childishness!

Because he was really reluctant to Zhu Guangjin, Zhang Xiotao found a job in Luquan.On the first day of work, I wrote a letter to let Sister He bring Zhu Guangjin.But Zhu Guangjin did not make any response, because he knew that he was like a "plant", and he was not equipped with love!

In his heart, Zhang Xiutao is so beautiful, kind, and considerate. He already has a heartbeat, but he can face the residual body.

After learning about his attitude, Zhang Xiutao wrote and said:

Plants also have love. There is a small town called Banzhang in the Kagarian noodles of Alberta, Canada. More than ten years ago, people were transplanted to the highway when they built a highway.Both sides.For a long time, their branches and leaves have crossed more than 30 meters wide highways. They hug each other tightly in the clouds. As long as there is love, everything is possible!

However, Zhu Guangjin’s response was still cold.

At the end of 2003, at the request of the family, Zhu Guangjin applied to the army to return to his hometown for recuperation. For him, this was also the only way to escape Zhang Xiotao.Zhu Guangjin and Zhu’s euphemistically refused.

Zhu Mu said, "You have this heart, our family is grateful! It’s a blessing to meet you in the past!"

When the train to Poyang slowly started, Zhang Xiutao burst into tears, crying, and chasing the train far and far …

Zhang Xiutao had to return to his hometown in Hebei. He was a nurse in a hospital in Shijiazhuang. She found that she couldn’t forget Zhu Guangjin, so she contacted Zhu Guangjin and started to pass the book of Hongyan.

After turning back to his hometown, Zhu Guangjin repeated the boring life lying on the bed every day, and the boring life sitting on the wheelchair, which brought a heavy burden on the elderly parents. His mood fell again, and even lost confidence in life.

Zhang Xiutao’s unknown Hongyan’s love finally moved Zhu Guangjin, and he accepted the relationship.After more than a year, they had more than 200 letters, and a letter was as long as a dozen pages of paper.

One day at the end of October 2004, her sister who had been taking care of Zhu Guangjin had been very inconvenient to act because of its delivery.Coupled with Zhu Guang’s inflammation, the pain was unbearable.He showed pessimism in the letter: looking at my sister’s big belly, I really couldn’t bear to let her take care of me.Dead …

The status quo of Zhu Guangjin made Zhang Xiotao’s heart a group. She learned that she was most likely to cause hypopopphia or urinary tract infections, and then reverse the kidney function.According to statistics, urinary system dysfunction is the primary cause of advanced death of patients with paraplegia at home and abroad.She was even more worried about Zhu Guangjin couldn’t think of doing stupid things.

In November 2004, Zhang Xiutao could no longer restrain his worry and thoughts about Zhu Guangjin. Regardless of the persuasion of his family and relatives, he resolutely gave up his hometown work. After many transfers, he inquired and finally found Zhu Guangjin, far away from thousands of miles away.Essence

After a long time, they reunited, and the two hugged each other tightly, and the people present were all moved.Zhu Guangjin said with tears: You are really here, just like dreaming …

In fact, when Zhang Xiutao stepped on the train from Jiangxi, she had secretly determined: No, on the bank of the beautiful Poyang Lake, when his lifelong nurse, he always sullen!

The next morning, Zhang Xiutao pushed Zhu Guang in the wheelchair to the Changhe embankment of the Puyang Water system beside the village.Listening to Zhu Guangjin’s introduction, watching the birds on the river playing, she couldn’t help but say: I really don’t want to leave.

However, Zhu Guangjin’s mother saw her thoughts. This kind old lady was red -eyed to persuade her: silly girl, our family could not match you, he was a paralyzed, he didn’t expect to get married and have children in this life, youA yellow flower girlfriend lives in my house and will break the reputation, know, hurry home, don’t worry your parents!

Zhang Xiutao cried, she simply said frankly: I did n’t plan to go back this time. I like to go back and be inseparable from him. If you drive me away, I will rent a house in the town.Intersection

Mother Zhu also burst into tears and said: It ’s not that we are rushing to you, we ca n’t work, we ca n’t take care of ourselves, we ca n’t do our husband’ s obligations. We cannot harm you for a lifetime!

Zhang Xiutao begged: Auntie, you let me stay, I don’t care, our heart will always be together, don’t care about the defects of the body …

In the end, the father and Zhu of Zhu were soft and promised that the kind girl stayed.

After that, she took special care of Zhu Guangjin every day: help him dress, feed, morning exercises, make full body massage, wash the bladder, etc.

But for a young and weak girl, it is difficult to take care of a severe disabled patient who is paralyzed in the lower body and cannot take care of himself at all.

Every morning, Zhang Xiotao took 75 kg of light into the bed to the wheelchair, and he hugged him from the wheelchair to the bed at night.

One night, when Zhang Xiutao put Zhu Guang into bed, he accidentally fell to the ground, and Zhu Guangjin pressed on her heavily, making her fracture with one hand.At that time, it was 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, and there were no other people in the family. Zhang Xiutao held up the pain, slowly put Zhu Guang in a little bit, and took him more than half an hour to hold him on the bed.In order to avoid similar things happening again, Zhang Xiutao bought the tensilers, insisted on exercising every day, and gradually, and gradually hugged Zhu Guangjin and took it out.

But Zhang Xiutao had no regrets about this. She said to Zhu Guangjin’s family: "I love him, and take care of him for a lifetime. No matter how long the future is, I will be with him.abandoned."

Zhu Guangjin’s mother is particularly kind. She reminded Zhang Xiotao: You have been here for more than two months, do your parents know about you two?

Speaking of her parents is the hidden pain in her heart.

She once revealed her choice to her parents. Her mother cried and persuaded her to give up. She cried with her mother. Her father had a strong high blood pressure recurrence into the hospital.

But even so, she still couldn’t stop her firm choice.

After coming to Jiangxi, she made several requests to marry Zhu Guangjin several times. Zhu Guangjin rejected it again and again: you have no freedom after getting married. One day you want to leave, you can go at any time.A widow’s name …

These touching words, he even determined Zhang Xiutao’s determination to not marry him.

In order to better care for Zhu Guangjin, Zhang Xiutao visited the well -known local Chinese and western medicine experts, and combined with books to learn Chinese medicine diagnosis, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, etc.

Under her careful care, the flexibility of light enters the upper limbs has greatly improved.

In July 2006, Zhang Xiutao successfully obtained the qualification certificate of a practicing assistant physician, and was later hired as a physician by a hospital in Poyang County.

Faith will move mountains to open.

In 2009, with the persuasion of friends and relatives, Zhu Guangjin finally promised to marry Zhang Xiotao.

The Zhu family took out all the savings to build a three -story building for the two in Poyang Town, and held a warm wedding for the two on New Year’s Day in 2009.

Zhang Xiutao’s parents saw that her daughter was not very hard -working. For so many years, they were wholeheartedly devoted to Zhu Guangjin, which was greatly moved, and tears sent their blessings for their true love.

Later, Zhu Guangjin said with tears in an interview with reporters: Over the years, although I have no healthy body, Xiotao gave me a complete love.

Zhang Xiutao said: Guangjin is the hero in my heart. He was injured for national defense. He was so cute like him. He didn’t love him. Who else was worthy of my love.

True love, let the sun drive away the darkness and let the death slow down.

Maybe Zhang Xiutao’s kindness and persistence moved the sky.With the careful care and encouragement of Zhang Xiutao, Zhu Guangjin faced the sickness optimistically. He was predicted that he could not live for 5 years. He had a miraculous body recovered, and he could even use an electric wheelchair to move out of the house.

After becoming a beloved man’s wife, Zhang Xiotao was more eager to become a mother.

Zhu Guangjin was paraplegia due to cervical fractures with spinal cord cone and ponytail nerve injury.

The initial rescue western medicine surgery only restored the diameter of the spinal canal, avoiding the spinal cord nerve again, but cannot restore nerve function.Zhang Xiutao has been inquired on the Internet that many hospitals in China have adopted spinal nerve repair at present. The surgical costs can cost hundreds of thousands of yuan, and they can only look at the foreign sigh.

Fortunately, after her careful care, Zhu Guangjin’s damaged nerves not only did not occur in secondary ischemia and deformation, but also had a slight consciousness in both feet. It was completely hopeful to stand up!

She learned about medicine. She knows that the physiological function of the human body is the ponytail nerve. If it is constantly stimulated by physics and drugs, it may help her husband to find men’s dignity.

In this emotion, there is tears in the sky!

Under the treatment of Zhang Xiutao’s perseverance of her husband acupuncture massage, feet laser, and Chinese and western medicine internal and external clothes, the husband and wife finally met.

Zhang Xiutao was pregnant in May 2010.

On January 12, 2011, she gave birth to a cute daughter.

The arrival of her daughter added too much happiness to this family, so that Zhang Xiotao felt the happiness of her mother, and also gave Zhu Guangjin more confidence and pride.

Zhang Xiutao should not have any rewards, unsatisfactory, and unwavering love to her husband, and blowing the thriving land like the spring breeze.

In February 2012, Zhang Xiutao was named the model of the national support for the national army, and was accepted by the former president and leader in the Beijing Great Hall of the People.

At the report of the Jiangxi Provincial Military Region, she told the soldiers about her "plant love" with Zhu Guangjin. The soldiers present were all moved to tears. Netizens praised her as the most beautiful military among China.

In 2014, the movie "The Love of Taozi" based on Zhang Xiutao was also released across the country.

In April 2015, she was on the "China Good Man List".

He also won glorious titles such as "National March Eight Red Banner Starts" and "Outstanding Communist Party Member of Jiangxi Province".

On November 20, 2020, the Zhang Xiutao family was rated as the second national civilized family by the Central Civilization Commission.

In 2021, Zhang Xiutao participated in the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing as a representative of the national two -support model. Recently, her family won the glorious title of the first "civilized family" in Shangrao City, leading Shangrao civilization.

After Zhang Xiutao’s deeds were propagated by the media, many high paraplegia patients came to visit her.

She saw many high paraplegia patients living in pain every day, and she was very sad. She wanted to establish a volunteer service team to help these patients. Everyone encouraged each other, helped each other, and defeated the disease together.

She slowly began to plan and organize some volunteer service activities, and her thoughts and practices were strongly supported by relevant departments.In February 2017, the Tao Xinyuan Volunteer Service Team was officially established.

Zhang Xiutao and her husband have been committed to the cause of the disabled and social welfare. They have helped nearly a hundred disabled people out of their thoughts, life, and work dilemma.

For so many years, she has no regrets to carefully care for the first -level disabled soldiers and husbands, and helped more than 30 high -paraplegia disabled people get out of the haze, live wonderful, and interpret great love.

Zhang Xiutao said, "No matter how long the future is, I have to be with him. I also hope that all the military maggots will make our husband’s peaceful national defense construction and make our motherland stronger."

All honors are deserved,

She should get all the happiness,

She swallowed in silence.

In the future, it is infinitely expected, and the future has already opened her warm arms.

Just because she is a kind person, a person with great love, a person who carries all life with weak shoulders, and finally lives a wonderful life.

Xiao Gang of the Northern and Southern Dynasties wrote:

A kind heart, immortal.

Hundred lanterns are shining, thousands of miles are bright.

People, with a kind heart, blessings have not arrived, and they are far away.Only in this way can we always accompany peace, embrace happiness, and have a calm life.

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