In 2011, a woman in Jiangsu became a vegetative due to a car accident.

"The results of the test came out. Your wife showed that it was four months old." Normal people would be overjoyed when they hear this sentence, but the wife in this words is a faint four -month -old vegetative.

In 2011, after four months of coma in Jiangsu, a drum of suspected tumors suddenly appeared in her stomach, but after a series of examinations, she found an appalling result: this vegetative woman was pregnant!Even the woman’s husband is incredible!

"Doctor, it’s impossible. My wife has been in a coma for four months. How can he get pregnant? Where did you find an error?" Gao Dejin asked the doctor as a trembling voice.

"After we repeatedly check, your wife is indeed four months pregnant. This shows that your wife was pregnant before a car accident, but it was not checked at the time."

"Do you say what should we do now?" Gaodejin asked the doctor anxiously.

"Don’t worry first, we have made a comprehensive examination for your wife. It is fortunately that the growth of the fetus is normal, and it has not been affected by the car accident. If your wife can be born before the child is bornIt is also possible to wake up and get a big fat boy. "The doctor said while watching the report and told Gaodeki and his family.

Gao Dekin and his parents were very happy. Although his wife was unconscious, at least he did not break the incense at home. In the future, he can make his parents hold his grandson.While looking at the unconscious wife, Gao Dekin looked forward to holding a biological son one day, and he didn’t say anything in his heart.

Why can Gaodejin’s wife be pregnant for four months?How was this accident?In the end, did Gaodejin hug his biological son as expected?

Gaodejin was born in an ordinary family in Jiangsu. His parents lived in farming. Several brothers and sisters in the family were maintained by their father’s expenses. The mother occasionally went to work, and she was only enough to eat a family.

It is said that the children of poor people have been headed early, and Gaodejin became a family in his early twenties. He married a local girl. Although the family conditions were not good, but the wife was very virtuous, the family was reasonable, and the family was content.Chang Le is also beautiful.Later, his wife also gave him a daughter. His daughter was obedient and sensible, and his academic performance was also very good. The life of the family became more and more hopeful.

Less than a few years after Gaodejin became a family, his father died suddenly. Gaodejin was a filial child since he was a child. After doing a funeral for his father, he took his mother and lived with the family of three.

A family of four people get along very well. Although the life is tight, the peaceful and happy happiness is their greatest happiness.

Gaodejin made a living for pulling goods. In addition to taking his daughter to learn and cooking for a family, his wife often worked in zero workers. Gaodejin drove a tricycle to pull the goods every day.Although the salary of Yuan, although very few, as long as there is no serious illness, there is no problem.

However, such a peaceful life was broken by a car accident.On the day of the incident, Gaodejin got up at five o’clock as usual, and his wife saw her husband’s tired figure, "Go to pull the goods so early every day, it is a bother to suffer. I have nothing to do today, and my daughter does not need to go to school. My daughter and I follow.You go together, wait for you to finish the goods, and take your daughter to the park by the way. "

"You should take a good rest. There are me at home. I will make money to support my family. You take your daughter out to play." Gaodejin reluctantly responded to his wife.

"The daughter said that Dad had too little time to accompany her, and envy her children." Gao Dejin’s wife continued to ask him to take his daughter to pull the goods.

"Okay, then you go to get a daughter to get up, and we go outside for breakfast." Gao Dejin finally agreed, after all, the daughter was right, and I had too little time to accompany my family to support my family.Wife and daughter.

But Gaodekin never expected that his decision brought endless disaster to himself and the entire family …

After Gaodejin’s wife called her daughter to get up and dressed her, she just took care of it and was ready to go out."Dad, where do we go today?" The daughter asked in a tender voice.

"You accompany your parents to pull the goods, and after pulling the goods, the parents will take you to the market and buy you a doll!" Gao Dejin touched his daughter’s tip.

After the family wore shoes, Gaodejin drove the car to the door of the house to signal his wife and daughter got on the car. After saying hello to his mother, the family of three set off.Because the three -wheeled car seats are relatively spacious, the family of three is very petite, so they can sit down.Gao Jinde drove, his wife hugged her daughter, and the family said and laughed on the road, ready to go to breakfast.

Gaodejin parked the car on the side of the road and took his wife and daughter to a famous local breakfast shop. After eating and drinking, Gao Jinde began a day of work.

Because it was six or seven in the morning, there were not many pedestrians on the road. In order to be able to complete the work early and relax with his wife and daughter, Gaodejin could not help but speed up the driving speed.White cars, due to the obstruction of the trees, neither of the two cars reacted.

The sudden accident caused Gaodejin and the white car driver to panic. Neither of them had time to make a brake or avoid reaction. In the end, the two cars hit together!

The collision with the sedan and the tricycle must be a severe three -wheeled car. The white car is only damaged by the front shell, but the driver Zhao Gang is not very upset, and the consciousness is very sober, but it just scratchs a little bit.

After the car accident, the white car driver Zhao Gang stunned for a few seconds, but his conscience told him that he would be tight, so he quickly picked up his mobile phone and called the 120 emergency call.

After receiving the phone call from Zhao Gang, 120 immediately went to the accident scene. After a few minutes, whether it was 120 or 110, the ambulance immediately lifted the three -family family of Gaodejin to the ambulance, and the police asked everyone not to destroy the accident.At the scene, the specific reasons need to wait for the accident to cooperate with them after receiving treatment.

After rushing to the hospital, the doctor immediately rescued the Gaode Gold and his wife. In addition to the little daughter’s condition a little better, the family of Gaodejin was always in a coma. Gaodejin, the driver, was thrown out when the accident occurred.There are multiple fractures in the whole body, which is very dangerous.

Fortunately, the doctor was rescued in time, and Gaodejin woke up from a coma state, and the first sentence he opened his eyes was to ask his wife and daughter, and then he kept crying.

After waking up, Gaodejin continued to blame himself and regretted driving a little faster, and regretted that he had no intention of driving with his wife and daughter when he was driving.The medical staff watched this scene and expressed very sadness and kept calming Gaodegin.

After the brain was a little sober, Gaodejin began to ask the doctor about his wife’s condition, but the doctor shook his head and said, "We have tried their best, but because the injury is too serious, your wife is likely to be a vegetative!"

The doctor’s answer seemed to be thunderous in a sunny day, and Gao Demin’s heart was split in half. Gaodejin knew what to lose his wife to this family. Wife becomes not only expensive costs, but also caused the family to lose half of the sky.

During the treatment of the Gaodejin family in the hospital, the traffic police’s handling of accidents continued.On the other side of the accident, Zhao Gang did not have physical damage except for property losses.

Police found monitoring and found that although Gaodejin’s driving speed was within the specified range, there was neither deceleration nor whistle when passing through the crossroads, which led to the accident!

This accident made the Gaodejin family who was poverty worsened. His biggest wish in his life was not wealthy, but he hoped that the family would be happy and happy, but at this moment, even this most basic wish can not be realized.Essence

In a blink of an eye, the wife was unconscious for four months, and the life of the Gaodejin family was also messy for 4 months. The daughter could only let her mother take it. In addition to pulling the goods every day, Gaodejin had to pick up the child.Go to the hospital to take care of his wife.

This accident made a family that was not easy to live, which became more difficult.Because the wife’s condition is very serious, the cost of surgery spent all the savings of the family, and Gaodejin Dong was barely paid to the wife’s monthly treatment and nutritional costs.

Gaodejin is looking forward to his wife every day better, but time has passed one minute and a second, but his wife has no movement at all. The treatment cost has been used light. Gaodekin really does not know where to borrow money.

When Gaodejin intends to give up, the doctor suddenly found that his wife’s abdomen was a bit swollen, and the naked eye looked like a tumor, but this was just a doctor’s speculation. How to check a series of detailed examinations.

On the afternoon of the day when it was discovered, the hospital arranged for Gaodejin’s wife, but the examination results surprised the doctors. Gaodejin’s coma was pregnant!

The test results made the doctor’s eyes very confused. In order to prevent mistakes, the doctor also re -made B -ultrasound for Gaodejin’s wife. The result proved that the four -month -old woman was pregnantNo found.

"Your wife has been pregnant for four months. Didn’t you find it before?" The doctor asked doubtfully.

"Pregnancy, impossible, my wife has been in a coma for four months, is there any problem with any link?" Gao Degin looked at the doctor in shock.

After the doctor read the report form to Gaodejin, the relatives and friends present were shocked. Gao Dejin thought that before the accident, he and his wife wanted to regenerate a big fat boy, but did not expect to be in this kind of kind of kind of kind of kind of kind of kind ofIn case of pregnancy.

"What about the situation of the fetus now? Shouldn’t you keep it?" Of course, Gaode Jin didn’t have any hope, and his wife could wake up. It was a blessing.

"The growth of the fetus is relatively normal, and it has not been greatly affected by your wife’s coma." The doctor said.

"That’s good, my wife and I want to have a big fat boy." Gaodejin was overjoyed.

But this joy does not last long, and the situation of his wife is getting worse.Because his wife has long been coma for a long time, it has long been ordered to hang a line, not to mention that there is still an unborn baby in the stomach, which is a double blow for a vegetative.

This result made Gaodejin’s nobleness, facing the risk of losing his wife and children who had never met, so Gaodejin began to sue Zhao Gang for the second time. In legal, Zhao Gang did not need to compensate the Gao Jinde family at all, but reasonably, Zhao Gang chose to chooseThe 40,000 yuan compensated by the insurance company was compensated to the Gaodejin family.

Gao Degin did not want to sue for the second time, but he was really inevitable. There was no financial source at all. In order to take care of his wife and daughter, Gaodejin had been greedy and he couldn’t stand.

The results of the second prosecution came out. After the court’s patient mediation, Zhao Gang and the insurance company chose to compensate the Gaodejin family of 10,000 yuan. Although this money was not much, it was enough to make the family eat full.

One month later, Gaodejin’s wife had signs of awakening, but her body was too weak. She was pregnant and was exhausted every day. She often cried secretly in bed.However, Kung Fu is worthy of careless people. With the company of Gaodejin October, his wife finally reached its delivery period.During this time, the family silently accompanied Gao Jinde’s wife, and he was afraid that something would happen.

My wife realized that her stomach hurts, and she should be born. The doctor immediately picks up the birth of Gaodejin’s wife. In the face of the situation of this semi -plant life, the doctors are careful.

Fortunately, the mother and child are happy.This is a medical miracle.

Now the life of the Gaodejin family has slowly returned to the right track. In 2022, Gaodejin’s daughter had grown up and received good education in college!

In 2022, Gaodejin’s hard -won son, who was already 11 years old, was in elementary school, and he was about to be promoted to junior high school!

And even more fortunate, in January 2022, after a long time of care, Gaodejin’s wife’s body is getting better and better. Now he can already do some normal housework with a crutch, and the family of five often go out for a walk!In the face of the interview, Gaodejin said with satisfaction: "We are ready to welcome a new life!"

There are tens of millions of roads, the first of safety, the driving is irregular, and the two lines of their loved ones tears.During the driving, we must carefully observe the road conditions and not give the gods a bit of opportunity.

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