In 2017, the woman died strange at home at home for 7 months. When her husband returned, his body was cold.

"What are you talking about? What happened to Yangyang?"

"Auntie, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. When I was dressed in Yangyang today, I found that she didn’t know when it was …" "Are you joking, right? You and Yangyang are about to lie to me?"

"Auntie, I’m sorry." "Yangyang is only 21 years old. She is still with the child. My daughter follows you. Why is something wrong?"

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On the evening of March 10, 2017, Yang Chunhua, who was preparing to sleep, received a call from her daughter’s boyfriend Xiao Li. She didn’t think about it but learned a amazing bad news: her only female Yang Yang died unknowingly.

The news made Yang Chunhua dare not believe that in order to determine that Xiao Li said it was not a false words, they sat on the car to Bazhong City overnight and wanted to find out.

Early the next morning, they came to the rental house where their daughters lived. The cold body and Xiao Li, who were crying in the eyes, were seeing the daughter’s cold body.

"Did you hurt her?"

Yang Chunhua cried and questioned, Xiao Li was also immersed in sadness at this time, and did not answer for a while.Xiao Li’s silence made Yang Chunhua no longer suppress the pain of losing her daughter. At this time, she determined that the person in front of her was the murderer who killed her daughter.

In order to be able to return her daughter to a fair, Yang Chunhua allocated the alarm call under her husband’s persuasion.

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"Hey, is it 110?" "Yes, this is the Public Security Bureau of Bazhong City, is there any need to help?"

"My daughter has been murdered …" "Can you say more specific?"

Listening to the cry from the other side of the phone, the police who connected the phone paid attention to it instantly. After confirming that this was a murder case, they also launched an action immediately.Can the phone contact you? "

It didn’t take long for the police to arrive at the scene of the crime. At this time, Yang Chunhua was falling in the arms of her husband, crying messy.

The houses where Yangyang and Xiao Li lived were rented by them, and other tenants had heard the commotion in the house, but after watching the police came, they closed their doors.

After careful inquiries, the police understood that the deceased had been pregnant for seven months. Because the rescue was not timely, the child in her belly died with her.

"Who are you the first witnesses at the scene of the crime?" Xiao Li replied, "It’s me." Then, Xiao Yang carefully stated that he found his girlfriend’s death.

Nine o’clock that day, Xiao Yang, who had just returned from outside, found that her girlfriend Yang Yang was lying naked in bed without any sound.

image 3

Originally, he thought Yangyang was just asleep. When the doctor said that she needed to supplement glucose, she was going to ask her to get up to drink glucose supplements, but after several times in a row, Yangyang still did not respond.

"Yangyang, wake up, even if you don’t drink glucose, you need to put on your clothes, otherwise what if you get cold?"

As a result, when he was dressed for his girlfriend, he found that Yangyang’s body was extremely cold, and her chest had no fluctuations, and she seemed to stop breathing.

"Yangyang, what’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me!" Xiao Li quickly called 120 calls. After more than 20 minutes, the doctor came to the scene. They checked her life signs as soon as possible. "PatientsIt has died, and the preliminary judgment of death is 3 hours. "

"How is it possible?" Yangyang was fine this afternoon, how inexplicably died?Xiao Li was unacceptable for such news, but he decided to tell his girlfriend’s family first.

After learning about these situations, the police decided to collect evidence at the scene of the crime, and at the same time sent someone to investigate the interpersonal relationship of Yangyang.Because the victim was killed in the rental house, and did not wear clothes at the time of the incident, it was easy to be reminiscent of the possibility of entering the room.

Figure 4

However, after careful investigation at the scene of the crime scene, the police did not find favorable clues at the scene of the crime. This is a master bedroom. From the room to the bathroom, not only did there not be any fighting traces, but the doors and windows were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight, and they also were very tight.No fingerprints are left.In addition, the victim had no struggle wounds.

At this point, the police initially judged the murder of the secret room, and the victims and the murderer should know each other.Then the police also investigated their lease roommates and excluded their possibility of committing crimes.

When they were still analyzing the motivation to murder Yangyang, the words of a tenant attracted the attention of the police."She had quarreled with the landlord before." "Do you know why?"

"This house is a three -bedroom apartment, but the landlord has converted it into a five -bedroom room in order to make more money."

Speaking of the house modification, the tenant’s heart was obviously resentful. "We originally lived well. Now, after changing the space, the space becomes smaller and people become more. Even the sound insulation becomes particularly worse.

At that time, because of this, the pregnant woman and the landlord were particularly fierce, but now the rental contract is not refund the deposit or rent, and I can only live here first."

The example of killing because of disputes and anger has long been common. In addition, the landlord can get the key to the door, which can come and go silently.

Figure 5

So they got contact information from the tenant’s hands, but the landlord’s words were enough to exclude the suspicion of his crime."I am not in Pakistan now, and I am traveling on a business trip this week." The landlord obviously did not have time to commit crimes, and he did not perform normally when he answered the phone.

Police investigations found that Yangyang’s interpersonal relationship was relatively simple. When excluding the suspicion of the surrounding people, the police had to start suspecting that the people with the closest relationship with Yangyang were suspected.

Because Yang Chunhua came to Bazhong City this morning, it was obviously that there was no time to commit crimes. At present, the most suspicious is her boyfriend Xiao Li.

"It must be him. When I asked him before, he default." Yang Chunhua told the police exhausted.

Xiao Li heard her allegations and began to justify herself:

"I was silent because I felt a certain responsibility for her death, but how could I kill her? Our children are now seven months!"

Hearing Xiao Li’s children, Yang Chunhua was even more angry. "You still have a face to say this child, I think you don’t want him at all!"

According to Yang Chunhua, her daughter met with Xiao Li a year ago. The two moved to this rental house in Bazhong City shortly after the relationship.

Figure 6

For some reason, Yangyang never told his parents that he had to make his boyfriend. After living together for a while, Yangyang became pregnant."My daughter hasn’t told us about your business until I was pregnant. Isn’t you not let her tell us? What kind of heart do you settle?"

Xiao Li explained to this allegations:

"Because my family is not very good, Yangyang is the only daughter of the family. She is worried that parents will oppose the two of us to conceal this."

Speaking of which, Xiao Li blushed again, "We thought that when he had a child, her parents would not oppose us together."

As he said, the Yang Chunhua couple also learned about her daughter’s pregnancy two months ago. Looking at her big belly every day, she did not say anything.

Since his daughter recognizes this person, what does it mean that they are fighting again?For her happiness, they also agreed to hold a wedding for two people after giving birth to a child.

"I knew that I shouldn’t give you my daughter!" Yang Chunhua cried, "If I didn’t meet you, how could my poor daughter a deadly life?"

Figure 7

According to the dialogue between Xiao Li and his girlfriend’s family, they can also see that in fact, they are not satisfied with the son -in -law, so until now, Xiao Li is the biggest suspect in the case.

Will Xiao Li kill Yangyang because of emotional disputes, and then disguised the scene, and then pretended to be unaware of her death?

"What are you doing yesterday?" "I went to a friend’s house yesterday." "Are you staying at a friend’s house all day?" According to Xiao Li, because Yangyang has no job now, the life and rent of two people need to beHe has a burden.

In addition, Yangyang’s pregnancy needs to be regularly checked and the body is required, and his salary is simply unable to afford it.

So he went to a friend’s house early yesterday in the morning. He wanted to find a friend to borrow money, so as to take Yangyang for a medical examination.

The friend was also very refreshing. After borrowing him a sum of money, he kept at home enthusiastically at home. After two, the two played the game at his house after eating.

"According to your statement, do you have been playing games in his house?"

Figure 8

The police officer felt hesitant when Xiao Li was saying these words. "Have you never contacted your girlfriend during this period?" Seven months of pregnant women need to pay special attention. According to Xiao LiDeep, how could he not contact her all day?"We quarreled because of money the day before yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, I called her a phone call and no one answered, and I didn’t return the message. I thought she was still angry and didn’t care too much. When I finished eating in a friend’s houseWhen she came back for dinner, she had died. "

The police contacted the friends in his mouth through Xiao Li, and his friend and Xiao Li’s statement were basically the same, and made a certificate of absence for Xiao Li.Immediately after, another group of police also confirmed Xiao Li’s claim through the monitoring of the community.

It can be clearly seen during the monitoring that Xiao Li had already gone out at eight or nine in the morning, and it was not until seven or eight in the evening that he returned to the community."Although there is no proof of present, will it be poisoning?"

It can also be felt since the answer of Li Li. The current life of the two is not very good. Is it possible for him to poison Yangyang because of the pressure of life?

Xiao Li was obviously unnatural when he mentioned his friends’ house, and the experienced police decided to question him again.At the same time, in order to further investigate the truth, they decided to conduct a corpse inspection of Yangyang’s body.

In the repeated inquiries of the police, Xiao Li finally entrusted the truth and the market. "I really went to find friends to borrow money yesterday, but after borrowing the money, I did not play games in his house, but sucked a little powder …"The" powder "in his mouth refers to drugs. It turned out that Xiao Li became addicted to drug addiction under the induction of friends.

Figure 9

Because his recent economic pressure is relatively large, friends persuade him to "sell fans" together, which can not only solve his needs, but also quickly improve his economic conditions.

Under the persuasion of a friend, Xiao Li also had such an idea, and two people had been discussing the incident yesterday afternoon.

"Where’s your girlfriend?" "She also sucks, so I felt that I had hurt her at the time!" Thinking of her unborn child and the died girlfriend, Xiao Li slapped himself fiercely, "All areMy fault!"

At this moment, Yangyang’s autopsy report also came out, and I saw clearly written in the report that methamphetamine was detected in the blood sample.

In addition, the autopsy report also gives the cause of death: carbon monoxide poisoning.Is the real reason for her death?But this is a shared house. The kitchen is publicly used. Where can I get from the gas?

At this time, a policeman replied:

"Their bathroom is not an electric water heater, but it is heated with natural gas!" It turned out that when the landlord was decorated, when they asked to install the water heater, they directly replaced the second -hand gas water heatepipeline.

Figure 10

At this point, combined with Yangyang’s autopsy report and Xiao Li’s description of her death, the police finally restored her truth about her death: because Yang Yang quarreled with her boyfriend the day before, she had no connection on the next day.Boyfriend.

Since she is now seven months pregnant, her body is swollen and prone to sweat. In the afternoon of that day, she decided to go to the bathroom to take a bath.Because the doors and windows are closed when bathing, the water vapor permeates the entire room. Yang Yang, who has just finished bathing, did not choose to wear clothes.

Because most of the pregnant women were not self -forgetful, Yangyang did not choose to turn off the gas valve of the water heater and open the doors and windows to breathe in the first time.

When she was immersed in her sleep, gas containing high concentrations of carbon monoxide also permeated the entire room. It was also due to the negligence of Yangyang for a while, which caused her to die with the children in the belly, causing a tragedy of a dead body.

At this point, the truth is already white. The landlord who cut corners needs a certain responsibility for Yangyang’s death, and Xiao Li and his friends were punished by law for drug abuse and drug trafficking.

Figure 11

Throughout this pile tragedy, we must not ignore some potential dangers in life: while coal, electricity and gas are convenient for our lives, we also need to pay attention to use them correctly.

In addition, the story of Xiao Li and Yangyang once again sounded the alarm for the world: cherish life and stay away from drugs.

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