In 2022, the 6 pairs of stars who were pregnant and had children, from Qi Wei to Sun Yizhen.

Since 2022, there are many good news from internal entertainment or foreign entertainment. There are not a few of the official announcement of pregnancy and having children.

Not much to say, let’s take a look at the Korean stars who are pregnant and have children in 2022.

01, Xuan Bin Sun Yizhen

Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen, the celebrity couples have been paying attention to the outside world from the official marriage news to the wedding.On June 27, Sun Yizhen posted on the social platform announced that he was pregnant, and accompanied the plants’ pictures saying: "Today I want to convey a happy news to everyone, we ushered in a new life."

After learning that Sun Yizhen was pregnant, the fans were quite excited. While sending blessings, they also used software to synthesize the future children with software for Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen.

It is reported that Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen publicly released their wedding news in February, held a wedding in Seoul at the end of March, and then the two went to the United States to spend their honeymoon together.During the period, various fans encountered two people shopping for dinner. The two looked like they were in love.

For Sun Yizhen, the age of 40 is already considered an elderly mother. At this time, you need to be careful about pregnancy.Looking forward to seeing this pair of children who forced the CP, I believe that they will inherit the high value of their parents.

02. Park Shin -hye Cui Tongjun

The 32 -year -old Park Shin Hye and Cui Taijun, who were 1 -year -old, fell in love for more than four years. In November last year, he announced his marriage and pregnancy.The two held a wedding in the church in Seoul on January 22. They read the oath under the witness of 200 guests, and the process was warm and touching.

At that time, Park Shin -hye completed the wedding with her pregnant belly. The wedding honeymoon spent during pregnancy. Although her body was tired, she did not stay at home to raise a baby, but instead traveling with her husband low -key.

On May 31, Park Shin -hye gave birth to his son. Many netizens have sent their own blessings. They congratulate Park Shinhui for smooth production and mother and son.

On July 6, Xinhui took photos of his own handmade candles, short shoulders, slender figure, and looked good.

Now as a mother, she will definitely take care of her children carefully, and also hopes that Park Shin -hye can share more daily life after this.

03. Li Chengyi Qi Wei

On May 27, Li Chengyi and Qi Wei officially announced the news of the second child, and wrote "There is melon in the picture: 1+1+1 = 4".

Li Chengyi chose to announce the official announcement on May 27th, and also took the homophonic "I love Qi". It was too sweet.In order to celebrate the arrival of the second child, Li Chengyi also deliberately drew a painting, which was very warm and loving.

After the official Xuanhuai’s second child, Qi Wei did not choose to rest, but continued to "desperate" the career. Earlier, he had been broadcast live for 8 hours before, causing a lot of discussions.

And Li Chengyi occasionally took her daughter to the beach to play. In the photo, Li Chengyi’s figure was very eye -catching, but Qi Wei did not show up.

On July 14, some media showed a video of Qi Wei’s daughter with a daughter of a pregnant belly. In the picture, her pregnant belly was very eye -catching, and her movements were extremely careful.

It can be seen from the state of Qi Wei’s appearance that the second child seems to be going soon.

04. Quan Huibin and Mrs.

Quan Huibin was an all -round artist. In his early years, he made his debut as a member of the women’s group LuV and became a fixed guest of variety shows. Then he came into contact with the performing arts circle and had a lot of classic Korean dramas.

In December 2019, she married a dentist boyfriend.The two were very low -key during their relationship, and they did not even have too much news.

On April 7th, a long -term message of pregnancy after three years of marriage was issued on the social platform. The due date was in October: "I also want to tell everyone a good news, thank you, the little angel came to me, now I am pregnant 13 pregnancy, and now I am pregnant at 13th.It is Zhou, my belly looks a little bulging. "

Quan Huibin, who has been married for three years, is 38 years old and is a standard elderly mother, so she expressed a little worried about this pregnancy.But she is also looking forward to it, and she has given the little angel as "positive" (meaning of healthy ".

After learning the news, friends in the circle Li Zhen, Li Shiying, Gao Yuanxi, Xu Xiaolin, Hong Yinji, Jin Jiaen, Su Youzhen, etc. all sent blessings.

05, Huang Cansheng couple

On January 25, Huang Cansheng, a member of the well -known Korean men’s group "2PM", announced that he would be prepared to get married with his girlfriend who had been dating for 5 years, and the woman was pregnant.

It is reported that Huang Cansheng entered one of the "JYP Entertainment" one of the three major entertainment companies in South Korea through a draft program in 2006. It officially became a trainee and joined the men’s group "2PM" in 2008. He is the youngest member of the combination.

During the 15 years of debut, Huang Cansheng had almost no scandal. When he recorded the love variety show "If Love", he had a CP with Liu Yan, who was 10 years old.The two once reported the news that was about to get a certificate of marriage. However, after the scandal was exposed, Liu Yan and Huang Cansheng’s brokerage companies issued a statement to deny the rumor.

Huang Cansheng is 32 years old this year. His wife is not only an outsider, but also Huang Cansheng 8 years old.The two had been dating for 5 years and had a wedding at the beginning of the year, but they had to postpone the wedding due to the spread of the epidemic.

Today, Huang Cansheng is about to enter the new stage of life, becoming a husband and a father, and wish him a happy future.

06, Zhang Meng Xiao Wu

The couple were a bit strange. They were photographed in the obstetrics and gynecology department in June, causing the outside world to speculate whether Zhang Meng was pregnant.But soon, Zhang Meng denied that he was pregnant and said that he had planning to prepare for pregnancy, and also showed his "A4 waist".

Originally, it would pass like this, but it didn’t take long for the actor Zhang Meng to post on the social platform, announcing that he would prepare for pregnancy with her husband.

Others are officially announced or have children, but the couple are officially prepared for pregnancy.This incident has also caused netizens to vomit, and bluntly do not take up public resources.

In fact, Zhang Meng Xiaowu’s word of mouth is not particularly good.Although it is often on social platforms, showing love, but it is difficult to have a good impression on them.

Most of the 2022 has reached the standard, and 6 on the Korean star couples have announced good news. It is really a happy event.So, in the second half of 2022, which star official will announce good news?

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