In addition to fetal movements and Qing Palace maps, these four algorithms can also calculate the sex of the baby!I am all!

Many anxious Baoma anxiously want to know whether it is a little princess or a little prince in her stomach, so I also wrote a lot of articles about the sex of the baby before: the clear palace map or the frequency of fetal movement.But today I want to introduce four algorithms that are more accurate than going to somewhere to test blood.

1. Date calculation algorithm: Bao Ma’s birth date (year+month+day)+Bao Ma’s pregnancy month (month of pregnancy test) -Bao Da’s birth year, look at the last number of the last number, if it is strange number,Represents a boy, if it is an occasional number of girls.

A chestnut said: Bao Ma’s birthday 19950507, around 20170723 before conception, Bao Da was born in 1993.Then 1995+5+7+2017+1993 = 2038, the result is 8, which is even, so it is very likely to be a female treasure!

2. Base calculation method base number

The year of the year+the child’s lunar month -when the child is pregnant, the mother of her mother is the age of age+the year of Bao Ma was born. As a result, if the result is double, it is a girl, and the result is a boy.

For example, conception is 20170623, in May of the lunar calendar, Bao Ma was born in 1995, and is now 23 years old. Then 2017+5-23-1995 = 4, which means that the baby is a woman.

3. The 774th method circulated by the folk: Month of Mom’s pregnancy+49-Mom’s actual age+2+19. If the result is a double number, the single number is the boy.

For example: 49+4 (the month of the baby with the baby) -22 (mother’s actual age)+2+19 = 52 is a double number, there is a girl.

4. Recognition algorithm: 68+ pregnant lunar month -The mother of the mother during pregnancy, the result of the result is a single, the boy; the tail number is double, the girl.

For example, when I was pregnant in May, my mother was born in 1995. It is 68+5-23 = 40.

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