In addition to menstruation, these three signs also show that you are pregnant

I saw a post at the Mother and Baby Forum yesterday. How did you find that you are pregnant?There is a pregnant mother in it, "There is an orderly two hacks in the family, and I especially like to pounce on her. Later, after a long time, she smelled it on her stomach for a long time., I found that I was discovered by her dog. "After reading it, I sweated for this pregnant mother. Fortunately, her dog was smart, otherwise it was dangerous!Let’s take a look today. At the beginning of pregnancy, what changes in women’s bodies will be changed. The expectant mothers who are preparing for pregnancy can come to understand, so as not to know if they are pregnant.

1. Menstruation stop

Menstruation stops, it should be the sign of pregnancy that ordinary women can notice the most.Adult women who are healthy will come once a month. If your menstruation is delayed and delayed for more than ten days, you are likely to get pregnant.However, women’s maternity function is sensitive. Not all menstrual delay is pregnant. Sometimes women’s own pressure or irregular work and rest can also lead to menstrual delay.But if you are preparing for pregnancy and after menstruation, it is best to go to the hospital to check whether it is pregnant.

2. Breast bloating or pain

After pregnancy, the hormone in women changes, and the breasts will usher in "secondary development". In the process, women will feel uncomfortable with bloating or pain in the chest. This is a normal physiological reaction of pregnancy.Throughout pregnancy, women’s breasts will increase by 1-2 cups, so during pregnancy, pregnant mothers remember to replace underwear in time, and it is best to replace ordinary underwear into breastfeeding underwear.Mammal underwear is generally elastic and breathable, which can better care for pregnant mothers’ breasts.

Third, vaginal discharge becomes more

After pregnancy, with the changes in hormones in the body, the speed of the new city of women’s body will become faster. At this time, the exudation of the female vaginal mucosa and the endometrium secretion will be eliminated in large quantities, resulting in vaginal secretion of pregnant mothers vaginal secretionThere are more things.Normal secretions are colorless and tasteless. If the secretions are color or odor, it means that the pregnant mother has a problem. It is necessary to go to the hospital immediately.In addition, for her own hygiene, mothers must often change their underwear during pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is best to choose low waist, seamless, and comfortable wear.

Fourth, frequent urination

After pregnancy, with the development of the fetus, the pregnant mother’s uterus will become larger.At this time, the bladder of the pregnant mother will be oppressed, so the pregnant mother will have frequent urination, which is normal.Pregnant mothers should try not to let themselves urinate, so as not to cause urethral infections.

The above four changes are the four situations often appearing in expectant mothers in the early pregnancy.If you are preparing for pregnancy and your body will happen, congratulations, it means that you are likely to be a mother.

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