In autumn, do n’t miss it when you encounter “Steak in the Melon”. It contains high zinc, crispy and delicious, and children eat very well.

Introduction: In autumn, do n’t miss it when you encounter “Steak in the Melon”. It contains high zinc, crispy and delicious, and children are very good.Hello everyone, I am Brother Qi, I wish you all a happy day.

This kind of ingredients are inconspicuous in the vegetable market, and you can easily miss it by buying food!But don’t underestimate it!It is known as "steak in melon", and zinc content is more in vegetables and fruits.Everyone knows that the zinc of minerals helps to improve children’s intelligence. Children with zinc deficiency are low. Eating foods containing zinc often can improve intelligence.This kind of melon is a bergamoty, a vegetable of the gourd family.Because the shape looks like a double palm, it means blessing, so everyone is called a bergamot.

The bergamot is crispy and juicy. Eating raw can be used as a fruit. It is rich in nutrition.The bergamot is the fruit of the dragon beard vegetable. It was harvested in August and September, and it can be eaten in September to March the following year.Bergame melon contains vitamin C, A and mineral potassium and zinc. The content of protein and calcium is 4 times higher than that of cucumber. It is a low -sodium and high potassium vegetable. Frequent foods can enhance body resistance.

The nutrition of the bergamot melon in vegetables is among the best, but because the taste is light and the taste is slightly worse, the children of the bergamot melon may not like to eat it alone, but if the eggs, shrimp, meat, etc. are added, it will be food.EssenceBelow, Qi Brother shares the simple small fried of two bergamot melon with his family. The flavor is sweet and delicious. The child will like to eat. Let’s take a look at the practice.

Ingredients: 1 bergamot melon, 3 eggs

Season: salt, pepper, chicken essence in each moderate amount

1. Wash the bergamot melon. If you do n’t need to peel the melon, there are more mature bergamot melon fibers, peel and eat.There is a gap on the bergamot. After washing, use a small brush (toothbrush) to clean the soil in the gap.

Bergamer can secrete a mucus and try to avoid contact.

2. Cut the bergamot melon and remove the nucleus into 4 pieces.The mucus secreted by the bergamot is easy to oxidize the color after contacting the air.

3. Boil the boiling and boil, put it in the bergamot, and scald it until it is broken. After 1-2 minutes, remove and let it cool.

4. Cut the fried bergamot melon into slices, make the eggs into the bowl, stir, put the bergamot slices into the egg bowl, and add a little salt and pepper to stir well.

5. Boil the oil in the pot. When the oil is hot, add the bergamot and fry. After it is set, it will be crushed with a shovel. After frying the egg liquid, you can get out of the pan.

Ingredients: bergamot, 5-6 prawns

Seasoning: salt, cooking wine, pepper, chicken essence

1. Wash the prawns, pick out the sand thread to go to the shell, peel it into shrimp, cut the shrimp two sections, add a little cooking wine, pepper, and refined salt for a while.Bottom.

2. Clean up with the steps of the previous dish, and sliced it after simmering the water.

3. Boil the oil in the pan, stir -fry the shrimp in the low heat until the golden changes are changed.

4. Leave the bottom oil in the pan, stir fry the bergamot slices, stir fry evenly, then add the shrimp segments and roll it.

When buying bergamot, you have to buy less flavor of outer skin, and the delicate melon is tender.If there is a spike and convex in the outer skin of the bergamot, it means that it is old and should not buy it.

It is difficult to buy in winter when the bergamot is in winter. It is best to buy more when it is listed. Wash and go to the nuclear and cut it into slices. It is dried out of the outdoor melon. In this winter, you can eat delicious and nutritious bergamot melon.

In autumn, do n’t miss it when you encounter “Steak in Melon”. It contains high zinc, crispy and delicious, and children are very good.This "steak in the melon" bergamot is indeed good, with a large zinc content, and eating more is very beneficial to children.Of course, in addition to zinc, there are other nutrients, suitable for anyone.If you see the bergamot in the market, don’t miss it, buy it back for your family!Thank you for your support and attention, we will see tomorrow!

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