In May of pregnancy, the whole body was strange, and the children and a leg were gone!This weird doctor has never heard of it

Although the medical development is rapid today,

But there are many unknown areas

Not excavated,

There are many reasons behind the disease

not found.

For young girl Xiao Wei,

Original happy life

Suddenly broken by an unknown disease.

She woke up for a few months and found out,

The child in the belly is gone,

The calf down the knee is gone …

I am unconscious for more than 2 months to wake up,

Both the baby and the legs are gone …

Xiao Wei was a post -90s. He was from the Li tribe in Hainan. He and his husband Xiaobo came from poor families. He came to Shenzhen to work hard at a young age.In 2020, the small family ushered in the second child. Seeing that there were still more than ten weeks, the second treasure was full, but the peaceful life was broken …

Xiao Wei found that the skin often missed itching, and the symptoms became more and more serious, and even began to launch low fever.Due to the impact of the epidemic, Xiao Wei had never dared to go to the hospital to see a doctor.It wasn’t until a certain check -up that the doctor asked to check the bilirubin, and the result made people start to disturb.

Biliary redness is the main pigment of bile. The highest value of normal people’s bilirubin is 17, and the value of Xiao Wei is as high as 100, which means severe jaundice. Under the reminder of the doctor, Xiao Wei remembered it for more than two months.The urine is thick tea color, the eyes are yellow, and the skin is yellow.

Eyes of patients with jaundice ️ ️

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If you do not intervene in time, you will be in danger soon!Xiao Wei was quickly arranged for hospitalization, but soon fell into a high fever and coma.

"In order to protect my wife, I agree to cut off my legs"

Xiao Wei repeatedly had a high fever to 40 degrees, but the doctor conducted all the examinations and could not find the cause of fever.When Xiao Wei was transferred to the ICU of Shenzhen People’s Hospital on November 2, the main organs were exhausted, and her heartbeat almost stopped.

△ Xiaowei is in the ICU coma

All experts from the hospital came to the consultation, but the bad news came one by one. Xiao Wei’s husband Xiaobo said helplessly, "The child is gone! The wife keeps his life!"

The situation is getting worse and worse, the doctor instructed: "Ecmo (Yeke membrane), you will die if you don’t go!"

ECMO is the body’s outer membrane lung oxygen. It is commonly known as Yeke membrane and artificial lungs. It is a medical emergency technical equipment. It is mainly used to provide continuous in vitro breathing and circulation for patients with severe cardiopulmonary failure to maintain patient life.

After many days on ECMO, Xiao Wei’s heart function slowly returned, but by November 6, a particularly bad news came again -as the ECMO operating time, Xiaowei left the calf gradually., Can only be amputated.

The dilemma of life is not a good and bad, but let you choose one of the two bad choices.After struggling, Xiaobo can only make a decision: "Aon amputation! Keep your life."

On November 18, Xiao Wei cut off his left calf; on November 27, Xiao Wei had difficulty breathing and could only go to ECMO again.

ECMO’s treatment price is not cheap. It is not only Xiao Wei’s condition, but also medical expenses.

Xiao Wei’s circle of friends ️ ️

Doctor: This strange disease makes me powerless

Liu Xueyan, director of Shenzhen People’s Hospital ICU, has been fighting for many years, but such tricky patients are rarely met."To find the cause, we can save her, but after doing various examinations, the cause is still unknown!"

Since childhood, he has just been admitted to the hospital, and all the "great gods" have come to consult, and doctors are helpless.

Experts from the Department of Hepatic Diseases in Zhongshan Hospital suspected that it was hidden recurrence of intrahepatic cholenecaste accumulation, or carried out family liver hydathema accumulation.

Colleagues in the Department of Oncology suspected that it was a digestive tract tumor or ovarian tumor (but because Xiao Wei was too serious, he could not do puncture and anti -tumor treatment).

Colleagues in the infected department suspected that it was myocular dermatitis (but she checked her muscle inflammation antibody, but the result was negative).

For doctors, determining amputation is also the most helpless decision.Because Liu Xueyan knew what it meant for a 20 -year -old girl.

Xiao Wei in the treatment

In the next month, Xiao Wei’s condition can be said to be "stimulated" than roller coaster -try to stop the ventilator in the morning, and it has to be connected again at noon.

Starting from November 27, Xiao Wei went to ECMO for 35 days in a row, breaking the ICU’s record.During this period, doctors did not give up the primary disease of searching and treating Xiao Wei.At the same time, I have to prevent her thrombosis and infection at all times, and I have to "control her to eat and drink".

Fortunately, wait for you!Hope here!

Just when the doctor was helpless, Xiao Wei’s breasts were inspiring everyone.Gradually, the pneumothorax has improved, the lung function is restored, and the temperature is normal!

On December 31st, on the last day of 2020, ECMO was finally removed.Entering the New Year, Xiao Wei’s physical indicators gradually improved, burning back, and normal urination, just like the recovery of new life.

Xiao Wei, who cut a leg, finally escaped in death

Xiao Wei was rescued,

But for doctors, Xiao Wei,

This is not a perfect treatment.

Doctors have not proven their primary disease so far and want to perform liver puncture, but Xiao Wei’s jaundice is returning to normal today, and the dangerous more than 100 days seems to be an episode in life.However, doctors are still looking for "true murderers."

Xiao Wei died and resurrected, but found that a leg was gone, and the current emotions were self -evident.But when Abo took his son to see her at the door, the son smiled, and she smiled.Abo was fortunate that he did not give up, but there were long bills that were pressed on him, and he had heavy recovery and life in the future.But as long as people are still alive, everything is possible.

Medical is limited,

Improper treatment,

can you accept?

Source: Shenzhen Commercial Daily (Reporter: Zheng Jianyang)

Nothing is more important than alive!

May everything be good in the future ↓

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