In spring, when you encounter this seafood, don’t be soft, fat and tender and nutritious, the price is close to the people, it is a pity not to understand eating

In March of Yangchun, it should have been a good season in Spring. However, the epidemic of Quanzhou has come back. According to the prevention of epidemic prevention, children are all at home and try to go out as little as possible.The most important thing at this stage is to take care of the body to prevent colds from getting sick, otherwise it will be troublesome to go to the hospital.After entering the spring, the bacterial breeding speed is fast, and the poor resistance can easily cause physical discomfort. The diet of three meals a day must pay attention.In addition to eating some seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as eating some sterilized and anti -inflammatory vegetables, such as leek, garlic seedlings, and garlic moss, it is a good choice.

Spring is the best season for leek. Leek is known as "the first fresh in spring". It is tender and delicious and highly nutritious. The method of leeks is very rich. It can be made into chives stuffed dumplings, leek boxes, leek fried eggs, etc.Today, I will use leek with a small squid to stir -fry a home -cooked dish, stir -fry the leeks, add fresh on the fresh, solve the meals.

This small squid is also called small locks in the coast. It is more tender and delicious than other types of squid. It is very fresh and delicious for simply frying.

Squid is not only delicious, it can supplement a lot of nutrients for the human body. Squid is rich in beneficial components such as protein, vitamin E, taurine, and polypeptides. It is usually eaten squid to help improve the body’s immunity.

Food preparation: 300g squid, 200g of leeks, 5ml of raw soy sauce, 1 piece of ginger, 5ml of cooking wine

Production process:

Step 1: Let’s wash the leeks first, because the surface of the leeks will remain a lot of pesticide residues. You can put it in rice water and soak it. The rice water has a strong cleaning ability.It is more assured to eat like this.Then drain the leeks and cut into a small section, and put it in a plate for later use.

Step 2: Next, simmer the squid. After boiling the water in the pot, add some ginger and cooking wine first. The two can play a role in removing.After boiling the water, scald the squid in the pan, and pick it up for about 20 seconds.This can retain the crispy and tender taste of squid to the greatest extent.

Step 3: A little oil in the pot. First, put the ginger and garlic cloves and stir the incense, put the squid in the pan, fry the high heat, add some soy sauce to season.Stir -fry, let the squid be mixed in full flavor.Because the squid has been scalded, the cooking time should not be long. Otherwise, the squid will be frying, and it will bounce teeth.

Then stir -fry the leeks and stir -fry until the leek stir -fry the green green. This way, the taste of the leek is the most tender and delicious, and it keeps green color and looks more appetite.

The above is to share with you the common practice of stir -fried squid. It is delicious and delicious. When you get on the table, your family likes to eat it.The squid is fried fresh and fragrant, it tastes crispy and refreshing, and does not play teeth at all.The leek exudes the spicy flavor, mobilizing the taste buds, and it is very meal.

[Tutorial on the tutorial of fried leek squid]

1. No matter what squid frying, you must blast the squid first, and then stir -fry it. The fried squid is crispy and tender, and there is no fishy smell.

2. When stir -fry the leek, don’t put it too early and put it in the pan before putting it in the pan, so that the leeks fried in leeks are more crisp.

Baby Scale-(24inch)