In the early days of women’s pregnancy, in addition to vomiting, it is usually accompanied by several discomfort symptoms, don’t worry

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When the female friends who were successful in pregnancy detected the moment they had successfully conceived, it was estimated that it was mixed with countless excitement and all kinds of unprepared joy. From that moment, I told myself to protect the baby in the stomach.Let children grow up healthy and come to themselves, so since the moment they found out, there are all kinds of different feelings. It seems that the little guy in the stomach uses another way to say hello.Come and tell my mother’s existence, it makes people feel so cute, so in the pregnancy, in addition to those very basic situations, there are some symptoms of individual talents. Let’s take a look. In factVery normal.

Some pregnant women have different physical reactions. In the early stages of pregnancy, they always have drowsiness and fatigue. Sometimes they have no too tired job or exercise, but they can not help but doze off.When the situation happened, I always felt that my body was particularly weak and I just wanted to sleep, but this situation is very normal. There is nothing to worry about.

It is also common to have a bad appetite in the early pregnancy. Perhaps it is because of the changes in various hormones and hormones in the body. It may also be due to the loss of appetite caused by always pregnancy. These are normal possible normal.The phenomenon, so pregnant mothers should not worry too much. As long as they have heard the three months in the first trimester, they can restore their appetite.

It is also very sensitive to the odor, and it will also happen in the early stages of pregnancy. It has not had a very great sense of rejection of the smell of smoke before, but since pregnancy, I have been very resistant to the smell of smoke, and it is very sensitive to the smell of smoke. I feel very very very sensitive.Punge and uncomfortable, so these situations may also happen. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry and fear, because these are normal reactions.

Although we know that in the early pregnancy, we cannot affect the bladder squeezing into the bladder due to the increase of the uterus, but the pregnant mothers still have such a psychological effect and do it feel that there is a sense of urination.Pregnant mothers relax, don’t be too nervous, and alleviate tension may relieve these situations.

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