In the first month of pregnancy, what signs will give you good news to you

For many people, pregnancy is a very happy thing, and some couples have been pregnant for a long time and have not succeeded, but sometimes I do n’t know when I am pregnant, especially when I am in the first month of pregnancy. ManyIn fact, people do n’t know that when the time is relatively long, there are some signs. In fact, there are still some signs to follow. Today, let ’s introduce what signs will there be in the first month of pregnancy?

Many people do n’t know the first month of pregnancy. They should eat, drink, drink, and have to know that the baby is born with a small life in the stomach, and then regrets his behavior.So, is there any signs of the first month of pregnancy? Did the baby remind you in what way?

Those who have these symptoms may indicate that you are pregnant

In the first month of pregnancy, what signs will give you good news to you

1. Men stop menstruation

The regular menstrual period, after the time is not coming, this is the most direct signal.If there is a fact in the same room in the near future, and the body has no abnormalities, and the aunt is postponed for no reason, then it may be pregnancy.Generally, if you continue to stop menstruation for more than 14 days, you should go to the hospital for testing immediately.

2. frequent urination

During pregnancy, the amount of blood and other liquids increased, resulting in more liquid discharged into the bladder through kidney treatment and became urine.Generally, women after pregnancy become more frequent urination.

3. Change breasts changes

After pregnancy, the breasts will change, the nipples will increase, the veins under the breast skin are obvious, the nipples, the areola deep, the obvious protruding nipples, some small nodules around the nipples, and even the breast tingling, expansion and itching, and occasionally it can be available.Squeeze out a small amount of milk.

4. Early pregnancy reaction

Some people have early pregnancy reactions, and early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting will occur in the early stages of pregnancy, but this is not every pregnant woman.Pregnancy is generally relieved until the second trimester, and you need to pay attention to diet and rest.

5. Rise body temperature

After pregnancy, the body temperature will change, and the body temperature is relatively high after ovulation.If the measurement results are slightly higher than usual in 18 consecutive plades, and if they are high, you are very likely to get pregnant.

These performances mentioned above are actually some signs of showing the first month of pregnancy. If these signs occur, it may be some reactions of early pregnancy, so everyone should consider that it may be pregnant, whether it is a baby who wants the babyOr if you don’t want your baby to make a decision as soon as possible, there is a corresponding mind preparation.

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