In the hot summer, in order to save power, her mother -in -law was prohibited from turning on air conditioning, pregnant daughter -in -law, difficult to breathe, and lived in ICU

In the hot summer season, extremely sultry.The temperature has reached more than 30 degrees, and the temperature in some places is nearly 40 degrees.

In such weather, the air conditioner must be turned on in the room.

Recently, a quasi -mother who was pregnant at 20 weeks suddenly had difficulty breathing, urinating incontinence, and lived in the ICU ward.This pregnant woman has heat stroke.

In such a hot day, she is a pregnant woman again. Why not turn on the air conditioner?The reason is that in order to save power, the mother -in -law is not allowed to turn on the air conditioner.

As a result, it almost led to a dead body.After this, the young couple insisted on moving out and lived, and they were no longer willing to live under the roof with the father -in -law.

Otherwise, there are danger of life.

This is no longer a case. Many older people are really frustrated.

There are five families of households, and even the old and young are suffering from liver cancer. Even the youngest 3 -year -old child was not spared.

Later, the doctor’s judgment was on the old lady.The son -in -law is busy at work.

The old lady has been careful for a lifetime. She was originally kind and wanted to save money for her daughter -in -law.When she bought vegetables, she picked those crickets. The price was quite cheap. I bought it for a while and soaked it for a while.good smell.

These are not counted, the rice she bought has always been Chen Mi.Some have sinking for three or four years, and for the animal for feed for the livestock, the price is cheap to the extreme.

The family eats aging grain every day.

The old lady regretted it after listening to the doctor.

My neighbor also has such an old lady, marinated sauerkraut, has passed through the sky, and the odor is pungent. She also eats it.The dried vegetables have been reluctant to throw them for three years.In the end, she has been diarrhea for more than half a year.

Health is the most important, but for the so -called frugality, you have served your life and money, which harmed himself and implicated his family.

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