In the third trimester, if there are 5 kinds of pregnant mothers, the due date may be advanced

The mother is always very nervous after pregnancy, especially in the days when the mother is about to produce. Even if it is relatively accurate due to the more accurate due date, there are many uncertain factors that affect the delivery time at all times.precise.In addition to judging the baby’s birth according to the due date, mothers can also judge based on several physical changes.

1. Abdominal deformation

When the baby is about to be born, the fetal position will decline. This is the preparation of the mother’s production more smoothly. The baby can’t wait in the mother’s belly. There is a feeling that you can’t wait to come out.The change of fetal position means that the mother’s belly shape changes. During the third trimester of pregnancy, because the baby’s body is constantly increasing, and the amniotic fluid fills the entire uterus, the mother’s belly looks like a round ball, but the baby arrives at the baby to the babyWhen you are about to be born, the mother’s belly will be like a grapefruit, and the drum will be slightly lower.

2. Pain in the lower abdomen falls

Because the fetal position changes, the mother will feel the feeling of falling into the lower abdomen. Some mothers who feel more delicate will also feel that her belly seems to be longer, which is caused by the lower position of the fetal baby.In addition, my mother will feel the pain in her private parts, which is caused by stress.In this case, don’t worry too much, the baby will gradually improve after the baby is born.

3. Frequent contractions

From the beginning of pregnancy, mothers will occasionally have false contractions. Although they are not as uncomfortable as real contractions, they will also cause mothers’ discomfort.At the beginning, there may be more than ten days of contraction, but when the baby is about to give birth, pseudo contractions will become more and more frequent. This is actually a defense mechanism of the body. Moms can also understand it to understand it.Successfully is preparing for the upcoming childbirth.Moms pay more attention to the frequency of palaces in the third trimester. If they are more frequent and irregular, it may indicate that the baby is about to be born.

4. frequent urination

The change of fetal position affects the bladder. Moms will have frequent urination. Some babies are more weighty. Moms may also suffer from urinary diseases during pregnancy. The risk of frequent urination is also relatively large.However, the mother’s urination with blood in the third trimester has been paying attention to it. This may be due to compressing the bladder rupture. At this time, she must seek medical treatment in time.

5. Pregnant mothers with relaxed breathing and better appetite

Moms in the third trimester of pregnancy and abdominal pressure have become serious, but the appetite and breathing of the mothers who are about to produce will become better. The fetal position changes are good and bad. Although the degree of compression of the bladder becomes greaterThe oppression has become smaller, especially the mother’s stomach, and the direct benefit of the smaller oppression is that the mother’s appetite becomes better.In addition to appetite, the capacity of the lungs will become larger, and the mother will feel that her breathing will become smoother.

When there are several cases of the above situations, it means that the baby is going to be born. At this time, the mothers must pay more attention to the preparation of the baby.

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