In this case, can vaginal bleeding still be in the same room?

Yesterday, Teacher Guo talked about the problem of ovulation bleeding.

In fact, for ordinary women, if the amount of bleeding during ovulation is not large, it generally does not have a significant impact on life, but for women who are prepared, if ovulation bleeding often occurs, many people may worry about it: whether this situation is still stillBeing able to do the same room, because there are bleeding below, the same room is worried about the problem of infection; but if there are different rooms, it is just ovulation, and the ovulation period is different. How can I still get pregnant?

Causes of ovulation bleeding

We know that the hormone level in women will change periodic changes, and endometrium will increase and fall off with the periodic changes of hormones.When the level of estrogen is high, the endometrium increases; when the level of estrogen is low, the endometrium will fall off.

When women are ovulation, with the rupture of the follicles, the estrogen level in the body will decrease briefly, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.The decline in this estrogen level can also cause local necrosis and falling off the endometrium, causing vaginal bleeding.

This is the reason for ovulation bleeding.

Under normal circumstances, the amount of bleeding during ovulation is relatively small, and many people may just see the existence of some blood wires in the secretions.There are also some people who need to use sanitary pads during ovulation, but it will feel about 3 days.In only a few cases, the amount of bleeding during ovulation will be similar to that of menstruation, and the duration is relatively long, but it will generally not exceed one week.

Can bleeding during ovulation?

1. Less bleeding: If it is only a little heme secretion, or the amount of bleeding is relatively small, you only need to use a pad.In this case, the couple should do a good job of sanitary work before the same room, pay attention to cleaning, and can have the same room.

2. There are large amounts of bleeding, such as menstrual flow: If the amount of bleeding is large, on the one hand, the woman will cause pelvic congestion, low back pain, abdominal pain and other physical discomfort during the same room, and on the other hand, it will increase the risk of infection.Therefore, in this case, you should check if there is a dysplasia of follicles or the dysalia dysfunction. You can judge by monitoring follicle development and checking hormones.Once the follicle development is dysplained or the luteal function is incomplete, it is difficult to get pregnant even if you choose to have the same room during ovulation, and there may be problems such as miscarriage.Therefore, it is best not to worry in this case. Check the symptoms and alleviate the symptoms.

How to determine whether it is ovulation bleeding

Bleeding during ovulation, as the name suggests, occurs in vaginal bleeding during the ovulation period. Women’s ovulation period is generally about 14 days before menstruation.For women with a menstrual cycle in 28-30 days, bleeding during ovulation will occur in the middle of menstrual period, so Chinese medicine also refer to ovulation bleeding as "inter-men’s bleeding".

It is precisely because the ovulation bleeding occurs in the middle time of menstruation and the time is relatively fixed, so many people think that their menstrual cycle has become shorter, and menstruation has been twice a month.

To judge whether it is ovulation bleeding, the most accurate method is to monitor ovulation through B -ultrasound. If the bleeding during menstruation is overlapped with the ovulation time, and cervical screening, gynecological B -ultrasound, endocrine examination, etc. are excluded, etc.Bleeding caused by organic lesions can be diagnosed as ovulation bleeding.

In fact, as long as the amount of bleeding is not large, doing a good job of personal hygiene, bleeding during ovulation does not affect the same room, you can still prepare for pregnancy and do what you like to do!

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