Incident Quanzhou Shishi!A girl drowned!

Source: Lake Headline

2 pm on the 13th

Quanzhou Hong Kong Xinghai Volunteer Rescue Team

Report from the Shishi Work Station of Quanzhou Sea Police Station

Shishi Xiangzhi East Dazhen Jingjing Temple

There is a girl drowning and missing in the sea area

Please assist in rescue

At about 2 pm on the 13th, the accident occurred. Shi Lishi Xiangzhidong Dachen Pure Temple was near the sea. The drowning girl was 11 years old. Guizhou was currently studying in Shishi.

"When we arrived, the drowning child had been taken to the beach." Ms. Zhang, the secretariat of the Volunteer Volunteer Rescue Team of Quanzhou Hong Kong, said that after the incident, the rescue forces such as maritime police, urban management, and 120 first aid rushed to the scene.Unfortunately, the medical staff confirmed that the child had no signs of life.According to its understanding, the incident was very short at that time. From the launch of the child to the launch of the child to the discovery of the alarm and rescue, the time was not long. Unfortunately, it still failed to restore the child’s life.

"There are dark and deep pits in the sea area of Dongdayu. The frequency of drowning accidents is high, and it is very dangerous to play in the water." Ms. Zhang told reporters that drowning accidents occur almost every year in that sea area.Some people still play the sea regardless of danger.

The Volunteer Rescue Team of Quanzhou Hong Kong Xinghai reminds the general public to swim in water in this sea area.Pay attention to the safety of the shore to protect the safety of the lives of yourself and the people around him.

Summer vacation each year

They are all high incidence of minor drowning incident

Parents should especially take care of their children

Can’t let them swim and play in the river

So as not to encounter danger

Master one more point of emergency knowledge

It’s a bit more safe at the critical moment!

The common sense of misunderstanding and self -rescue of these drowning accidents below

Parents must tell their children!

Misunderstanding 1: If you can swim

There are also people who can swim and have good water among drowning people. Do not think that swimming is safe.

Misunderstanding 2: Use a swimming ring to avoid drowning

The swimming ring is not a professional floating equipment. When the water flow changes, the function of the swimming ring or the swimming ring fails, it may cause drowning.

Misunderstandings 3: Express help when drowning

When drowning, most people have no time to shout and flutter, and silent drowning is the "culprit" that causes the best rescue time.

Misunderstanding 4: Hands can save the drowning person

It is difficult to rescue the hand to save the drowning, especially for minors.Once there is no physical strength, it will lead to serial falling water and cause group drowning accidents.

Keep in mind the "six no" principle of drowning–

1. Swim in water without permission.

2. Do not swim with others without authorization.

3. Swim in the absence of no adult.

4. Swimming in waters without safety facilities and no rescue workers.

5. Swim in the waters less than unfamiliar.

6. Students who are unfamiliar with water -based do not launch the water without authorization.

High risk of swimming drowning

It is also very dangerous to rescue the drowning person

Learn the correct method of drowning for rescue


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