Many female friends have been pregnant for a long time, and they can’t be pregnant. They went to the hospital for examination and found that they had an ovulation disorder.You must know that ovulation is the most basic requirement of fertility. If women cannot ovulate normally, there will be no eggs, and no eggs will not be combined with sperm to form fertilized eggs.

Ovulation disorders refer to a type of disease that is not developed, stagnated, atresia, and unprecedented follicle ovulation and cannot ovulate normally. It is a common type of infertility, accounting for about 30%of women’s infertility.

The incidence of ovulation disorders is not low.Among young women under 35, about 1/250, and women over 40 years old can be as high as 1/100.Therefore, it should attract enough attention.

Ovulation disorders are not a simple disease. A variety of endocrine diseases or organic lesions can cause ovulation disorders.Common diseases include polycystic ovary syndrome, hyperthyroidism, hyperteremiamia, etc.

Ovulation is caused by some hormones in the body.The main process is: hormone hormone (GNRH) of the hypothalamic gonadotropin, which increases the secretion of pituitary follicles (FSH) and promotes the gradually developing follicles. Under the synergy of a small amount of lutein (LH), the follicles secrete estrogenEssenceUnder the action of estrogen, the hyperplasia period of the uterine endometrium has changed. As the estrogen gradually increases, the negative feedback effect on the hypothalamus has increased, suppressing the secretion of GNRH in the hypothalamus, and reducing the secretion of pituitary FSH.As the follicles gradually mature.The peak of estrogen has a positive feedback effect on the hypothalamus, prompting the pituitary to release a large amount of LH, and the peak occurs. The FSH also forms a lower peak. A large number of LH collaborate with FSH to make mature follicles ovulation.Any problems in the middle will cause ovulation disorders.

In addition, there are many factors that may lead to abnormal ovulation ovarian ovarian: polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian function, congenital ovarian dysplasia endocrine: pituitary secretion, hyperdimiamia, Hagham’s syndrome, composite syndrome,Unbustofrium follicular lutein syndrome of other: severe malnutrition, abnormal thyroid function, excessive obesity, severe diabetes, mental/psychological factors

Effect of ovulation disorders on conception: Long -term ovulation disorders: difficulty in treatment, especially patients with amenorrhea have occurred.

If a female body has ovulation disorders, then women do not discharge eggs during the ovulation period of each month. Even if some women emit follicles emit follicles, they may not have eggs. At this timeAfter entering the woman’s body, there is no egg and their combination, which cannot complete the process of fertilization.Therefore, women’s ovulation disorders are almost impossible to get pregnant.

1. Apply B -ultrasound monitoring

For patients with obstacles on ovulation, when receiving drug treatment, it is best to use B -ultrasound to monitor ovulation.At the same time, ultrasonic monitoring can also clearly observe the thickness and shape of the endometrium of the uterine, and it also has a certain effect on prediction of pregnancy.

2. Active treatment

If the ovarian function is caused by the disease factors, and then the follicles cannot be ovulated, then female friends should be targeted. After the disease is cured, the ovarian function can also be recovered to a certain extent.It may return to normal.

3. Regulate central endocrine

The harm of central endocrine disorders is many. One of the very serious hazards is that it will affect ovarian function. Women with central endocrine disorders often have pseudo -ovulation phenomena, that is, menstruation is normal and regular, so that women have a normal themselves that they have normal themselves.The illusion of ovulation, but in fact, the follicles have no rupture at all, and there are no eggs at all. Therefore, female friends should actively treat and restore the health of the endocrine system as soon as possible.

4. Relax

Under the mood of nervous pressure for a long time, women will cause follicular lutein to not rupture. Therefore, female friends should pay attention to emotional regulation in daily life, so as not to disorders their ovarian function under mental stress.

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