Internet celebrity Mai Xiaofeen Xuanzhi was pregnant, and was defended by this sentence


I received a certificate in March, I was pregnant in April, and the wedding in May.

On July 8th, Mai Xiaofeng was pregnant and was pregnant. He has been pregnant for more than three months. Congratulations.

Mai Xiaodeng post: At the time of surprise in life, I can’t believe that I am going to be a mother, really crying and laughing!There is one more you in the world, and we have one more world. Welcome to your arrival.

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On April 22, 2023, Mai Xiaodong knew that after pregnancy, but it was not announced, which may be related to local customs.

She said that we won’t say it in the early stages of pregnancy, and after three months, we will share the joy with friends and relatives. I have been holding it for a long time, and finally wait for this day, it is not easy.

Mai Xiaodong knew that he was going to be a mother. He was extremely excited and cried. After Shihao knew it, he was even more excited. He cried into a tears. Shihao said that I was mentally prepared and prepared for being a father.Essence

Mai Xiaoden is really not easy to walk all the way. As Mai Xiaoden said, I have n’t had a mother yet. I ’m going to be a mother. I’ m afraid that he or she will be wronged?

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There is a saying: I am also the first mother and I am still working hard.

Mai Xiaodeng’s concerns are understandable, congratulations to Mai Xiaoden again.

Netizens said: I found that I was pregnant on April 22. You are really amazing and open.

I want to say that these things are all you want. I am going to get married, not to mention that people get the certificate first, there is nothing wrong with it, but some people have more traditional thoughts.Mother -in -law.

There is no such concern here in Mai Xiaodong. The mother -in -law’s mother -in -law was looking for a lantern. She would definitely treat her as a treasure with a child like a biological daughter.

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Some netizens said: Is it so exaggerated, but it ’s not a child for a long time. Is it normal for a child?

For the first time, I will definitely be excited. Suddenly there is a little baby in the body, it feels amazing and normal.

Some netizens said: You do n’t need to be so excited and so moved. After the baby comes out, you can torture you. When you get it, you will not be excited. They say that raising children is to worry about ninety -nine, and parents are not so good.

Netizens saw the good news of Mai Xiaodong’s pregnancy, and they sent blessings.

Some people say that Mai Xiaodeng was pregnant without passing the door, which was a bit wrong.

In fact, people are not pregnant before they are unmarried. Before pregnancy, they have already received the certificate. They are legal, but they are not a wedding.

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Maybe in the eyes of most people, the wedding is not married. Even if the certificate is received, it is still a bit unacceptable.

Indeed, before getting married, it is best to keep the bottom line and love themselves before others will love you more.

What do you think of you before marriage?

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