Inventory 10 exercises that can be done during pregnancy can help

Because of the law of persistence exercise before pregnancy, in the early stages of pregnancy, because of dystopia and not suitable for exercise, the exercise has been relieved for more than three months.

When it is boiled in the middle of pregnancy, the body is gradually comfortable, and finally you can slowly restore training.

After finishing 10 exercise methods suitable for pregnancy, it is recommended that Jimei should also move appropriately during pregnancy!

01 Clack legs sitting

Movement points: Stack your legs together, sit straight back, do not bend your back

Role: helps to open the pelvis, relax the joints of the skeleton, enhance the back muscles, relieve back tension, and make the lower limbs flexible

Suitable stage: 16 weeks start

Time frequency: Persist in sitting for 10 minutes every night before going to bed

02 pregnancy yoga

Movement points: Cooperate with breathing, soothing the amplitude soothing and moving force

Function: reduce the phenomenon of backache and cramps during pregnancy, relieve pregnancy

Suitable stage: It is recommended to start after 14 weeks

Time frequency: 30 minutes each, 5-7 times a week

03 Caiger Movement

Movement points: Tighten when exhaling, and the pelvic foundation between the pubic and tailbone feels tightened and improved from the inside to the top to top, and relaxes when inhaled.

Function: Exercise the tension of muscles at the bottom of the pelvic bone, which is conducive to the non -side cutting tear, and it can also prevent postpartum urinary incontinence.

Suitable stage: mid -pregnancy and third trimester

Time frequency: 3 groups per day, 10 times per group, 5 seconds to close the basin muscle in each group, relax for 10 seconds

TIPS: The Kiger Movement can do it anymore, and you can sit and lie down. Install software G on your mobile phone, listen to the training audio solution and insist on three groups of punch in each day to enhance the pelvic floor muscle strength and help increase the motivation of childbirth., Accelerate the second outbound process, prevent tearing side cutting ️!

04 Swimming

Function: Relieve the swelling of joints and limbs, and it is also helpful for childbirth

Suitable stage: pregnancy and mid -term

Time frequency: 30 minutes each time, 2-3 times a week

Note: Choose a professional, An. All, Quan, clean swimming pool, not suitable for pregnant mothers with 0 basic.

05 walking

Role: Control weight, enhance body, strength, especially in the third trimester, insist on walking for 30 minutes a day, relax the pelvic ligament, help your baby to reduce and open the palace mouth, promote the smooth delivery, and help delivery.

Suitable stage: full pregnancy

Time frequency: 30 minutes each time, 3-5 times a week

Note: Choose the ground flat and open the place, and the family needs to be accompanied by the family in the third trimester


️ ️


1. The fetus is unstable in the 3 months before exercise to avoid exercise and fatigue

2. April-July pregnancy is a good exercise time during pregnancy, but the supine movement is prohibited from oppressing the waist

3. After 8 months of pregnancy, reduce the strength of the exercise and cannot do fierce exercise

4. Exercise time during pregnancy should not exceed 40 minutes. Remember to be the first!

It is a summary of 10 exercise methods and precautions suitable for pregnancy.Hope to help sisters go through pregnancy.

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