Irachioxe body changes "bad" before you need to be treated

The above test report shows that mycoplasma is positive. In the same result, the advice given by the doctor may be different:

"No problem, no treatment."

"Go back, you must take anti -inflammatory drugs on time, but also review, otherwise it will affect pregnancy."

Why do you have different treatment opinions?Will mycoplasma infection affect pregnancy?Will medication after pregnancy affect the baby in the stomach?What will happen without medicine?… Baidu also has different voices. Today’s article answers these questions that trouble many female friends during pregnancy and pregnancy.

The mycoplasma belongs to the venomal mycoplasma family of the soft membrane, and the mycoplasma related to the infection of the urogenital tract is mainly the germ mycoplasma (Mg), the U. URALYTICUM, and the human -likeraki (M.Hominis, MH).

At present, most hospitals check mycoplasma. The training method is used. MG grows very slowly in the in vitro culture medium. It is difficult to separate. It is difficult to find by the training method.Therefore, only UU and MH in the inspection report began in our article, without MG.

A considerable number of adult women’s vagina or cervical secretions exist in mycoplasma, but there are no symptoms. UUs are most common, followed by MH.Some men’s urethra can also be checked to MH, and there are no symptoms.

Therefore, Irachothara is too common, and they get along peacefully with humans.

However, in recent years, it is discovered that MG can indeed lead to the occurrence of diseases. In addition, under certain specific conditions, such as other pathogenic primary infections (trichomonas, mold, chlamydia, chlamydia, etc.), mycoplasma will become "bad".


It is manifested by itching, urgency, dysuria, difficulty urinating, and a small amount of mucopic secretions at the urethral mouth. Male symptoms are obvious than women;

20-40% of non-gonococcal urethritis is associated with mycoplasma. UU and Mg are male non-gonococcal urethritis.

Cervicitis and pelvic inflammation

MG is the cause of cervicitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, male reproductive tract diseases and fallopian tube infertility. Therefore, if MG testing can be performed, it should be actively detected during urethritis and cervicitis;

In addition, about 10%of patients with pelvic inflammatory disease can cultivate MH, and MH infections can also cause endometritis.

Male semen quality abnormal

Studies have shown that UUs may affect sperm activity.

In addition, some studies believe that UUs can cause chorionic amnioticitis and premature birth, but there is currently no conclusion.

Only UU is positive, both men and women are asymptomatic and do not treat;

The symptoms of the symptoms disappeared after UU treatment, but the test results are still positive and converted to UU carriers. No need to continue treatment;

Men are diagnosed with urethritis caused by UU. Sexual partners should be treated at the same time, and sexual life should be used during the treatment period;

When the quality of men’s semen is abnormal and there is a need for fertility, both men and women treat a course of treatment at the same time;

The following situations need to be treated during pregnancy:


Asymptomatic, there are high -risk pregnant women with a history of premature birth and premature fetal membrane breakthrough;

With other infected people.

Select according to the drug sensitivity test;


Duoxi cyclone is 100mg, orally, 3 times a day for 7 consecutive days;

Achicillin 1g, orally, or 0.5g for the first time, and then take it once a day, 0.25g, a total of 5-7 days;

500mg of Levofloxacin, orally, once daily for 7 consecutive days;

Mossian huderia 400mg, orally, once a day, 7-14 days.


Most mycoplasma testing will provide drug allergies, and sensitive drugs should be selected according to the results;

If there are pelvic inflammatory disease, it should be treated in accordance with pelvic inflammatory disease treatment plan, and the total course of treatment should be 14 days;

Choose safe drugs such as Azithromycin during pregnancy;

After the drug is discontinued, the review time is different according to the different testing methods. The training method is trained for two weeks of review.

Remember the following sentences:

The existence of mycoplasma in the urogenital tract does not necessarily cause illness;

Reproductive mycoplasma is the cause of reproductive tract infection and fallopian tube infertility;

Whether mycoplasma needs to be treated depends on whether there is any symptoms.


Zhang Jian, Liu Zhaohui. The consensus of the expert in infection and treatment of reproductive tract support. Chinese science, 2016,25 (3): 80-82.

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